Teeth – Managers of Good Health!!

I know you are asking what does this mean?The first stop in digestion is the mouth; the teeth do the grinding and chewing of food so that saliva can begin the breaking down of food for use by the body. The muscles of mastication (chewing) are very strong which puts lots of force behind the teeth so they can do a great job of breaking down food.So…what can we do to ensure that our teeth are strong enough to continue to do a good job?First, destroy harmful bacteria by brushing and flossing each day. Bacteria needs to be broken up at least once every 24 hours to keep them from working together to damage teeth. Much of the bacteria in the oral cavity has a byproduct of acids that can erode the enamel. Enamel protects the tooth from decay and needs to remain strong.
  • Side note: brushing and flossing should be accomplished by gentle cleaning…NO SCRUBBING!!
Second, manage stress! Stress can manifest itself by clinching and grinding teeth either during the day or at night. Because the muscles that control the mandible are so strong they can exert a huge force strong enough to crack or grind away enamel which exposes the softer dentin to decay.Third, schedule regular checkups with the dentist to ensure that your teeth are strong. These visits allow the dentist to repair any areas on the teeth that are damaged by decay, clinching or grinding.There are other factors that need to be considered to maintain strong teeth that will be covered in future blogs.So, brush and floss only the teeth that you wish to keep!!

How Does a Stethoscope Work?

One of the main pieces of equipment most healthcare workers use is a stethoscope and most people understand that this device let’s a healthcare provider listen to a patient’s heart, breathing, and many other things. But have you ever wondered how a stethoscope actually works?The stethoscope uses multiple reflection of sound waves to amplify the sound of the patient’s heartbeat or whatever it is the healthcare provider is listening for. You can experience this on your own when you hold your hand up to your ear to hear something better, or when you hold a seashell up to hear the ocean sound. The tubing of the stethoscope is what specifically enhances the sound.The basic pieces of the stethoscope are:
  • Diaphragm – This is the larger metal disc at the end of the device, its good for hear high pitched sounds like heartbeats and regular breaths
  • Bell – this is the opposite side to the diaphragm and is good for picking up lower pitched sounds like heart murmurs
  • Tubing – this is the flexible piece that runs from the diaphragm to the headset.
  • Headset – The headset consists of the brace piece to give the stethoscope structure, the Binuarals which are the metal tubes that run from the tubing and finally the ear pieces that make the stethoscope comfortable to wear as well as helping to block out outside noises.
For over 200 years the stethoscope has been the go to medical device to help diagnose and monitor any number of illnesses and issues. It will be one of your most important pieces of equipment as you start on the path to your new career. If you are ready to begin your new healthcare career today please visit our website at www.allenschool.edu.

Change Your Life in 9 Months with Medical Assistant Training

If you’re ready for a change in your career and looking to enter the medical field, but you’re not sure where to start, consider medical assisting! The medical assisting field is one of the fastest growing in the nation, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting it will grow 29% in the next ten years.

There are many job opportunities within the medical assisting field, with medical assistants needed in almost every specialized medical field, from pediatrics, cardiology, specialty clinics and more. With such diverse opportunities and need within the field, you may have your choice of facilities across the nation, and find a field that truly fits you, and gives you the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of your workday.

You may be wondering, “How can I make the switch to medical assisting? Won’t it take years of expensive schooling before I can even set foot in the medical profession? How can I get started on this career path?”

Not true at all! Training to be a medical assistant is swift and accessible. Most medical assistant training programs, like The Allen School, can be completed in less than a year, and with the hands-on training you’ll receive in the classroom, you can be on your way to a new career in a matter of months. No having to wade through years of general education classes, and restrictive class times. At The Allen School, you’ll be able to spend less time in the classroom, and more time fulfilling your career goals.

The Allen School can also help you fund your education, so you can focus on your education and start your new career. If you qualify, our financial counselors can help you apply for loans, find grants, and provide financial counseling to help you budget for your future. Our classes are designed to fit every budget and lifestyle, so you can spend less time balancing your checkbook, and more time focusing on your new career.

Starting a new career can be difficult, and going back to school even more so. But at The Allen School, we help you take the stress out of career change and help give you the skills to transfer into the career you’ve always wanted. Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Call The Allen School today to set up a consultation, and find out how you can begin the work of your dreams in just a few short weeks.

Reasons for Retraining as a Nursing Assistant

If you’re looking for a career that’s in high demand, where you can make a direct impact in your community, look no further than nursing assistants. Nursing assistants act as a liaison between patients and nurses, assisting patients with daily needs and activities like cleaning, mealtime, and dressing, and aiding nurses in keeping track of vital signs and monitoring patient behaviors and symptoms, as well as helping schedule visits to doctors and other specialists. Here are a few reasons why training for this valuable healthcare career may be right for you. 

Train in Weeks, Not Years

Many nurse assistant training programs can be completed in just weeks instead of two plus years. Our program gives you the skills and training necessary to prepare for your certification exams and start your career quickly. Hands-on training programs like The Allen School give you the skills you need fast, so you can be ready to work in less time. 

