Medical Assistant: Tips for a Virtual Interview

The global pandemic has up-ended how we connect and how we work. Working from home has become a new normal for now but may have lasting repercussions on how healthcare providers view the necessity of an office, in-person appointments or patient care. A video interview may well become the new norm. Nailing a video interview […] Read More

Successful Interviewing Tips of a Medical Assistant.

Are you preparing for a job interview for a Medical Assistant position? Familiarizing yourself with these common interview questions will help you have answers ready and feel more comfortable. When attending the Allen School of Health Sciences, our career services team will assist you using these questions to give you a practice interview: Tell me […] Read More

Tips for Job Interviews in the field of Health Care.

As a professional entering the field of health care, there is a lot to consider when searching for a new position. Graduating from the Allen School of Health Sciences you can feel confident knowing you are equipped for employment across the healthcare industry. The proper credentials and experience gained with graduating from the Allen School […] Read More

How Can a Medical Assistant Advance Their Career in 2021?

If you’re right out of medical assisting school, you’re likely to join the workforce as an entry-level Medical Assistant (MA). Gaining experience, becoming proficient in skills and widening your medical knowledge base are all tools you’ll need to advance in your career. You may decide to aim for a management job, work in a competitive […] Read More

Study Habits of a Medical Assistant Student

Learning good study habits in school assists students well into their professional careers and beyond. By understanding how to manage time, information, and materials, students gain the skills they need to be organized, efficient learners who have a toolkit of strategies for completing their homework on a nightly basis. This leads to them being better […] Read More

Being Positive in School Can Make a Difference

Don’t let school get you down! Whether you’re frustrated with your performance or dreading your next exam, a positive attitude towards school can go a long way! Think about all the positive improvements an education can have on your life. Having a positive attitude increases your chances of better academic performance. The Allen School of […] Read More

Expectations of a Medical Assistant Externship

You can learn a lot in a classroom, but you can’t learn everything, especially if you are studying to be a Medical Assistant. It’s a job that requires extensive medical knowledge as well as skills and professional attributes that can only be gained through hands-on experience. At the Allen School of Health Sciences, as it is in […] Read More

Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

Ever since the formal establishment of medical assisting in the 1950s, the profession has been a critical component of the thriving healthcare industry. Medical assisting is a great path for individuals who seek a career in healthcare. With the complexities of healthcare growing every day, doctors and nurses must rely on skilled, trustworthy Medical Assistants […] Read More