Yet Another Reason to Love Online Education

kitties2It keeps your pooch or pootie from freaking out at “back to school” time.   According to Betsy Saul, founder of (link below the fold), back to school time frequently means empty houses once students return to classes and parents return to focus on work.   Man’s best friend can often feel left in the lurch and anxious.  Details over the fold. Betsy Saul is the co-founder of, one of the busiest Web sites on the Internet. With a vision to change the way the public views shelter pets, Betsy and her husband, Jared, harnessed the infant technology of the Internet in 1996 and molded it into one of the most successful e-businesses to date., which Betsy describes as a Social Profit company, is on a mission to see that no pet is euthanized for lack of a home. Read Betsy’s full article entitled, “Going Back to School can Cause Pets Separation Anxiety” at the Huffington Post –  Then feel excellent about your choice to study online at Allen School Online and give your own special furry buddy an extra scratch behind the ears.  I hope our cats are doing well during our absence this week while we vacation in Montauk.  Our seventeen year old, original gangster cat Harley has been known to pull his own fur out when we travel out of anxiety.  But we left instructions with our next door neighbors to go into our house and give him some tummy scratches for us while we’re gone!

12 Responses to “Yet Another Reason to Love Online Education”

  1. Wyvonnie Tubbs

    I am so happy that I attended Allen School online. I was hesitant in taking courses online but I have enjoyed my courses. The best thing about taking online courses is that you work at your own pace, you interact with other classmates and teachers. Recently I loss my father and had I been in a regular class I would have missed alot of days of learning, but because of the online course I was able to do my work when I got home, submitted my assignments on time and for this I did not fall behind. I was able to spend my fathers last days with him and mourne with my family without any worries of missing assignments and falling behind and trying to play catch up. I would recommend to everyone that online courses are great.

    Wyvonnie Tubbs

  2. Stephanie Herr

    The first 3 questions I asked myself before enrolling in the Allen School online program where; do I have the time, can I learn in this format of instruction, and will I be able to apply this education in the work force. After completing a quick 9 months of this program, I have my answers.

    The challenges and excitement of striving for a new career made me find the time. My priorities shifted (my house isn’t as clean as it once was), the course demands where easily organized so that I could find a rhythm, and I acutally looked forward to the time involved. I really don’t know what I am going to do with the extra time on my hands now.

    I am not new to trade education, 25 years ago I attended a traditional school and was very apprehensive about learning online. My perception was that I was going to be completely accountable for learning and ultimately I was, but discovered that the instructors and fellow students are always there helping . The format of online allows you to participate as you would in a class but because of the unique setting and 100% participation of fellow students/instructors, the environment creates a better reference and learning tool.

    My last concern was applying this education to the work force. A part of the Allen School program actualy gets you ready for interviewing before graduation, your resume is completed, posted to viable sites, and you have been exposed to fantastic interviewing skills. I personally spoke to people already working in the field and they have all said the same thing, you are entering a field with an advantage of an education. It now up to me to make the most out of this experience, use these newly aquired skills and move forward.

  3. Hollie F

    I am so excited to have chosen and now completed the Medical Billing and Coding at Allen School. I remember when I was first searching the internet trying to find a online school that would suit me and I found it. Of course like others at first I was very hesitant. It has been years since I was in school and taking an online course would be very new to me. When I found the Allen School Online site I loved that it is user friendly. After looking around, which was very easy to do I imedialty viewed the example of what or how our classes would be and at that moment I knew that I was without a doubt going to pursue this. After speaking with Rosemary and other staff members I knew that this was going to be a great decision for me and my future. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this class, working with the other classmates and the very experienced teachers as well the learning format. I have learned so much, enough to continue my journey in this field. Thank you.

  4. I really enjoy learning from Allen School online because the instructors have been there and done that…they are not teaching by books alone, but from experience and knowledge that can only be obtained by hands on training. That aspect makes the wisdom they share with the students that much more valuable.

  5. Sonia Morales

    I am so happy with my decision to go back to school especially doing it online. I’m a mom of two young boys and I work too so being able to do my work on my time helped tremendously. It takes dedication because there was plenty of times that I wanted to do other things beside my school work but I had to prioritize my goals. Taking my courses online gave me more time to spend with my family. I would recommend online courses to everyone it was a great experience.

  6. Marisa Mace

    Before becoming an Allen School student, I was hesitant and cautious in choosing a school to attend. When I found Allen School Online, I instantly knew it was for me. As a mother, I am unable to attend class in a traditional classroom, but the online classroom has allowed me to work around my schedule. This has been a total transformation for me, as I previously did not like school. However, I was very interested in my courses and Medical Billing and Coding is a great way to get involved. I love school now! Most importantly, I can provide for my family much better!

  7. Shelley Mason

    I just completed the medical billing and coding with Allen School Online. I have always wanted to go to school but never had the time to do it. I worked the midnight shift when I started and trying to find classes that go with a full 8 hr work day and kids, well it was impossible. There are so many advantages about online school: time flexibility, geographically flexibility and shy students may feel more comfortable. The disadvantage is lack of direct interaction with the instructor, now I did think that was going to be a problem but with the “eliminate live sessions “they were really helpful. With this you meet in a classroom setting, and a microphone you actually get to talk to your fellow classmates and your instructors. I found this program very challenging and I am so glad that I went for it. Thank you Allen School and all of my instructors.

    • Laura Fish

      I , along with Shelley Mason, just completed the online billing & coding course. This was a great learning experience. Before this course, I had never really considered taking classes online. I didn’t think I was computer savvy enough. Oh contraire!! The Allen staff was fantastic and very detailed in instructions to get us started. In addition to learning medical billing and coding, I learned many more computer skills that I didn’t have before. Bonus!! Thank you Allen School.

  8. Melissa

    I loved taking my courses online! Everytime I leave my house now, my dog goes NUTS! He gets back at me by sleeping on my pillow in bed, or sitting on my couch (in my spot) leaving all his dog hair (he is a golden retriever mix, sheds horribly!). Taking these courses has made it more possible for me to be able to keep my house from being destroyed by my pooch!

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