The Top 5 Things to Know About Taking the CNA Exam

The Top 5 Things to Know About Taking the CNA Exam A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) career is an essential piece of the healthcare industry, as well as a highly sought-after profession amongst those pursuing work in healthcare. It offers flexibility, a good salary, and opportunities to make a difference. At the Allen School of Health Sciences, we’ve specially tailored our premier Nursing Assistant Program to […] Read More

Bilingual Jobs: How Nurse Assistants Use Language to Improve Care

Advantages of Being a Bilingual Nursing Assistant The nursing assisting field is one of the most rapidly expanding in the nation. As more and more Americans are reaching retirement age, their medical demands become more pressing, as does the need for highly qualified professionals in the medical field. Working in the nursing assisting field is a challenging, rewarding career, and is highly […] Read More

What to Wear for a Medical Assistant Interview

What to Wear for a Medical Assistant Interview You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, and at job interviews, first impressions are vitally important. In just an hour, employers will get an idea of who you are, what your work ethic is, and whether you’ll fit their team, and it all comes down to how you carry yourself, and how […] Read More

4 Great Apps for Medical Assistant Students

4 Great Apps for Medical Assistant Students Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life for many people. Smartphone technology has gotten so advanced that your iPhone or Android can act as a library, a music player, a map, an email server, or even a personal assistant. However, did you know that your phone can also help you in your career as […] Read More

Active Listening Skills Every Healthcare Professional Needs

Listening skills Blog In your time here at the Allen School you will learn many new things from clinical skills to professional best practices that will all help you begin your career as a healthcare professional. However one of the most important skills you can develop as you start working towards your goal of becoming a Medical or […] Read More

August is Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness Blog August is Immunization Awareness month. Today we take a look at the top ten facts about vaccines from the World Health Organization (WHO). As a future healthcare provider it is important that you are aware of these facts so you are able to help your patients understand the importance of immunizing themselves and their children […] Read More

Teeth – Managers of Good Health!!

Teeth Blog I know you are asking what does this mean? The first stop in digestion is the mouth; the teeth do the grinding and chewing of food so that saliva can begin the breaking down of food for use by the body. The muscles of mastication (chewing) are very strong which puts lots of force behind […] Read More

How Does a Stethoscope Work?

health sciences curriculum in New York One of the main pieces of equipment most healthcare workers use is a stethoscope and most people understand that this device let’s a healthcare provider listen to a patient’s heart, breathing, and many other things. But have you ever wondered how a stethoscope actually works? The stethoscope uses multiple reflection of sound waves to amplify […] Read More

Change Your Life in 9 Months with Medical Assistant Training

Medical assistant training in Arizona and New York If you’re ready for a change in your career and looking to enter the medical field, but you’re not sure where to start, consider medical assisting! The medical assisting field is one of the fastest growing in the nation, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting it will grow 29% in the next ten years. […] Read More