Many Jobs Can Be Automated (But Not Yours!)

Here’s proof that nearly any job can be automated rendering the human being obsolete.  Be thankful that they haven’t yet been able to build a robot to do medical billing and coding. Automated spinners

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  1. Zoita Arnautu

    Anthony, I totally agree with your post. I have been out of work for about three years and i know how it feels to be out in the cold. And sometimes there are no robots that took your place, but comapnies tend to pile up work on someone else and elliminate your position. This was the reason i came to Allen School and enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding progam. My thinking was that the healthcare industry will always be there and doctors and clinics or hospitals have to get paid – and what other better option than billing and coding? I am glad i did this program, it has been a bumpy ride but the end result will be worth it. I will not be replaced by a robot…..

  2. This is a funny example of the lengths we will go to in order to eliminate jobs, even while unemployment is very high. The printing industry that has employed me has been hurt pretty badly by automation and internet. I looked into Medical Transcription, but when I read an article about advances in voice recognition technology, I decided to study billing and coding instead. When I saw that the new health care laws were leaving the existing disjointed system pretty much intact, I figured there would still be a strong demand for billing and coding personnel.

  3. Pam Crouch

    I am happy to know that the medical billing and coding will probably never have a robot to replace us. With all the updates and revisions it would be hard. Besides you would need a human to input all this information into the system in order to be used and I cannot imagine that the robots would be customer friendly or useful when it comes to billing questions from patients. It’s frustrating enough now a days when you have to deal with an automated phone system.

  4. Cindy Sharma

    Reply to Many Jobs Can be Automated (but not yours)

    I think that is a refreshing reminder that medical coding and billing is not in danger of being automated and the jobs simply phased out. It is interesting that you mostly only hear about the positive impact technolgy advances have on jobs and not so much complaining about the negative. I am graduating from Allen School this week and look forward to a continuing career with years to come in medical coding and billing. I hope your job future is even brighter in the job market and new year to come.
    Cindy Sharma


  5. LeToya Jones

    This blog really hits home for me! My company which I will allow to remain anonymous here in North Carolina beleives that everything should be automated to eliminate having to pay a human being to be there 8 to 9 hours a day doing the work. They have since put the “robotics” theory into play resulting in a large number of layoffs that to me has genuinely hurt them more than helped! I was “lucky” to not be one of the 65 employees that was laid off however the stress that has backfired on us that are still employeed to me was not worth the hassle! I now have to work 50-60 hours per week to try to maintain my work load (not complete daily) has really taken its toll mentally and physically. I am so blessed and excited for Allen School as I get ready to embark on a PROMISING future and not just a job!
    Thank You

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