Julie Hibbs

While nearly three decades had passed since graduating high school, Julie never forgot about her dream of becoming a medical coding specialist. We are recognizing Julie for successfully fulfilling that dream at the Allen School. Here is what she has to say about her personal experience: I graduated from high school in 1984 and opted not to attend college right away. I thought I would wait a year and apply the following year. Well, 27 years later, I finally found the courage to go back to school. After I learned about the Medical Insurance Billing & Coding program, I was determined to earn my certification and begin working as a healthcare professional. It’s kind of funny how I ended up at the Allen School. I had joined a site online to receive free samples and coupons. One of their representatives called me and asked if I could take a quick survey. She asked if I was interested in going back to college and I said “yes.” She asked which field, which I quickly replied with the “healthcare profession.” She explained that she could have a school contact me if I was interested. This is when I received a phone call from Phil, an Admissions Office representative from the Allen School. Phil was great as he helped me every step of the way as I officially enrolled in the online Medical Insurance Billing & Coding program. My experience with Allen School has been amazing. I could not have asked for better teachers and the online learning experience has been simply fantastic. I have made wonderful friends and learned so much in such a short amount of time. I am glad I finally took those first steps in furthering my education. It’s true that sometimes it’s that first step that is the hardest to take. Take it from me, once you do take that first step, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Thank you Allen School for making my dream come true!

Wazeefa Mohamed-Vibert

Wazeefa was looking for the right school to help her jumpstart her career as a medical assisting professional. She chose the Allen School because of our helpful staff and reputation of being a leader in healthcare education. Here is what she had to say about her personal experience: Simply put, my time at the Allen School has been amazing. Since day one, the entire staff has gone out of their way to help me. They’ve answered all of my questions and have always made me feel like I’m a part of the Allen School family. What I love most about the Allen School is that all of us students feel as if we are a team. While some of the medical courses are challenging, we can always count on each other, our teachers and staff to treat us with kindness, love and respect. We keep each other motivated and on the right course for success. After completing my fifth module, the Career Services department helped me find my first medical internship. They set me up in a cardiology office, which is the perfect fit for where I want to work in the future. Today, I feel as if I am on pace to achieve all of my dreams in a short amount of time. The courses and instructors have truly prepared me to perform as a professional Medical Assistant. Thank you to all of my instructors and classmates for always being there for me—I hope we will always stay in touch!

Janet Stone

I made a promise to my dear sweet sister that I would someday go back to school and follow through on my dream of working in the medical field. The Allen School and its Medical Assisting Program helped me make that promise come true. I personally found that the instructors at Allen School were extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to preparing me for my future medical career. They went above and beyond in each course, giving each student personal attention and valuable insight we couldn’t have learned anywhere else. Without the support I received from Jackie in the Career Services department and my family, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. Today, I am only halfway through my internship and have already been offered a full-time job as a Medical Nursing Assistant with Concentra. I am grateful for my experience at the Allen School, as it has given me the tools to succeed with confidence and perseverance as a healthcare professional.

Christine Rummel

Graduating from the Allen School’s Medical Billing and Coding Online program has changed my life tremendously. After being out of school for 26 years, keeping up with the demanding curriculum was a personal challenge. I not only graduated on time, but I did so with a 4.0 GPA! I graduated on December 18, 2011 and quickly landed a full-time job on January 5, 2012. I am now an Admissions Coordinator of a 90-bed skilled nursing facility. With the substantial amount of valuable information I learned, along with a boost in self-esteem, the Allen School experience made me more marketable than ever to prospective healthcare employers. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the support of the Allen School faculty and departments throughout this process. Along the way I met many selfless and devoted teachers who helped me realize my potential as a medical professional. I also met many supportive classmates who I today call friends. Their help, constructive criticism and motivation inspired me to persevere when the challenges of life and school seemed overwhelming. The helpful advice from the Admissions Staff and the diligent follow through of the Career Services department provided me a smooth transition from student to graduate, and eventually as an employee. There are so many people to thank for my success not only from the Allen School, but also my family. The endless support and motivation from my two loving daughters, the encouragement and advice of my sister to pursue a new career path, and the endless reassurance from my boyfriend gave me the resolve that I needed to succeed. I thank you all and appreciate all of your cooperative efforts for without you, this success story would not exist. I look back on my astonishing medical billing education journey in 2011 with the Allen School and look forward to my new journey as a professional Admissions Coordinator with the same optimism, passion and determination.

Deidre Gay

I am proud to say that I’m a graduate from the Allen School! I was enrolled in the medical billing and coding online program and I graduated in November 2011 with a 3.75 GPA. Attending the Allen School taught me all of the essential information necessary to work as an entry-level medical billing specialist. Additionally, the Internship/Examination Preparation class has prepared me for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam, which I plan to take later this year. With all the valuable, well-rounded information I’ve acquired from the Allen School, I am very confident that I will pass! The online classes were convenient, and the elluminate live (online, in real-time) medical billing class meetings were very interactive. It’s a great tool that offers a hands-on learning format where you can ask questions, look at presentations and interact with your instructor and classmates. I’d also like to commend the Career Services department for supporting me, and providing job prospects and consistent guidance since my graduation. Currently, the medical billing education, training and experience I received from the Allen School has allowed me to make my contributions as a data-entry volunteer in various departments at Parkview Regional Hospital in Fort-Wayne, Indiana. It’s my first step in what I plan to be a long and rewarding career as a medical professional.

