Choosing a Career in The Medical Field

Figuring out what type of career you want to pursue is not an easy decision. It’s important to take a lot of things into consideration. If you’re thinking about a career in the medical field, for instance, you should consider the advantages it offers: You’ll be in Demand. Certain jobs in the medical field, such […] Read More

Medical Assistant Tips on How to Work with Physicians

Remember the physician is a person, just like you. Working with a physician for the first time can be intimidating to some new Medical Assistants. Physicians’ authority and experience can make them seem like the end-all point of knowledge in the workplace, but it’s important to remember that the physician you work with is a […] Read More

Medical Assistant: Is it a Good Career Choice for you?

Medical Assistant: Is it a Good Career Choice for you? Are you thinking about attending the Allen School of Health Sciences? One of the popular programs at many career schools is the Medical Assistant program. If you are considering this career, you might want to ask, is Medical Assistant a good career choice for you? […] Read More

Helpful Tips to Becoming a Better Medical Assistant

For students in a Medical Assistant program, you may be busy learning about the clinical aspects of the job which can include drawing blood, administering an injection, or taking a patient’s vital signs. These are clearly a very important part of your training but in addition, there are “soft skills” that are important to your […] Read More

Being Positive in School Can Make a Difference

Don’t let school get you down! Whether you’re frustrated with your performance or dreading your next exam, a positive attitude towards school can go a long way! Think about all the positive improvements getting an education can have on your life. Having a positive attitude increases your chances of a better academic performance. The Allen […] Read More

Expectations of a Medical Assistant Externship

You can learn a lot in the classroom, but you can’t learn everything, especially if you’re studying to be a Medical Assistant. It’s a job that requires extensive medical knowledge, as well as skills and professional attributes that can only be gained through hands-on experience. At the Allen School of Health Sciences, as at most medical assistant […] Read More

Medical Assistant: What are your options?

Becoming a Medical Assistant is one of the quickest ways to enter the world of healthcare. If you’re looking to get a good job in a growing field fast, becoming an MA is the way to go. But after you’ve completed your program and are working in the position, what then? What are the career […] Read More

Becoming a Successful Medical Assistant

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in America. What might not be as obvious is the fact that you can have a prosperous career in the field without becoming a doctor or nurse. One occupation students might want to consider is that of a Medical Assistant. A Medical […] Read More

Medical Assistant: Tips for a Virtual Interview

The global pandemic has up-ended how we connect and how we work. Working from home has become a new normal for now but may have lasting repercussions on how healthcare providers view the necessity of an office, in-person appointments or patient care. A video interview may well become the new norm. Nailing a video interview […] Read More