Some Factual Information About Job Growth

With the upcoming election, politicians are yammering on and on about the jobs picture in this country and how it should affect your choice on whom to vote for. Needless to say, when listening to politicians, you’re likely to hear more lies than truths. However, the facts are out there if one wishes to seek them out. Now, no one can say that the jobs picture is pretty and we are a far way away from returning to the full employment we enjoyed before the economy tanked. However, it is an indisputable fact (as shown in the video below) that job losses have been shrinking and job growth has returned (albeit slowly) since 2009. Also, you should give yourselves a pat on the back for chosing a career in an industry that is poised for significant growth. Keep this video in mind when listening to the candidates talk about unemployment on the campaign trail. And don’t forget to vote on November 2nd!

3 Responses to “Some Factual Information About Job Growth”

  1. Well this video sounds a lot in favor of the president but at the same time facts are facts. the real question is can all this be attributed to the current administration? I don’t think so.

    major corporate entities took a step back to revise their own policies after the economy crashed and took a more responsible approach this time to policy making. The mortgage and loans market for example, started being more (a LOT more) selective of who they hand out a loan to. This behavior was seen across a cross section of industries.

    The High unemployment rates also spurred more small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures by individuals to save their economic well being.

    of course, the politicians will say it was all “them”.

    • Although the economy does appear to be taking a turn for the better, one wonders just how consistent this increase will be. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports little change over the past 3 months.
      However, for those of us in the healthcare industry the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports “Health care continued to add jobs over the month, with a gain of 19,000. Much of the increase occurred in hospitals (+8,000).” Definitely a positive sign for us.

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