Medical Assistant Profession

MEDICAL ASSISTING – A DAY IN THE LIFE Medical assisting is not just a job – it’s a highly rewarding profession with a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. A day in the life of a medical assistant is difficult to pinpoint because your day to day activities might be different depending on what type […] Read More

Benefits of Medical Assistant Career Advancement

5 Benefits of Medical Assistant Career Advancement Medical assisting is a solid career choice in a field expected to grow at an astounding 29 percent through 2026 ( There should be no shortage of jobs for those looking to work in this career. But what do medical assistants have to gain by advancing their careers? […] Read More

Study habits in Healthcare

                                                                                                              […] Read More

Personal qualities in a Medical Assistant

PERSONAL QUALITIES IN A MEDICAL ASSISTANT Most of us have had the help and support of a Medical Assistant while visiting a hospital, or a physician’s office. However, in order to become a successful medical assistant, there are some basic qualities that a candidate should possess.                   […] Read More

Single parents back in school for a Healthcare career

Many parents are in this situation. Returning to school can enable you to achieve a better life for you and your children. It is wonderful to know that upon attending school you can be able to start working and stop stressing financially.  However, like all single parents, you have to ask yourself, are you ready […] Read More

Rewards you will find in a Medical Assistant Career

REWARDS YOU WILL FIND IN A MEDICAL ASSISTANT CAREER Medical assistants are vital members of healthcare teams who positively impact patients and their families and many others. Have you ever considered a medical assistant career? Here are a few rewards you could discover: Helping others: If you’d like a career where what you do really […] Read More

How to Get Into a Medical Assistant Program After High School

How to Get Into a Medical Assistant Program After High School   If you’re looking for a rewarding career in healthcare that won’t take years to accomplish, you might consider becoming a medical assistant. This is a career you can enter with less than two years of education, so if you are able to imagine […] Read More