Going back to school as a working adult?

Going back to school as a working adult? A growing number of career and vocational training schools now offer programs oriented toward working adults. People frequently enroll in career schools to acquire new skills for a new career. Accelerated programs and flexible schedules are making it easier and more convenient for working adults to finish […] Read More

Medical field careers

Medical field careers Figuring out what type of career you want to pursue is not an easy decision. It’s important to take a lot of things into consideration. If you’re thinking about a career in the medical field, you should consider the advantages it offers. Consider some of the awesome things about working in the […] Read More

Medical Assistant Qualities

Medical Assistant Qualities Medical assistants perform many important tasks in the course of their day-to-day work, including recording medical histories, measuring vital signs, giving injections, preparing blood for laboratory study, helping physicians with physical examinations and scheduling patient appointments. Depending upon the specialty, they might have other responsibilities as well. Important traits of a medical […] Read More

Why a Medical Assisting Program May Be a Better Choice for You

Why Medical Assisting May Be a Better Choice for You If you’re searching for a healthcare career that goes beyond drawing blood, and where there’s greater job opportunity for fresh graduates, it’s worthwhile considering enrolling in a medical assisting training program. There is so much versatility in the skills of medical assisting, Medical assistants check […] Read More

Medical Assistant Career Advancement Benefits

Medical Assistant Career Advancement Benefits Medical assisting is a solid career choice in a field expected to grow at an astounding 29 percent through 2026. https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/medical-assistants.htm. There should be no shortage of jobs for those looking to work in this career, but what do medical assistants have to gain by advancing their careers? There are […] Read More

Where Do Medical Assistants Work? 

Where Do Medical Assistants Work?  Public and private hospitals, the VA, clinics, retirement homes, specialty providers — the scope in the health care world can be overwhelming, but that’s exactly what makes it a viable industry in which to pursue a career. These facilities are staffed with far more than doctors and nurses. With countless […] Read More

Traits of a Medical Assistant

Traits of a Medical Assistant  If you are thinking of a career as a Medical Assistant, you could be on track to a rewarding career with great job prospects. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for Medical Assistants through 2022 is expected to be a whopping 29 percent growth rate, […] Read More

Benefits of becoming a Medical Assistant

Benefits of becoming a Medical Assistant If you’re looking to start your career in the healthcare sector, why not consider a career as a medical assistant?  With quick training periods, competitive salaries, dependable job growth, and fast-paced working environments, medical assistant training is an excellent route for people who are fresh to healthcare or who […] Read More

Being Positive in School Can Make a Difference

Being Positive in School Can Make a Difference Don’t let school get you down! Whether you’re frustrated with your performance or dreading your next exam, a positive attitude towards school can go a long way! Think about all the positive improvements an education can have on your life. Having a positive attitude increases your chances […] Read More