Interviewer: “Any Questions?” You: “Uhhh…”

Acing the interview is pretty much the key to landing a job.  The rock-solid resume gets you in to the interview.  But the interview itself is the “make-or-break” step in the job hunting process.  If you’ve done enough of these, you know that they typically ask you alot of questions about your background, experience, skills etc.  Then at the end, they always ask, “Do you have any questions for us?”  Most people don’t know how to answer this and either say, “No” which indicates unpreparedness or worse, being intellectually incurious.  Or many respond, “When do I get vacation” or “how much does the job pay?”  Both these questions do more damage than good.  There are questions you may ask of an interviewer which demonstrate that you are interested in the job and have a good head on your shoulders.  Click here to read “The Six Must Ask Interview Questions” as listed by’s Joe Turner.  He explains why these are the most important questions to ask and what they say about the person who asks them.

Avoid the Top 10 Job Interview Blunders

job-interviewFortune Magazine and CNN Money recently put together a list of the top 10 blunders, screw-ups, missteps and SNAFUs made by candidates at employment interviews.   The currently high  unemployment rate has made it even more difficult than usual to land a job with about six job seekers for every available position.  In normal economic times, there are about 2-3 seekers for every offered job.  The list below the fold, adapted from the Fortune magazine list, was compiled by hiring managers from companies across a wide range of industry sectors.  These are the folks who see hundreds of candidates each week.  They see all kinds of applicants; the good, the bad and the ugly.  Take their advice if you’re currently seeking gainful employment. Continue reading…