Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Online Classes 

Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Online Classes  In the past, going to school meant physically attending in-person classes, which often posed challenges for working men and women or those with complicated schedules. Now, thanks to advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to find a healthcare program that offers the flexibility you need, […] Read More

Nursing Assistant Training: Not Too Late to Achieve Career Greatness

Not too late to homer with nursing assistant training Making significant achievements is not an activity strictly reserved for the young.  You may have worked for a decade or more in a field you find unrewarding and unprofitable.  But just because you’re no longer college aged and fresh faced, that you cannot turn over a new leaf and engage in some nursing assistant training […] Read More

Medical Assistant Growth in 2020

Medical Assistant Growth in 2020 The healthcare industry has always been one of the fastest-growing in the world, demonstrating the ongoing need for trained professionals who are prepared to care for patients both healthy and sick. In the United States and around the world, 2020 is projected to be a year of unprecedented growth, as […] Read More

Tips for Remote Learning During Coronavirus Outbreak

Tips for Remote Learning During Coronavirus Outbreak As COVID- 19 cases continue their upward trend, many schools are closing their doors post-spring break in hopes of preventing the spread of the disease. For students who aren’t used to remote learning, it can be a stressful and unwanted change. That’s why the Allen School of Health Sciences is […] Read More

Transferring Files to New Computer for Medical Coding Online Classes

One critical piece of hardware relied upon by those taking medical coding online classes (as well as those in medical coding jobs) is the trusty computer.  Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, medical billing and coding as a study topic and a career relies heavily on computers.  They’re a fact of life in […] Read More

Fun Solutions for Coronavirus Self Isolation During Earth Day 2020

A lot has changed in the last month. In March, preventative measures aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, halted daily life around the world. Now we’re into April, and at least one third of the global population is under some sort of restriction, most Americans are under stay-at-home orders and at least 46 states and Washington, D.C., […] Read More

Tips on working from home

Tips to Work from Home In the office, your coworkers often pose the greatest threat to keeping you from getting some real, heads-down work done. They drop by your desk, engage you in conversation, and invite you to lunch. The social benefits of a workplace are definitely nice to have, but they can become a […] Read More

5 Ways that Nursing Has Changed Over the Years

The nursing profession has been in existence for centuries, though it’s changed considerably throughout the course of human history. While the earliest nurses were often seen as secondary to doctors and other medical professionals, today’s healthcare industry recognizes nurses as one of the most vital parts of a medical team.  These days, considering a career […] Read More