The Small Talker, The Box Checker & The Unprepared

Doug White of renowned staffing firm, Robert Half International says to be prepared for the different personalities of hiring managers. In terms that remind this blogger of Seinfeld episodes (remember the “Low-Talker” or the “Re-Gifter”?) he outlines three typical HR managers’ personality types and provides information on how to prepare yourself should you run into one of them in your next job interview. Click here to learn how to address “The Small Talker”, “The Box Checker” and the “Ill-Prepared” varieties of hiring manager.

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  1. Michele Darling

    Michele Darling Unit 6
    Job hunting mistakes
    Arriving 30 minutes late for an interview is probably a huge mistake. I think if you are going to be late then you should call before the interview time and reschedule the interview.

    Your clothing is inappropriate. You should always dress professionally. Suit and tie for men. A suit or dress for women.

    You should never forget your resume. Have copies of your resume in your car so they are always with you.

    You’re not prepared to answer the interviewer’s questions effectively. Always read over interviewer’s suspected interview questions. You can find most questions asked on-line. Just have to research it.

    Lack of Confidence is another mistake and one that I am working on. Prove you are the best for the job. No you will be great at this position.

  2. Deana McClendon

    This article will help me when interviewing for a new job, something I have not done for in a long time. I have never thought about the different personalities that a hiring manager will have. Reading the article will help to understand the personalities that I could in counter, and the strategy’s that will help when interviewing. Selling my self is something I am not comfortable with, but understand that this will help in the interview process.

  3. Lori McNeil

    After being a stay-at-home mom for five years, I decided it was time to get back to work. My daughter was in the 6th grade and able to come home to an empty house by herself. I was nervous getting back to work after so many years, so I thought the easiest thing to do was to apply at the last employer I worked for. Big changes had happened at that employer and a lot of people that I used to know no longer worked there, but I still thought my experience would be an advantage. I did apply and get an interview. The interview was not like I remembered, but then again I had not experienced an interview since 1993. The interviewer told me about themself first, then the job expectations, and finally ended with a long list of , “What wouls you do in this situation questions”. I did ask the interviewer some questions of my own, which seem to impress her. I did not hear back from the interviewer about the position for two months. I looked at the company’s website and saw the position still posted. Finally, I received a call from HR telling mw I did not get the position. The next month I researched going back to school, knowing I wanting to stay in the medical field. I found Allen School On-Line and chose them due to its nine month program, the cost of the program, and the life-time career services counseling.

  4. Cindy Sharma

    I have been on interviews and can relate to each of the personalities in this article. For the box checker I try to get the first portion of the answer short and to the point because often they are writing the answer in the box below the check mark. You still want to be sure to get as many details about your skills and experience as you can work in. The small taker is sort of a fun interview because of the small talk but at the same time don’t forget it is a serious conversation and you need to make sure you present yourself well and as the article recommends stay focused. The unprepared interview is one you especially need all you communication skills to continue the conversation about the position and how your tallent and skills make an excellent fit or the unprepared interviewer may not think of anything to say and end the interview early and your opportunity will be lost. Good Luck to us all who are interviewing for jobs. Cindy Sharma.

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