New Year’s Resolution Check-Up

Blog preparing for school Believe it or not June is here and 2018 is officially half gone. How has your year been? How far have you gotten on achieving the goals you set for yourself in January? We hope you are well on your way to everything you’ve been striving for all year, but just in case here are […] Read More

A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

Internship site As our readers know, the life of a Medical Assistant (MA) is full of many different tasks which vary depending on the type of medical practice. Let’s take a look at how a Medical Assistant may spend his or her day! An MA typically begins their exciting day by logging into the Electronic Medical Record […] Read More

Why attend School in the Summer?

leisure time with summer sandals and sunglasses Summer is almost here, and the winter blues are behind us! Now is the perfect time to start school while the weather is pleasant and warm. Allen School of Health Sciences has four simple reasons why you should attend school during the summer season. Weather – Living in a cold climate like New York City […] Read More

What if a Traditional College Isn’t For You?

New Career Blog Many of our students come to the Allen School with a very similar story. They graduated high school and started down the path of a traditional four year college and found it just wasn’t a great fit after all. Many of them started college with no idea of the career path they wanted to pursue, […] Read More

Time for Career Change? Find a New Career Path

Time for Career Change? Find a New Career Path Is the spark flying out of your current job? We spend nearly ⅓ of our days at work, (and that doesn’t even factor in daily commutes). Life’s too short to work for a company or industry that doesn’t bring you joy or ignite passion. You know you deserve more, you just might not be sure […] Read More

Going Back to School After 40, Questions to Ask

Going Back to School After 40 - Questions to Ask Deciding to go back to school is far from an easy one. Making room for classes and homework on top of an already busy life can leave you with a lot of questions. If you’re considering a career in medical or nursing assisting, here are a few questions you may be asking yourself. How will […] Read More

8 Important Characteristics Of Adult Learners

8 Important Characteristics Of Adult Learners More and more adults are deciding to head back to the classroom, to learn new skills to advance their current careers or to begin new ones. With this increase in older students comes the question: How can adult learners make the most of their unique experiences? Here are eight characteristics of adult learners that make […] Read More

How to Handle Job Interview Nerves

Job interview Blog Pic So after nine months of school and internship it’s finally time to go out there and get your dream job. You’ve spent hours combing through job openings, you’ve polished your resume to perfection, and you’ve applied for some great jobs. Then that moment comes and you get a call to come in for an interview. […] Read More

Graduation Traditions

IMG_3685 The Phoenix Campus has already had their graduation and the New York celebration is just around the corner. It’s a time of fun and excitement and many, many traditions. From the songs we play to the funny hats, there are many traditions involved in graduation ceremonies. Here are just a few of those explained. Pomp […] Read More

AIDS Walk NY Is Almost Here!

Brooklyn Evening The Month of May is a very special one for our New York Campuses. Not only is it finally done snowing (we hope) but it’s also time for the campuses to participate in AIDS Walk New York. This year marks the 15th consecutive year the Allen School will participate in this great event and help […] Read More