More Resumé No-no’s

Every so often, I post on ways to enhance your resumé or to at least avoid some common job-hunting mistakes. These posts always generate alot of interest. So here’s another installment in the “how not to botch your resumé” category. Below are some comical errors culled from hiring managers in diverse fields in an article by Maria Hanson at LiveCareer. Needless to say, none of these people were called back for an interview. Avoid Careless Mistakes like these: “Speak, read, and wright English/Spanish.”–seen by Angie Beauchamp, Charm Factory manager. A candidate actually misspelled her own first name, writing “Barbara” as “Barabara.”–Mark Gollihur, who managed a video store when he received that application. Bad Ideas Email address:–seen by Stacey Schmidt, a recruiter at Vistaprint. A job-seeker used a free return-address sticker from an endangered-wildlife nonprofit on his resume instead of typing his contact information out.–seen by Philip Farina. For the whole article and a longer list of resumé gaffes, click here.

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  1. This article generated in me the need to be efficient in preparing my resume for the medical career that I am seeking. It certainly does set the pace for how long you may have to search for a job. Being professional and taking the time to present your application, cover letter and resume in a professional manner is the first impression the employer may have of you. I feel that this article posted about “More Resume’ No-no’ “can save a person time and keep them from wandering about why no employers are responding to their resumes.

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