Don’t Stress!!!

A new report circulating on the internet lists the top 10 most stressful jobs.  You’ll be glad to learn that only one of them is in the medical field, and that is “emergency medical technician”.  Reattaching someone’s severed arm on the side of the road after a motorcycle accident?  Stressful.  Also stressful?  Advertising Account Executive, Architect, Stockbroker, Emergency Medical, and Real Estate Agent. On the other hand, more than half of the top 10 LEAST stressful jobs in the report were in the medical field.  These included audiologist, dietician, dental hygienist, chiropractor, speech pathologist and occupational therapist.  Flossing someone’s teeth while listening to soft rock in a clean white environment?  Not so stressful.  Medical billing and coding did not make the list of either most or least stressful jobs.  But its good to know many of you will end up working in the offices of low-stress industries.

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  1. violet williams

    I am so gald that Medical billing and coding did not make the list of being very strssful job because I have a lot of stress in my life and do not need a job that has a lot of sress.

  2. The first part of managing stress is to understand the short term stresses you experience so that you can anticipate stressful situations and learn to use stress management techniques.

    In many cases, situations do not cause all of the stress that we experience. Sometimes, our reaction to circumstances (and what we say to ourselves about them) contributes to the stress we experience.

  3. That’s not surprising! I didn’t think billing would be in either list, but as an emergency surgeon, I would expect that occupation to be on the list. Always on call, never knowing what kind of procedure might be next? Scary stuff. On the other hand, like said above, flossing teeth in a clean, relaxed environment (where good money is made) can’t be that stressful.

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