Summer Sun Brings Family Fun!

leisure time with summer sandals and sunglasses As many celebrated the first days of summer outside, it’s important to remember do so safely. Here are some simple reminders to protect your family from sunburns that can have immediate as well as long-lasting effects.  Not all summer days involve hours in the sun. Remember that even if you are running errands, you should […] Read More

Congratulations Graduates

2018 NY Graduates The class of 2018 is now officially graduated on both the East and the West Coast. The Allen School family is very proud of everyone who completed their educational programs with us this year and we wish you all the very best of luck as you begin the journey towards your new careers in healthcare. […] Read More

What Jobs Could You Land with Medical Assistant Training?

What Jobs Could You Land with Medical Assistant Training Many Americans struggle with finding meaningful work throughout their lifetimes. While we all want a hefty paycheck, we also want to feel like we’ve accomplished something at the end of our workday. Medical assistance is a rapidly growing field where you can find the pride in your work you’re looking for. It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing […] Read More

What Does a Nursing Assistant Do?

na Nursing Assistants are an integral part of institutions providing long term resident care such as Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Centers. But have you ever wondered what a Nursing Assistant actually does? They Help Patients Mostly by helping patients perform tasks they may no longer be able to like basic grooming, assisting them to move in […] Read More

June is Mental Health Awareness Month

mental health The Allen School of Health Sciences dedicates the month of June to Mental Health Awareness as part of our Institution for HOPE Campaign. Mental Health can be very challenging as it often doesn’t appear anything is wrong with someone who is struggling to cope. Below we find 10 ways to help you and others look […] Read More

New Year’s Resolution Check-Up

Blog preparing for school Believe it or not June is here and 2018 is officially half gone. How has your year been? How far have you gotten on achieving the goals you set for yourself in January? We hope you are well on your way to everything you’ve been striving for all year, but just in case here are […] Read More

A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

Internship site As our readers know, the life of a Medical Assistant (MA) is full of many different tasks which vary depending on the type of medical practice. Let’s take a look at how a Medical Assistant may spend his or her day! An MA typically begins their exciting day by logging into the Electronic Medical Record […] Read More

Why attend School in the Summer?

leisure time with summer sandals and sunglasses Summer is almost here, and the winter blues are behind us! Now is the perfect time to start school while the weather is pleasant and warm. Allen School of Health Sciences has four simple reasons why you should attend school during the summer season. Weather – Living in a cold climate like New York City […] Read More

What if a Traditional College Isn’t For You?

New Career Blog Many of our students come to the Allen School with a very similar story. They graduated high school and started down the path of a traditional four year college and found it just wasn’t a great fit after all. Many of them started college with no idea of the career path they wanted to pursue, […] Read More

Time for Career Change? Find a New Career Path

Time for Career Change? Find a New Career Path Is the spark flying out of your current job? We spend nearly ⅓ of our days at work, (and that doesn’t even factor in daily commutes). Life’s too short to work for a company or industry that doesn’t bring you joy or ignite passion. You know you deserve more, you just might not be sure […] Read More