Top 10 Most Hated Jobs – Not One In Healthcare!

So, CNBC recently published a report listing the top ten most hated jobs based on a survey they took of workers in many fields.  You’ll be happy to learn that not a single one of these odious employment opportunities was in the healthcare field.  The top 10 worst jobs are:1.  Director, Information Technology2.  Director, Sales and Marketing3.  Product Manager4.  Senior Web Developer5.  Tech Specialist6.  Electronics Technician7.  Law Clerk8.  Tech Support Analyst9.  CNC Machinist10.  Marketing ManagerSo, this blogger is happy for all you Allen School Online students who will NOT be entering a hated field.  Please feel sorry for me though.  I am a marketing director/manager, web developer and product manager for a living.  Maybe it is my cheerful natural disposition that keeps me from hating my job.

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