Ten Cover Letter Don’ts

How to keep your resume and cover letter out of the wastebasket

Online job aggregator Monster.com’s Kim Isaacs developed this list of 10 common cover letter mistakes: Mistake No. 1: Overusing ‘I’ Mistake No. 2: Using a Weak Opening Mistake No. 3: Omitting Your Top Selling Points Mistake No. 4: Making It Too Long Mistake No. 5: Repeating Your Resume Word for Word Mistake No. 6: Being Vague Mistake No. 7: Forgetting to Customize Mistake No. 8: Ending on a Passive Note Mistake No. 9: Being Rude Mistake No. 10: Forgetting to Sign the Letter Click here to read the details behind each of these common errors and make your cover letters rock solid!

3 Responses to “Ten Cover Letter Don’ts”

  1. information in your post is really helpful. i ever make a mistake while writing a letter. i wrote a job application letter and i forgot to sign it. i think that was the silliest thing i’ve ever made in my life lol. anyway, thanks for your post. i note it if you want to know 🙂

  2. Great tips. As someone who reviews a lot of applications and resumes I can tell you that the cover letter often appears to get less attention than the resume. People don’t realize that if the cover letter is no good there is little chance that the resume will be read.

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