High Demand and Job Security

As baby boomers begin to age and retire, the demand on the healthcare field grows, and with it, the need for well-qualified healthcare staff, including nurse assistants. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for nursing assistants is expected to rise by 11% by 2026, meaning you will have no shortage of opportunities for job placement in the facilities of your choice. These positions often come with a great starting salary and benefits, including full medical coverage and personal time off.  


There’s never a dull moment when you’re working as a nursing assistant! Each new day brings new patients, challenges, and triumphs. Nurse assistants are often on their feet throughout their shifts, because there is no shortage of duties needing to be done. So if you want a fast-paced career, look no further! Nurse assistants can be found in hospice wards, assisted living and memory care facilities, and specialty clinics, to name just a few of the exciting venues you can start your new career in,  

Making a Difference

Nursing assistants are often the first face a patient sees after admittance and have a hands-on relationship with them through their stay. In your role as a nurse assistant, you will be able to change the lives of hundreds of patients and see the difference your work makes firsthand. If you’re ready to begin your new career in healthcare, contact The Allen School today and take the first steps toward a bright and rewarding future.

Internship Dos and Don’ts

One of the most exciting parts of your education here at the Allen School will be finishing your classroom work and then getting to put all of your hard earned new knowledge and skills into practice in your internship site. Not only will you get to build your resume, but you may even get offered an employment opportunity right from your internship. Therefore it’s important to keep some very simple dos and don’ts in mind as you head to internship.DO
  • Listen to your doctor and fellow healthcare professionals when you are onsite.
  • Take every opportunity you are offered while onsite, even if it’s simply watching a procedure or learning a new computer program
  • Be open to all opportunities the healthcare field has to offer.
  • Treat every day of your internship like a job interview. You never know what possibilities the future holds at any given site.
  • Be late or call out while on internship. Not only will it give the employer a poor impression, but you will cheat yourself out of learning more
  • Act like you are the expert. Learn all you can from everyone you interact with at the site
  • Lose track of your responsibilities to attend workshops and turn in time sheets. Internship is a graded class
  • Be afraid to ask questions. You are there to learn and add to your skillsets. Better yourself every chance you can.
Your internship may be the key to starting a successful new career in healthcare so be sure to make the most of every moment you spend onsite. Build professional connections with other healthcare professionals and be very proud of all the hard work you put in to get to this point.

Some Tips for Looking Great in Scrubs

While we think the “Allen School Blue” is the best set of scrubs available we totally understand that you will be excited to rock some fun and colorful scrubs once you finish school and start your new healthcare career. You may be surprised how many options there are for scrubs the first time you hit a scrub store so here are some tips to look great and stay on budget.
  1. Check the Price Tag – Scrubs can range in price from clearance rack special to designer jeans money. Keep your working environment in mind when you begin to shop. If you are likely to get your scrubs stained or soiled regularly there’s no point in buying top of the line expensive pieces. However be warned that going cheap may cost you in the long run as these are more likely to wear out and need replacing more often
  2. All the Pretty Colors! – It can be tempting to buy a rainbow of colors and patterns, but again this can be pricey. Also be sure to check with your employer on what is acceptable. One way to save some money is to stick to black pants and choose colorful shirts. Also if acceptable, you can buy white scrubs and have fun doing some tie-dying or other creative decorations. Just don’t forget to check with your boss first.
  3. It’s All About Accessories – Solid colored scrubs can be dressed up with a contrasting shirt underneath or fun shoes. You can also add a bit of bling to pockets, collars, and sleeves to make them pop.
  4. Get the Right Fit – You will find many different styles, cuts, and fits of scrubs available. Take the time to try scrubs on to get a good fit and feel comfortable. Also make sure you have enough pockets to hold all your supplies.
  5. Have the Right Mindset – Remember every time you wear your scrubs that you are representing yourself as a professional that your patients and co-workers will count on and look to for reassurance and help. Make sure you represent YOUR new career every time you wear your scrubs.
Now back to those great Allen School Blue scrubs we mentioned earlier. Are you ready to get your own pair and start on a path to a great new career? Summer classes are enrolling now and filling fast. Visit www.allenschool.edu to learn more today!

5 Reasons Adult Learners Excel at Medical Training

The decision to continue one’s education is not one to be taken lightly, and for many adults, it can take years or even decades to make the decision to go back to school finally. While many adult students may feel some doubt as to whether you really can teach an old dog new tricks, adult learners are at a great advantage to reap the full benefits of higher education. 

More Focused

Adult students often find themselves far more focused than their younger peers. Many adults who head back to the classroom are coming from years of full-time jobs that require their attention and maybe raising families, giving them first-hand experience on how to keep their attention focused on the task at hand. 

Clear Goals

Unlike some younger students, who make the transition from high school to college with no clear path beyond “get a diploma,” most adults who go back to school have a specific goal in mind, which makes it far easier to focus on and complete schooling. Adult learners often already have jobs in the fields they are in school for, and simply need additional training to further their career goals, giving them a specific and achievable path to finishing their diploma. 

