What Can You Expect Salary-Wise With Your Certification?

For excellent information on the salary ranges you might expect to earn as a medical billing and coding professional or medical office assistant, I recommend the site: www.simplyhired.com.  There you can enter in the position you’re expecting to fill once you’ve completed your course of study at the Allen School Online.  It also offers functionality to search average earnings by location.  So if you plan to move to Tulsa to start your career, you can see what the market looks like for your job description.  The good news is that in the New York metro area, the average salary for medical billing and coding professionals in listed at $50,000/year.

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  1. After reading several articles on this blog, I am glad to say that I feel much more confident in my decision to join the Allen School. So far I have no complaints while attending the readiness classes. I joined by receiving a phone call and, was not sure of what I had gotten myself in for. Now, I am very pleased with my decision and look forward to going forward and wowing myself and family in completing this course with the knowledge that I have learned everything there is to know in this field. Thank you for having me Allen School!

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