Why Medical Assistants Should Learn to Market Themselves

Medical Assistants should learn to market themselves for several reasons: Increased job opportunities:  By marketing themselves effectively, Medical Assistants can differentiate themselves from their competition and increase their chances of securing employment.  Employers are more likely to hire candidates who can effectively communicate their skills, knowledge, and value. Enhanced professional reputation:  Effective marketing can help […] Read More

Benefits of an Allen School MA Graduate, Taking a Healthcare Management Certificate Program

Benefits of an Allen School Medical Assistant Graduate Taking a Healthcare Management Certificate Program There are several benefits to an Allen School Medical Assistant graduate, taking a Healthcare Management Certificate program . Here are a few: Expanded career opportunities:  By obtaining a Healthcare Management Certificate (HMC), an MA graduate can expand their career opportunities beyond […] Read More

Why is it an Important Skill for a Medical Assistant to Perform an EKG?

Why is it an Important Skill for a Medical Assistant to Perform an EKG? Performing an electrocardiogram (EKG) is an important skill for Medical Assistants because it provides valuable information about a patient’s cardiac health. Here are some reasons why it is important for a Medical Assistant to be able to perform an EKG: Diagnosis […] Read More

What Classes Should a Student Take to be a Medical Assistant?

To become a Medical Assistant, students typically need to complete a combination of medical and administrative coursework. The specific classes required may vary depending on the program and institution, but here are some common courses that students may take in a Medical Assistant program: Medical Terminology:  This course introduces students to the language and vocabulary […] Read More

Why is Hands on Learning Important in a Medical Assistant Program?

Hands on learning is crucial in a Medical Assistant program for several reasons: Skill Development:  Medical assisting involves a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks that require practical skills. Hands on learning allows students to practice and develop these skills in a controlled environment. For example, students can learn how to take accurate vital […] Read More

Learning Phlebotomy as Part of Your Medical Assistant Program in New York City.

Learning phlebotomy as part of a Medical Assistant program can be highly beneficial for your career for several reasons: ·     Expanded Job Opportunities: Phlebotomy skills are highly sought after in the healthcare industry. By learning phlebotomy, you enhance your skill set and become a more versatile Medical Assistant, thus making you eligible for a wider […] Read More


Starting a medical program in the summer can be an exciting and challenging experience, so here are a few tips to help get you started: Research The Program.  Before you begin, make sure you have a clear understanding of the program requirements, curriculum, and any prerequisites.  This will help you prepare and know what to […] Read More

Medical Assistants: The Heroes Behind the Scenes

Medical Assistants are the true backbone of modern healthcare. An MA will perform a wide range of duties from taking patient histories, to scheduling appointments and entering data into computers. They handle the day-to-day operations that keep medical practice running smoothly and efficiently. But who is this figure dressed in scrubs? Why are Medical Assistants […] Read More

Registered Medical Assistant Program In Jamaica/Queens

The Allen School of Health Sciences is Ready to Welcome You If you’ve been contemplating your next move in life, the Allen School of Health Sciences can assist you in becoming a successful Medical Assistant. Not only will you learn from experienced faculty, but you’ll also get the opportunity to gain hands-on training during an […] Read More