Fast Food Industry Keeps Certified Nurse Assistant Schools Busy

Waffletaco = more health problems = more Nursing Assistants neededThe KFC Double Down, the McGriddle, the Quadruple Bypass Burger and now the Waffle Taco!  Long time readers of the Allen School Blog know I have a predilection for reporting on the worst excesses of the American Fast Food industry, which seems to have no self control when it comes to developing foods that may ultimately kill their customers.  I just find it almost comical the lengths to which fast food producers will go to stuff more fat, sodium, sugar and calories in their offerings with seeming disregard for the health consequences. Today, Taco Bell joined the illustrious list of over-the-top fast food merchants with the announcement that it will be entering into the highly competitive “breakfast” segment of the fast food market with something called the “Waffletaco”.  As the name implies, it is a taco-shell shaped Belgian waffle stuffed with sausage, egg and cheese and is intended to be topped with a torrent of maple syrup.  Why am I appalled and intrigued at the same time?  I know I should avoid this nutritional abomination like the plague, yet, I am oddly seduced by this siren song of breakfasty goodness. Whether you favor or scorn such fanciful fast food creations, the bottom line is they must be good for business.  The publicity these monster menu items produces is reason enough for these purveyors of heart disease to continue to try and one-up each other with ever more bizarre and unhealthy products.  And what is good for their business also happens to be good for Certified Nurse Assistant schools like the Allen School.  The contribution of the Waffletaco to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea and a host of other ailments keeps demand high for well-trained medical office assistants, certified nurse assistants and all other healthcare professionals!  So bon appetit!

Most Ridiculous Fast Food of 2011

I wait for this list every year.  We always cover “over the top” fast food creations on this blog for some reason.  Well this year’s list of the craziest or most wildly unhealthy food items has dropped.  Will someone puhLEEZE tell me how I missed the Doritos Taco Bell taco?  OMG!  That looks EPIC!  Let’s thank America’s purveyors of fast food for their assistance in providing customers for doctors and the medical billers they employ!   Enjoy the madness.