Turmeric Kills Cancer

curryIf you like curry dishes as much as I do (big fan of Indian and Thai food here) you will be interested to learn that recent studies show that Turmeric, the spice used to give curries their nice yellow hue, has been shown to kill cancerous cells. According to a report from the BBC, scientists at the Cork Cancer Research Center have learned that Turmeric is successful in killing esophageal cancer cells.  Rates of esophageal cancer, or cancer of the throat, have grown by 50% since the 1970s.  This breakthrough may lead to valuable treatments for this deadly disease.  So I will do my part to protect my health by visiting Taj Palace, my favorite Indian restaurant for a plate of Vindaloo and some Naan bread.  A curry a day keeps the cancer away!

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  1. Turmeric also helps detoxify the body, and protects the liver from the damaging effects of alcohol, toxic chemicals, and even some pharmaceutical drugs. Turmeric stimulates the production of bile, which is needed to digest fat. Turmeric also guards the stomach by killing salmonella bacteria and protozoa that can cause diarrhea.

    • Amazing! I had no idea about all the health benefits of Turmeric. I always use it to color my rice when making Spanish rice (and I am too cheap to purchase saffron LOL). Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the group. Are you an herbalist or a nutritionist? Because you seem to have a great grasp of this subject.

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