Medical Technology – From Online Medical Billing Classes to Neural Bypass

Technology has always been at the forefront of medical advancements and never more so than it is today.   Consider the recent advance in neural bypass technology wherein neurosurgeons successfully connected the brain of a paralyzed man to his muscles using an innovative medical breakthrough known as “Neurobridge” technology. From a Live Science article which I […] Read More

Traits of a Successful Medical Assistant 

Traits of a Successful Medical Assistant  Be it in a large hospital or small family practice, Medical Assistants are a necessary part of any healthcare organization. MA’s are essential healthcare professionals performing both clinical and administrative tasks. On any given day, an MA can find themselves answering phones, taking electrocardiograms, scheduling appointments, dealing with bookkeeping, or explaining a […] Read More

A Few Ways Adult Medical Assisting Students Can Prepare for Graduation

A Few Ways Adult Medical Assisting Students Can Prepare for Graduation If you’re an adult student who is about to graduate from a medical assistant or healthcare program, you must be so excited! We’re thrilled to share this moment with you. Even though you’ve been waiting for this moment for years, there are some things […] Read More

Benefits of becoming a Medial Assistant during the COVID-19 Crisis

  Medical assistants (MA’s) are some of the hardest-working professionals in the healthcare field. They have both clinical and administrative duties, which means one minute they might be scheduling appointments and answering phones, and the next, they’re rushing to take a patient’s vital signs. Being a Medical Assistant means stepping up to fill gaps, solve problems, […] Read More

Fun Things to do at Home During Quarantine

Fun Things to do at Home During Quarantine: With everything closed from museums to concerts and sporting events as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are faced with significant time spent at home and wondering how to pass that time. Since safety and social distancing is the main priority, we have listed a […] Read More

Tips for Online Medical Assistant Students

Tips for Online Medical Assistant Students You find yourself sitting in the comfort of your home, your phone, tablet or laptop resting in front of you. You pull up your online class and are presented with tons of information. You ask yourself, “What am I going to do now”. If you’ve never done online learning […] Read More

Unprecedented Growth in Healthcare Workforce Demand in 2020

Young female nurse at camera wearing surgical mask Healthcare Workforce Demand to See Unprecedented Growth in 2020 The healthcare industry has always been one of the fastest-growing in the world, demonstrating the ongoing need for trained professionals who are prepared to care for patients both healthy and ill alike. In the United States and around the world, 2020 is projected to be a year […] Read More