Keeping Stress in Check

Its difficult to work, study, take care of family obligations and find time to relax.  As a result, each of us experiences stress and stress is bad for us.  It is very important to your health to get both enough sleep and to find outlets that can help us vent or otherwise mitigate the stresses and pressures life often places upon us.  But what about the people whose very careers are inherently stressful?  Take a look at the slide show here to see the list of top 10 most stressful jobs and be thankful that the career choice you’ve made will not likely add stress to your life (although some of your future employers have a place on this list).

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  1. KMiller

    The benefits of meditation, decreases stress and helps to maintain physical and emotional health. It can also heightened mental abilities, creativity and problem solving in your day to day living. You will have a dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety, improve your sense of emotional, mental and physical well being.

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