Supercharge Your Brain

What do busy students and medical billers have in common?  Answer: they both need to remember great quantities of important information.  Yet with so much going on, it can be difficult to keep it all on the top of mind.  Want some tips on easy steps you can take to hone your memory and supercharge […] Read More

This is Spring?

Like most others here in the northeast, and specifically in the NY Metro area, I was tantalized by the unseasonably warm weather we had last week and over the weekend when temperatures flirted with 70 degrees.  I got out of the house and cleaned up the yard some.  I know I was not alone in […] Read More

The Evolution of Medical Science

The medical industry evolves quickly and new advancements seem to occur almost weekly.  It is always instructive to look back 50 or a hundred years for real perspective on how far along the industry has come.  The work you will do upon enterring this field as a medical biller/coder will surely look very different 50 […] Read More

Top Ten Job Interview Fashion Blunders

Carole Martin writes for an excellent article about how to “dress for success” at the job interview.  Click here to read the entire piece.  But the top 10 list of common sartorial mistakes are shown below. Wild Nail Polish: This tip is for women or men. Extremely long or uncut nails are a real […] Read More

Online Students, Take Care of Your Computer

Online students reap enormous benefits from studying in a virtual environment.  Better time management, schedule flexibility, improved mobility and avoiding a commute to campus are among some of the greatest perqs of online education.  All that convenience is unlocked through technology.  Specifically, through your personal computer.  Whether it is a desktop in your home, the […] Read More

Food & Wine’s Best Burgers in the US

This blog periodically covers the topic of fast food and its impact on culture, wellness and society.  I have also written several times about my personal favorite, In-N-Out Burger, the west coast chain that haunts my dreams as an east coast denizen.  Well, Food & Wine magazine publushed its annual list of the best burgers […] Read More

As If Busy Students Needed an Excuse

Happy to report I found this research which seems to promote the idea that moderate coffee consumption is actually good for you!  Yes, science finally catches up to what this blogging genius already knows.  Coffee RAWKS.  But seriously, the high anti-oxidant content of coffee seems to have a positive effect on brain plasticity, liver and […] Read More

Spam King Released From Prison

Just when you thought it was safe to open your email box again…  You probably don’t know Robert Soloway, but it is a certainty that your email box has been the victim of his decade-long, spam spree.  This fellow made a fortune using techniques of questionable legality to flood your inbox with offers for Viagra, porn, […] Read More

Coffee That Breaks You

For many busy students, coffee is an essential part of the routine for staying focused and awake long enough to maintain studies, jobs and family responsibilities.  This blogger has a coffee IV drip set up alongside his computer.  There is no shortage of coffee purveyors competing for your coffee dollars and they have been “one-upping” […] Read More

How You Look Affects Your Paycheck

For those of you getting ready to graduate and enter the workforce in your new career, consider the article here from the Business Insider courtesy of Yahoo!.   In this piece, we are shown the statistics illustrating that how you look has a material impact on how you’re treated and how much you earn in the market.  […] Read More