Wired’s How-to Wiki – An Excellent Resource

Need to know how to supercharge your resume?  Use Skype?  Learn how to speed read?  Get paid more for your work?  Open a bottle with a cigarette lighter?  You should know about an excellent resource I recently found.  Propellor-head that I am, I love reading Wired Magazine every day online.   It always has lots of interesting information about science, technology and tech culture that appeals to my inner nerd.  Well, imagine my delight when I found the Wired How-to Wiki pages.  A wiki is a site where the users generate and moderate the content.  Famous wikis include Wikipedia, the user-maintained, online encyclopedia and the infamous Wikileaks in the news these days.  The Wired How-to Wiki is home to numerous articles on how to do many useful and interesting things.  Have a look and learn how to do things you’ve always wondered how to do (and even some things you’ve never even thought about doing).   Lots of great information for students to be found there in the “work” category especially.   Enjoy!

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