Negotiating Salary In Tough Economic Times

You’re a certified medical billing and coding professional in a field that is predicted to continue to grow.  Yet unemployment is still near historic highs and there are more applicants than jobs available, even in high growth fields.  So, it is not a good time to ask for a higher starting salary (or a raise if you’re already employed) right?  Wrong!  Good help, as the old saying goes, is hard to find.  Employers are always happy to have quality, highly trained people working hard for their organizations.  Knowing how to negotiate salary can help you earn what you’re worth even in tough times.  Michael Chaffers at writes this list of Top Ten Tips for Salary Negotiations.  Read it and arm yourself with the knowledge needed to get what you’re worth as an Allen School Online graduate!

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  1. A successful salary negotiation demands skill and preparation. On the one hand, claiming too little can lead to years of professional dissatisfaction. On the other, you don’t want to turn off your boss or potential employer by asking for too much. It’s a delicate balancing act!

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