Jobs: Turning the Corner

They say employment figures are a “lagging indicator” which is stock market speak for measurements that we look back on for perspective.  That is, economic growth happens first, then employment picks up.  This makes logical sense because obviously, companies don’t start hiring before new business picks up.  But once new orders come rolling in for all manners of products and services, companies scramble to hire in order to accommodate the increasing demand.  This is why it is so heartening to see the following chart showing the employment figures over the last two years.  Follow me over the jump for analysis. The graph above, courtesy of Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen shows the collapse of the employment market that began in January of 2008 as we began to lose jobs.   The bottom of the collapse seems to have happened in January of 2009.  Since that time, the market has continued to shed jobs, but the clear trend is that those losses continued to slow and have recently turned into net gains.  Since these kinds of trends are very incremental, it is highly improbable that they will reverse course.  Even more exciting is that the recently passed health insurance reform will bring 36 million new patients into the medical system in short order.  This spike in demand for medical personnel of every stripe will certainly mean a commensurate spike in hiring in this field.  The trend is now, officially, your friend.

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  1. Roslyn Roe

    The Washington Monthly says, “Best job numbers since the recession began”. I say, not so. The numbers given show 169,000 + job loss, myslef being one of them, They say the pace of job loss has been declining since it peaked in January. I say, it is because of the number of people that were hired temporarily to work for the Census.
    When that is over with, then the numbers will go back to where they were, or show even worse numbers.
    When will this end? I have heard it said, a war would end the recession. It did not, and still with the war trudging endlessly on, there are still no jobs.
    I used to be a title examiner, which I loved doing. I lost my job 2 years ago, along with my housing and my dignity.
    I listened to the “experts”, that said the only area for jobs wass going to be in the medical fields. I rushed to get enrolled, along with thousands of others, and decided on a new career path. Now, as I am in my last week of school, I wonder if there will be a job for me in my area, and if so, will it pay what is going to be needed to let me take care of me?

    • Anthony

      With 36,000,000 more Americans poised to have access to medical attention, I suspect there will be plenty of work for someone with your training. Smart move studying to work in the medical field Roslyn. Recessions don’t last forever. And even without the changes that derive from the new health insurance law, 50 million Baby Boomers will most certainly retire in the next decade. Aging doesn’t cease during poor economy. Aging people need medical care. I think your future is going to be bright. Kudos on completing your course of study!

    • Marisa

      These articles are very good to see. Having been unemployed for the last 11 months and just getting a new job last week, knowing the job market is turning around gives faith that it will not be as hard for others facing unemployment or already unemployed. I have 30 friends and former co-workers who will be laid off the 28th of this month. I am very hopeful that they will not face the same struggles I have faced this last year. Unless someone has been faced with the same, they have no idea how daunting it is not having a steady source of income. There has been recent news that the recession is over, but with businesses still closing daily, how can that be true? I am just hopeful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone and we will all persevere.

      • I don’t follow the unemployment situation in the states. I do remember being there for a short-time, not being able to find work. I became distraught, losing hope of working and living in the United States with my family. I had to take an entry-level position, which was fine for me. There are tons of jobs out there, people have to be willing to move away from home or places that are familiar and comfortable to them.
        Now, that we have Health Care Reform hopefully it will open up more jobs for individuals seeking a career in the medical profession. These individuals will not have to leave their places of comfort just to find suitable employment, so they are able to provide for their respective families. I have a positive feeling that the economy will pick up again soon.

  2. Rose Ribboni

    I remember a few years ago when I needed to find work and had moved to a new city, it took me a number of months to find a job. It was harrowing, but I took comfort in the words of someone whom I respected very much. He said, “If you really want to work, and you do not give up in your search, you will find a job.” It turned out that he was actually correct and, although I took a job in a field that wasn’t my regular profession (it was a low paying clerical job), it was the start of a whole chain of amazing opportunities for me. I have never been concerned since then, as I have a lot of skills and I proved to myself that I could do it. Someone else once told me that the secret to success, gauged by surveys with many, many successful individuals is perseverance. That person told me that successful people are not always the luckiest, the smartest or the hardest workers, actually. They are the ones who have a specific ability – the ability to move forward after setbacks and failures, and to do it over and over again, when others would throw in the towel. So, the advice of those two individuals has really held me in good stead.

  3. Leonilla John Bell

    I hope that this is the case and jobs will become readily available for most of us who are just leaving school or changing careers etc. As far as I can see the economy is still suffering really bad ,and it’s hard to be optimistic about where we going and what is waiting for us. The department of labor statistics has shown that the field of choice is medical, and it will continue to grow even stronger as the years goes by because the demand will be greater. Let’s hope that we can all find a job whereby we can utilize our skills and expand our knowledge especially for people like me who are just wrapping up school and starting a new career.

  4. I am new to blogging. I don’t know much about it. I am told I can express my opinions.
    I do not see jobs coming easy anytime soon for anyone. I have even been told by an MD to say on my resume I would be willing to work for 12 -15 dollars to start.
    I have not made that kind of money since I was 20.
    But I am devoted to this career change and will try it. Who knows what may come, I am smart, dedicated and love working with numbers and people. After the the new health form all the health care providers are cutting back. That comes from interviewing a lot of them and the fact my sister is director of a hospital and she just let two go. But the great news is that THR is looking.


  5. randolph reagan

    It depends upon the industry in which you have experience. For example, they have laid off hundreds in the chemical industry. It also depends on the state in which you live: Ohio is around 10% unemployment.

  6. Merilyn Anderson

    It is very encouraging to see that we are no longer bleeding jobs at the rate of hundreds of thousands a month. That is good news because it means that companies may start hiring again soon. I know that it will still be slow going in the job market for some time to come. I just hope that the forecast of growth in the healthcare industry, particularly Billing and Coding is accurate and that in the months to come we will all be successful in finding positions.

  7. Clariece

    After President Obama signed health care reform, I felt there must be some type of relief for the over 30 million people who do not have health care. Although my family has excellent health care, I have given a lot of thought to the families, who desperately need health care, and I hoped they would get help. People should be able to get quality health care; to me it seems so fundamental. I can’t imagine watching a loved one dying, because there was no health care available; the feeling of helplessness must be overwhelming. I’m hopeful about the help that many will receive, and I’m glad to know that someone cared enough to help people, who need help.

  8. Eager 1(Allen School Brooklyn)

    Well on behalf to the Health Care Reform, I fell as that this is a great opportunity for everyone who is eligible for this category. Your Health is the ‘”No.1″ priority when it’s pertaining to one self. In my opinion, some people in Society , now , do not take their Health & Body seriously. There are a lot of Diseases and Cancerous Epidemics in this world. That’s the reason I want to obtain a Professional Degree in the Medical Field(MA) to assist the patients.

    But first I know that I must meet all ‘MEDICAL CREDENTIALS’. Some people in General only focus on the pay!..That is also important when pertaintaing to Time: How, When and Where you deside to work.

    Presently, what is most important is the Love, Passion,and Dedication towards your Occupation. Hope, Most of all here will be able to perform and complete thier task and goal under any circumstances.

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