Surprising Strength in Job Markets

Career professionals (that’s people who work in staffing and human resources) are reporting that the recovery in the job market is happening faster than people think.  According to recent reports from the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) the technical data shows that recession ended last June.  “So where are the jobs?” cry out the 10%+ who are still struggling to find full time employment.  Read this article by noted jobs expert, John Challenger for some surprising answers.

2 Responses to “Surprising Strength in Job Markets”

  1. Tara Sanade

    Yeah… I’d like to know where the jobs are. I lost my job in 2008 and luckily found a part time job to keep me afloat. However, I have since been laid of from that job. I knew something had to change so I went back to school for a career in healthcare. For the past 5 months I have been getting my resume out there and applying to jobs without any bites. Just yesterday, I FINALLY get a call…. from a recruiter who saw my resume but, doesn’t have any openings in the healthcare field that I want. So now I am in the position of possibly having to take a job in a different field just to pay the bills until a job that I actually want becomes available. Talk about unfair… to take a job and then quit when something better comes along. Unfortunately, it is a vicious cycle a lot of us find ourselves in.

  2. michelle madison

    According to the article “Career Pro’s Job Market is stronger than most think” Although the recession is said to be over most Americans are still feeling the pinch of the recession. It states that the job market has made great strides over the past 12 months. However, most families are feeling the after math of the recession with their homes and job. I am happy that I choose a career in the medical field. Although nothing is guaranteed, I do feel that there is a greater sense of security in the medical field. I feel that I made a great choice in choosing to become a medical biller and coder.

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