Vinette Simpson-Spence

Vinette is one of our most committed, passionate and successful medical assisting students. She came to us with a dream of working in the healthcare field. Now that she’s set to graduate, she is ready to achieve that dream. Here is what she had to say about her experience at the Allen School: When my friends ask why I consider the Allen School one of the best Health Sciences schools, I tell them that it’s because they always put their students first! Before I enrolled at the Allen School, my life and career was bumpy. I had no clear direction or focus on where I was headed as a professional or person. I can now put my future and career at the forefront of my life. The Allen School has opened doors for me that I never knew existed. My growth as a person and medical professional has changed so drastically since my first day of class, it’s unbelievable to compare where I am today to where I was a few months ago. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or discouraged, one of my medical assisting training instructors or mentors would always put a smile on my face, reminding me that if I put my mind to it, I could accomplish anything. I want to personally thank the following instructors and doctors for their guidance: Dr. Karim, Dr. Choudhury, Dr. Pasha, Dr. Andradle and Dr. Batson; Ms. Chambers, Ms. Te, Ms. Walters, Ms. Murray and Ms. Mann, thank you all! Plus, my success would not have been possible without help from my Admissions Office representative, Bianca Jackson. Thank you for always keeping me motivated throughout my time at the Allen School. The Career Services department is a small yet so powerful team who always kept me and fellow students in the know about jobs, internships and preparing us all for what it takes to be a successful medical professional. With my education at the Allen School, I am now looking forward to a promising career that’s stable, rewarding and a dream come true.

Julio Lozada

Julio came to the Allen School in search of a new direction in his career and life. Taking that first step toward redefining his future wasn’t easy, but now that he’s on track to be an Allen School medical assisting graduate, his future is bright and he has a renewed outlook on life. Here is Julio’s story: While contemplating the idea of continuing my education, I drove by the Allen School one day and decided to make a pit stop. At first, I was hesitant to walk inside. I hadn’t been in school in almost a decade. As I opened the door, my mind was quickly put at ease because I was greeted so kindly be everyone I met. After completing my application, there was a small issue with affording my tuition. With the help of Mr. Cruz in the Admissions Office, the Allen school came up with a personalized Financial Aid plan to help me. When I attended my first class, I felt a little out of place because I was older than most other students. I soon felt comfortable as my classmates and instructors were so wonderful to me. I was now officially on my way toward becoming a healthcare professional. The teachers at the Allen School went above and beyond for us students, helping us to understand what it takes to succeed in the competitive medical profession. The way they prepared us with such professionalism, it was inspiring to us all. Now that I’m approaching graduation, I feel as if I have a new family. Throughout these months, fellow students and myself have stayed after school for group studies, working as a team to help each other. The feeling of camaraderie as fantastic and helps keeps us all on track. I am so glad and grateful that I made the decision to further my medical assisting education at the Allen School. Thanks to an increase in my self-esteem, I also feel like I’m a better person than I was a few short months ago. The difference at the Allen School is that beautiful people are always there to back you up, motivate you, and offer love and support.

Heidi Isaac

Heidi is a recent graduate who has begun working in the medical billing and coding profession. With the help of the Allen School, she was able to find the perfect opportunity for her and land the job of her dreams. Here is Heidi’s story: I was very apprehensive about going back to school after 18 years. I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy and comfortable the Allen school made the transition for me. While the online medical billing courses were challenging, the instructors were there every step of the way to offer support whenever I needed it. They really worked hard to help me understand the material and succeed in each class. The Career Services department also provided me an incredible amount of support. Until the Allen School, I had never even had a resume or been to a job fair. With the encouragement of my career counselor, Suzanna, she helped to prepare and send me to my first job fair. Suzanna helped me to know what to wear and guided me until I felt confident that I could handle it on my own. It turned out to be the best thing I had done in years. The first person I spoke to at the job fair turned out to be one of the most important conversations of my life. The woman and I chatted for a few minutes and the medical job she was looking to fill sounded perfect for me. I called Suzanna as soon as I was home and asked her to follow-up on it for me. She called them the very next day and told them all about what I had learned at the Allen School. Within a couple of days, the company called me to schedule a phone interview. The Director of Billing interviewed me and mentioned that my counselor, Suzanna, had contacted her and spoke very highly of me. Because she was so impressed with the skill set all of us students had, the Director also mentioned wanting to contact other Allen School students about offering internships. My phone interview was on a Monday and I was asked to come in for a face-to-face interview on Wednesday. I officially started working my first job in the medical field the very next Wednesday. My new job is amazing! I work for Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC in the medical billing department. My title is Accounts Receivable Specialist. Basically, I take denied insurance claims, figure out why they were denied and fix them so that the company can be paid for their services. This company is amazing to work for and the people are extremely friendly and supportive. It is so gratifying to have a career I can be proud of. The time and effort I spent at the Allen School has paid off for me in so many ways—I can never say thank you enough to my wonderful instructors, classmates and especially Suzanna for all of your love and support.