Highly Driven

As a result of having clear set goals, adult learners are highly driven to complete their program as quickly as possible. As many adult learners have families and full-time jobs on top of school, the appeal to lingering in school may have less appeal to them than their younger counterparts, which can sometimes view school as a mini-vacation from adult life. This is why programs like The Allen School offer accelerated classes to help adult learners spend less time in the classroom and more time in their chosen fields. 

Able to Multi-Task

Adult learners who are coming from years of work experience and raising children, the inevitable multitasking that comes with going back to school will be familiar territory. Adult learners often wear many hats and find it easier to juggle homework on top of the other responsibilities adult life hands them. 


Adult learners often make great personal sacrifices to go back to school, spending less time with family, and taking on the huge financial burden of an education. However, they have a goal in mind, and will go to great lengths to better their own lives and their families, and refuse to let those opportunities go to waste, leading them to complete programs quickly and efficiently.If you’re considering going back to school, contact The Allen School today for a consultation and find out if it’s right for you. Take the first step to a better life today!

Why Retraining For A Medical Assistant Career Is A Good Decision

For many Americans, the job market may look very bleak indeed. Many have to choose between a fulfilling career and a decent paycheck, and more often than not, find neither. However, there is an industry where you can take pride daily in the work that you do, make decent and consistent pay, and have constant job security. If you’re ready for a career that fits all your criteria, it’s time to look into medical assisting!

Medical assistants are often the first faces patients see when they enter a medical facility. They help doctors and nurses run charts, check vital signs, and assist with needs like bathing, getting food, and changing bed linen. They are a vital part of the medical field, and essential in making sure patients get the best care possible.

The medical assisting field is constantly expanding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of new jobs in medical assisting is set to rise 29%, making it one of the fastest-growing fields in the nation. This means that, with training from institutions like The Allen School, you can potentially have your pick of jobs anywhere in the country. There are many sub-careers within the field, so whatever your specialty, whether pediatric, veterinary or anywhere in between, you can find the work that works for you! There are even clerical medical assistants for those more at home in offices.

Training to be a medical assistant is fast and effective. Many programs last less than a year, and after training, you’re eligible to test for certification opening even more doors for you in your new career. Programs like The Allen School are hands-on, so you can leave knowing you have the skills to make your dream a reality.

Most important of all, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference in your community. The medical field can be stressful and fast-paced, but the rewards and benefits that come with it makes it all worth it. You can see the effects of your work immediately and take pride in knowing you have made a difference in the lives of patients. As a medical assistant, you can leave work every day knowing you’ve accomplished something.

If you’re ready to get started in a fast-paced career that truly makes a difference, call The Allen School today for a consultation, and learn how medical assisting can change your life.

Summer Sun Brings Family Fun!

As many celebrated the first days of summer outside, it’s important to remember do so safely. Here are some simple reminders to protect your family from sunburns that can have immediate as well as long-lasting effects.
  •  Not all summer days involve hours in the sun. Remember that even if you are running errands, you should dress yourself and your kids in clothing that is cool, comfortable, and covers the body.
  • Don’t forget the hats! A hat with a 3-inch brim to shield the ears, face and back of the neck is best!
  • Sunglasses are surprisingly helpful to protect you from the sun. Look for sunglasses that that have at least 99% UV protection. These are sold in many stores for adults as well as kids!
  • Timing is a big factor in sun protection. Between 10 AM – 4 PM is when the UV rays are strongest. If you are enjoying the sun during this time, remember to apply sunscreen.
Not all Sunscreen is created equally. Do your homework for the best protection! Look for sunscreens that boast ‘broad-spectrum’ because this means that they will cover UVB and UVA rays. SPF means sun protection factor and you will find this from 15 to 50. Research has shown that SPF 15 to 30 is fine. There are ongoing studies to determine if SPF 50 is truly providing more protection that SPF30 – stay tuned!Don’t be shy – Apply the sunscreen generously. Your face, ears, nose, hands and feet need to have sunscreen rubbed in to optimum protection. You need to reapply sunscreen every two hours after swimming or sweating. Cloudy day? Guess what – 80% of UV rays can get through the clouds so make sure your protected.There is nothing quite as joyful as a flip-flop sunny summer day. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and fun – just be safe!

Congratulations Graduates

The class of 2018 is now officially graduated on both the East and the West Coast. The Allen School family is very proud of everyone who completed their educational programs with us this year and we wish you all the very best of luck as you begin the journey towards your new careers in healthcare.From the admissions staff, to student and career services and everyone in between, it’s been great sharing this journey with each and every one of you. Academics especially have played a key role in helping you get to where you are right now. We’ve watched you grow and learn and can’t wait to see what your future holds.We hope you took time after the ceremony to visit with your family and friends and hopefully you had the opportunity to share with them how much the Allen School has changed your life. Education is the most precious resource you own and no one can ever take it from you.Again to each and every one of you our sincere congratulations. This is only the beginning of something great. We are very proud. We hope you’ve had the chance to inspire your family and friends to make the same life changing journey you have and we hope to see some of them follow in your footsteps and become part of the Allen School family.If you are ready to start on the path to a new career in healthcare please visit our website at www.allenschool.edu to learn more. There’s still time to join our summer classes.