How Does a Stethoscope Work?

health sciences curriculum in New York One of the main pieces of equipment most healthcare workers use is a stethoscope and most people understand that this device let’s a healthcare provider listen to a patient’s heart, breathing, and many other things. But have you ever wondered how a stethoscope actually works? The stethoscope uses multiple reflection of sound waves to amplify […] Read More

Skills & Attributes of a Professional Medical Assistant

Training to Become A Professional Medical Assistant; Skills & Attributes   Medical assistants are held to a higher standard of professionalism than employees in other industries. The way the medical assistant approaches the job and interacts with patients is critical to the success of the physician’s practice, hospitals, outpatient clinics and other healthcare facilities. Patients […] Read More

Different types of Medical Assistants

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. It will continue to experience rapid growth as America’s aging population increases in size, creating an even greater demand for healthcare services. This means that now is the perfect time to begin a career as a Medical Assistant. There are several types of […] Read More

Personal Qualities of a Medical Assistant

Most of us have had the help and support of a Medical Assistant while visiting a hospital or a physician’s office and hopefully, the interaction was pleasant one. It’s not just the information you learn, however, that ensures you will have the qualities of a Medical Assistants. In order to become successful in this field […] Read More

Most Common Challenges Facing Adults Going Back to School

Choosing to return to school can be a life-changing decision, whether it’s been one year since you graduated or a decade since you sat in a classroom. There are significant challenges posed to adults who decide to pursue education. The good news is these challenges are being recognized by many educational institutions, and non-traditional educational […] Read More

Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant in Phoenix Arizona

Medical Assistants (MA’s) are some of the hardest-working professionals in the healthcare field. They have both clinical and administrative duties, which means one minute they might be scheduling appointments and answering phones, and the next, they’re rushing to take a patient’s vital signs. Being a Medical Assistant means stepping up to fill gaps, solve problems, direct […] Read More

CNA Exam and Certification: New York

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, play an essential part in the medical industry, impacting the lives of patients daily. In hospitals, nursing homes, and many other medical facilities, CNAs support both patients and doctors in a myriad of ways. For those considering a possible career at a certified nursing assistant, an exciting and fulfilling future […] Read More

Interesting Facts about Medical Assistants.

Interesting Facts about Medical Assistants. Ask yourself what you imagine a Medical Assistant does. You will be surprised how many people get it wrong! If you expect schooling for Medical Assisting to prepare you for changing bed pans or carrying out menial administrative tasks, your impression of this role doesn’t go deep enough.  The clinical […] Read More

The Phoenix Arizona Boom in Healthcare and Bioscience

Central Phoenix Boom in Healthcare and Bioscience.PopTika. Allen School Central Phoenix has been experiencing increased growth in recent years. Home to top medical academic institutions, Phoenix has the potential to become the nation’s healthcare and bioscience hub. The expansion of Phoenix healthcare institutes is critical to the region’s overall economic growth. Thanks to accelerated programs like our medical assistant program, Allen School contributes to […] Read More

8 Important Characteristics Of Adult Learners

8 Important Characteristics Of Adult Learners More and more adults are deciding to head back to the classroom, to learn new skills to advance their current careers or to begin new ones. With this increase in older students comes the question: How can adult learners make the most of their unique experiences? Here are eight characteristics of adult learners that make […] Read More