An Attractive Market to Consider

If you’re a recent graduate and considering a move to a different market to kick off your new career, consider South Florida.  Now I know what you’re saying.  Yes, South Florida has been one of the hardest hit markets in the US.  But according to an article from Bloomberg, the excessive build up of luxury condo towers in the vibrant, multicultural gateway that is Miami – the build up of inventory that was in part to blame for the collapse of that metro market – has had an unexpected consequence.  It seems that the owners of those lavish, extravagant (but empty) towers are getting tired of taking a beating.  Knowing they will not sell them anytime soon, many have taken to renting these beautiful, often ocean-view apartments at fairly affordable rates.  As a result, the downtown area of Miami is experiencing a rebirth.  Whole communities of renters have reinvigorated the neighborhoods there and the tropical lifestyle one can lead there is absolutley wonderful.  I know because I have been spending time in the Miami metro area since 1975.  It is a paradisical place to spend time.  Why not consider renting a luxury condo unit and working amidst the azure waters of a tropical paradise?

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  1. Donna Askew

    Yes, Miami is a beautiful place to spend time, visit, and vacation. Although; I have a personal insight from “living and working” in Miami. It was not a positive experience for me. The crime rate is excessive, the schools are marginal, and unless bilingual (Spanish/English) it is very difficult to find employment. I had 11 years of medical/surgical nursing under my belt and could not gain employment in any of the hospitals due to not speaking Spanish. When I finally got the courage to ask; it was explained that being bilinqual was also in place for the Spanish speaking to know English. That made sense.
    May I suggest that anyone considering moving to South Florida take a good look at Naples, Florida. It is just west of Miami (about 2 hours driving time) on the gulf coast. We moved from Miami to Naples and found it to be one of the nicest areas we have ever lived. The crime rate is considerably less than Miami, the schools are fantastic, and the entire area is just beautiful. Golfers paradise(sprawling golf courses everywhere), watersports, fishing, and a gorgeous beach. Our daughter graduated from Barron Collier High School and we couldn’t have choosen a better school anywhere; at the time, they had 92% of their graduates going onto college. Now I believe that success breeds success so those numbers fit the educational environment we wanted for our daughter. Naples is also relatively much smaller than Miami but doesn’t lack in those beautiful condo rentals that you were discussing and actually cost less. The most attractive part was the general culture of good family living that was displayed. We enjoyed that we would see our daughters teachers and the principal in the grocery store or at the post office; keeps the children on their toes! They have a difficult time misbehaving when they don’t know who is around the corner watching and willing to tell (LOL). We loved Naples and I highly suggest that if a desire to relocate to South Florida, a trip to both areas (Miami and Naples) should be in the plan.

    • Anthony

      Thanks Donna for your thoughtful reply. I have been to Naples too and can certainly understand the contrast that you draw. It is much more community oriented and lacking some of the challenges faced by urban areas in general. I would also recommend this area to folks too!

  2. Anthony,
    I agree with this article 100%! I live and work in Miami. Most local hospitals are expanding here. Downtown Miami is completely different than what it once was. The tropical scenery is breathtaking.
    I also agree with Donna, the crime rate is high and it seems difficult to get a job if you are not bilingual. I have been interested in several jobs only to discover that I was not qualified due to the fact that I only spoke english. I also LOVE Naples! Naples is absolutely beautiful! It is a short drive from Miami and should be considered by anyone interested in relocating.

  3. Donna Askew

    The next time you are in Naples. Try the seafood buffet at The Registry Hotel (used to be every Friday night). The hotel is on the beach and the buffet is on the tip-top floor so breathtaking views! There are more seafood dishes (fresh seafood also) than I could count and a dessert table that will make you want to save just a little room for that experience too. We used to treat ourselves about once a month because it is a little pricey but still in the affordable range for a nice night out. At that time, it was $38.00 per person. Worth it!!!

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