Qualities of a Medical Assistant

Most of us have had the help and support of a Medical Assistant while visiting a hospital, or a physician’s office. However, to become a successful MA, there are some basic qualities that a candidate should possess.  Communication Skills Among the most important Medical Assistant qualities are communication skills, as these are the basic characteristics […] Read More

Nervous to Go Back to School?

Start Your Phlebotomy Career Today How do you feel about going back to school? Do you dream of where it could take your career, or do you fear that because you’re a working parent or professional that you won’t have the time or energy to go back? Fear has this funny way of holding us back from exceptional things. We […] Read More

What Careers can Phlebotomy Courses Lead to?

Careers can phlebotomy courses lead to. Microgen. Allen School Phlebotomy can be a rewarding and exciting role in many different healthcare jobs and is accessible to those who are interested in the healthcare field but do not have a college degree. Many medical assistant careers involve phlebotomy and can also lead to other related positions that could advance your career in healthcare. Phlebotomy experience […] Read More

The Central Phoenix Boom in Healthcare and Bioscience

Central Phoenix Boom in Healthcare and Bioscience.PopTika. Allen School Central Phoenix has been experiencing increased growth in recent years. Home to top medical academic institutions, Phoenix has the potential to become the nation’s healthcare and bioscience hub. The expansion of Phoenix healthcare institutes is critical to the region’s overall economic growth. Thanks to accelerated programs like our medical assistant program, Allen School contributes to […] Read More

Becoming a Successful Medical Assistant

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in America. What might not be as obvious is the fact that you can have a prosperous career in the field without becoming a doctor or nurse. One occupation students might want to consider is that of a Medical Assistant. A Medical […] Read More

Successful Interviewing Tips of a Medical Assistant.

A Guide To Successfully Interviewing For A Medical Assistant Are you preparing for a job interview for a Medical Assistant position? Familiarizing yourself with these common interview questions will help you have answers ready and feel more comfortable. When attending the Allen School of Health Sciences, our career services team will assist you using these […] Read More

Medical Assistant vs. Medical Office Assistant

medical assistant vs medical office assistant The medical industry requires a wide range of staff working together to provide the best care possible for patients. Medical assistants and medical office assistants are essential to keeping practices functioning and organized. This important job makes medical assisting a field ripe with career opportunities. The Allen School of Health Sciences is committed to providing […] Read More

Hands-on Learning Hard to Replace in Phoenix Health Sciences

medical assistant program hands on learning We are always worried about national and global averages, test scores, and getting our students ready for college or technical and trade schools. When it comes to education. However, we often overlook the best ways to teach our students the essential skills to advance their careers. Unfortunately, we have subscribed our education approaches to a […] Read More

Tips for Job Interviews in the field of Health Care.

As a professional entering the field of health care, there is a lot to consider when searching for a new position. Graduating from the Allen School of Health Sciences you can feel confident knowing you are equipped for employment across the healthcare industry. The proper credentials and experience gained with graduating from the Allen School […] Read More

Allen School Phoenix Campus Scholarship Opportunities

The Allen School of Health Sciences firmly believes in providing educational training opportunities to students who are in need of assistance to achieve their educational and career goals with the hopes of achieving their personal and professional life goals. Read More