I Want One

Ok, so this isn’t exactly cheap, but neither was the CD player, the cellular telephone or the personal computer when they first hit the market.  Once more and more people buy a new product and demand grows, the price of the item  drops for all consumers.  This product, a very simple renewable energy generator/converter (solar or wind) requires virtually no installation and makes electricity for your home.  I think I will save up for one and help drive the price down for everyone.  (It costs $600-$900 for the smaller ones and up to $3500 for the larger one.)  It is so simple, I cannot imagine that this product would not be in every home within 10 years.  Whattya think?  Could you plug your laptop into this and do your Allen School Online coursework?

Investing In Green Energy

23493OK so I am DEFINITELY not the next Warren Buffett.  However, I feel pretty smart for having liquidated some poorly performing mutual funds in my 401k account about 5 months ago and using the money ($400) to invest in some 25 shares of General Electric (when it was at $3.56 a share) as well as 100 shares of AIG (when it was 44 cents a share).  I also bought 10 shares of a stem cell research company as I figured that was a sector sure to grow in the future.  Today, my $400 investment into these stocks is worth almost $2000, five short months later.  I bought these things at the bottom of the market when everyone had been selling furiously.  And it got me thinking about where the next “big” investment sector would be found.  I think green energy is it. Continue reading…