Encore Careers

In an article by Chris Kyle for Yahoo! Education, medical assistant and medical manager are two of the five top “encore” careers.  That is, fields for people wishing to retrain and re-enter the workforce, perhaps after losing a job in an industry hard hit by the recession.  The relative safety and immunity from economic downturn enjoyed by the medical field played a large part in vaulting these two jobs to the top of this particular list.  Click here to read all the details!

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  1. Rochelle Bolin

    The recession proofness of a medical field job is exactly what motivated me to enroll in school for coding and billing. I just hope there really are some jobs out there. So many people have gone to school for the same thing, its pretty scary how may people are applying for the same job, the people that i know that actually find a job, its because they personally know someone where they are hired. So alot of it is not what you you but who you know. So hopefully with this education and contacting everyone i know in the field will lead to something.

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