I Want One

Ok, so this isn’t exactly cheap, but neither was the CD player, the cellular telephone or the personal computer when they first hit the market.  Once more and more people buy a new product and demand grows, the price of the item  drops for all consumers.  This product, a very simple renewable energy generator/converter (solar or wind) requires virtually no installation and makes electricity for your home.  I think I will save up for one and help drive the price down for everyone.  (It costs $600-$900 for the smaller ones and up to $3500 for the larger one.)  It is so simple, I cannot imagine that this product would not be in every home within 10 years.  Whattya think?  Could you plug your laptop into this and do your Allen School Online coursework?

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  1. Julia Hansn

    I definitely see this being beneficial to anyone that is able to afford it. It is very “green” and is able to develop the electricity we need to run a home, if you really look at the price of it, it is really beneficial to purchase something of this nature, and it would pay for itself over a period of time. I am always amazed by what people are able to develop. I look forward to see where this will go, and how many homes will have it in the next 10 years.

  2. Lauren Mann

    I found this quite interesting! I too believe this could be the new gadget everyone wants in the upcoming years. It seems easy enough and not extremely expensive. I think it could be a gateway product into everyone powering their homes with solar and wind energy. I could definitely see myself sitting down and booting up my laptop with one of these to do my homework! I find it fascinating that such a simple product can power an entire home while helping to save our environment. I foresee many more products like these coming along in the near future to encourage people to “go green” in a much simpler and more cost effective way.

  3. Harmony

    I am responding to Anthony’s post on GE Ecomagination Challenge- Plug-in Solar Power.

    This is an awesome article to bring attention too! Not only are you helping out the environment but you are also giving back to the community with the energy you make. This option in creating energy would take a great deal of stress off of people that pay high power bills too. You can also make this type of power portable if you truly wanted to so that you are not just confined to your house. Plus with this product you will also get tax breaks from the government, your local power company will also buy the energy you make, and all the money you save can go to other fun things. Great article for developing minds, and for people that like to think outside of the box! ~ Harmony

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