Start a Healthy Holiday Tradition

Holiday Healthy Tradition As the Holiday season approaches people tend to give into the temptation to let their health fall to the wayside while they enjoy large family meals and hiding inside from the colder winter weather that’s quickly headed our way. This year take the time to create some healthy holiday traditions that are fun and will […] Read More

Balancing School and the Busy Holiday Season

Holiday Gift   Thanksgiving has come and gone and the holiday season will soon be in full swing. Between family get-together’s, shopping for that perfect gift and putting up decorations you may find your homework and study time slipping away. Don’t let your school work fall behind during this busy time.   Check Your School Schedule – The […] Read More

A Good Nurse’s Aide

Nursing Assistant Training Jamaica NY While searching for a blog topic this week we found this awesome poem written several years ago about what makes a good Nurse’s Aid and we thought you, our Allen School Family may enjoy it. A Good Nurse’s Aide   Let me tell you, what makes a good Nurse’s Aide A sound mind, good judgement, […] Read More

Allen School Support Teams

Support teams The staff of the Allen School is totally dedicated to your success both in classes and as you enter the field of healthcare in your new career. We know that it takes a team of great folks to help all of our students find true success. From your first call with admissions to the moment […] Read More

So What’s the Deal With Scrubs?

Heart Scrubs are great. They are comfortable, have lots of pockets to keep stuff in, and come in fun colors, but have you ever wondered why they are the staple uniform of the healthcare industry? Let’s take a look at some of the ways scrubs are indeed the perfect uniform for every healthcare professional.   When […] Read More

Top Reasons to Start School Now

Top 5 Reasons Top 5 Reasons to Start School NOW Healthcare Careers are growing, Leading to Career Opportunities The kids are in school, so why aren’t you? Start a Tradition/ Leave a Legacy If you don’t move, you won’t get ahead – Timing is Everything Your Time and Money are at stake   Healthcare careers are on the […] Read More

The Amazing World of Pediatric Hospitals

Pediatric Hospital Many of our students have dreams of working in the world of pediatrics when they finish their classes with us. It can be a rewarding and very fulfilling field of practice but children come with their own special challenges. Unlike adults they still want to play and have fun no matter how sick they are […] Read More

Unusual Medieval Medicine Practices

Caduceus symbol The Halloween season is upon us and it’s always fun to take a look at some unusual and sometimes gruesome medieval medicinal practices that we are all very glad are not used today. Many of them did more harm than good and have since been replaced with more practical, effective, and humane alternatives. A few […] Read More

Flu Season Is Coming

Flu Season Ahead As we head into the New Year we unfortunately also head into cold and flu season. You have enough going on in your life with work, home, and school, you definitely do not want to get sick as well if you can help it. So please read on for 7 great tips to help keep […] Read More

Donating Blood – How is Blood Used?

Blood Drive Phoenix On October 10th the Phoenix Campus will be hosting an onsite blood drive thanks to help of United Blood Services of Phoenix and their mobile Blood Mobile! Donating blood is a great way to help those in need. In fact it’s estimated that blood transfusions save more than 4 million lives each year. So how […] Read More