Medical Support Jobs Up 20%

Ready for some positive job news?  Especially for people studying what you’re studying?  Popular online jobs portal compiles an employment index.  They report that in the last 13 months, job postings in the medical support fields are up 20%.  That’s right!  Now, the overall employment outlook remains difficult so don’t go out on a spree just yet.  But it is looking better for medical support fields than many other fields right now and that’s cause for celebration.  From the article:
Fast Fact: A quick search of Monster shows 557 job postings for medical assistants. The Department of Labor sees a 34 percent jump in medical assisting opportunities from 2008-2018.”

One Response to “Medical Support Jobs Up 20%”

  1. I have found that too many individuals (myself included) are depending solely on the internet for their job search and subsequent applications for their chosen field. As I finally abandoned the internet in favor of hitting the streets, going business-to-business, with my face in business owners and HR department heads faces, I surprisingly wound-up with a couple of good offers.
    It seems that hiring managers simply have too many online applications to weed through. They further appreciate the direct contact and seemed to like the fact that I was not hiding behind a computer screen to apply for their jobs.
    This may be a bit old fashioned, but considering the few jobs out there and the over-burdened HR departments job in sorting out all the potential candidates for a job opening, it seems to make sense.
    While I have not actually accepted an offer yet, I feel my confidence level improve dramatically as I have some positive response to some of my hard job search efforts rather than an empty email box.

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