How You Look Affects Your Paycheck

This guy ALWAYS gets passed over for promotions!

This guy ALWAYS gets passed over for promotions!

For those of you getting ready to graduate and enter the workforce in your new career, consider the article here from the Business Insider courtesy of Yahoo!.   In this piece, we are shown the statistics illustrating that how you look has a material impact on how you’re treated and how much you earn in the market.  Cleanshaven men without any balding earn higher than their analogs who are losing hair or growing it on their faces.  Conservatively dressed women earn better than their more revealingly dressed counterparts.  Read the entire piece to learn how you can present yourself to earn the most on the job.

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  1. Norma T.

    HORRIBLE!!!! Is the only word I could think of when I saw this photo. It just can’t be real. People don’t realize the importance of a good first impression. Not only will people automatically judge you on your appearance, they will also assume that you don’t take yourself or your work seriously. Therefore, it is extremely important to carry yourself in a respectable and professional manner.

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