CNN: Healtcare Jobs a Bright Spot For Hiring

CNN recently reported on something that as an Allen School Online student you’re likely already hip to.  If you’ve not yet decided to study medical billing and coding or medical office assistant with Allen School Online, you should read this article from Yahoo! Education entitled, “How to Prepare for a Booming Health Career”.  The money quote: “Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show that 3.2 million jobs will be created from 2008-2018. And according to a July 2011 CNN Money article, “Health care jobs a bright spot for hiring,” an aging population and health care reform will most likely lead to an increased demand for health care workers.” Success in life is often all about timing.  With that in mind, you might agree after reading the above linked piece, that this is an excellent time to pursue a career in the medical office.

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  1. Any Job associated with Medical facilities will always have demand, as it is one of the basic need of everyone. Among this, surely medical billing owns a considerable share in the job market of medical industry, so there would be lot of job opportunities for the medical billing profile. I, myself using a medical billing service from a firm known as Credit Advocates ( ) to carry out all my medical collection Needs.

  2. I have worked in the Health Industry for many years.It is a very demanding and rewarding field. Certification,Degree and Clinical
    studys in hospitals prove to be good experience. If you recieve excellence education and clinical training in Medical Field ,I guarantee
    you will have no regrets.All over the world these job are in demand.

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