Testimonial: Ashley Fleming

I joined Allen School of Health Sciences because it was suitable for my daily schedule and I knew I would gain the ability to be successful in the medical field. Before I started school I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I went through many obstacles – one of the obstacles was working 6 or 7 days straight at work from 8 am-430 pm and then coming home to start class from 8:35-1 :30 am and woke up at 6 am to get ready for work. My schedule was tough for o while but I never gave up because I knew it would pay off. I love the fact of seeing the smile on my moms face when I talk about school and feeling the passion in my heart! KEEP STRIVING!! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!

Ramon Croft

I was at a very low point in my life summer 2015. I kept asking myself, “Is this what my life has really come to?” I was 40 years old and had run the streets most of my life, in and out of prison until 2008. When I was released from prison that year, I earned my GED and immediately enrolled in a nursing program at Harry Truman College in Chicago, Illinois. In 2013, I moved back home to NYC and ended up back in the streets, but only worse…..I was now using drugs, as well. One day, I prayed that God would guide my path to greatness. I went to a doctor’s appointment and had a conversation with the MA who told me about the Allen School. I called the school and spoke with Linda Commodore. She encouraged me to come in and register after hearing my whole story on the phone. I came, registered, and started classes August 10, 2015. In the beginning, classes were hard, and I struggled because I was also fighting an addiction that was finally kicked by the third module. I can’t say who my favorite teacher was because each of them had different elements that I loved. They were all my favorites…..Miss C, Mrs. B, Ms. Pollidore, Ms. Brooks, Mr. Hamilton, and Ms. Townsend. I saved Ms. Townsend for last because she pushed me the hardest and stayed on me like “white on rice.” I would walk into Jameson’s office and pour out all my troubles. He never turned me away, always giving me stern advice, but always listening to me. He doesn’t know it, but to me, he wore two hats – Student Services and Counselor. Then, my Mod 5 class met Martha. I would see her previously speaking to other students because she has such a warm and comforting spirit. Martha worked with me vigorously during my 5th mod and when I went onto internship. While on internship, she would talk to me about my problems, concerns, just everything. I don’t think I could have done it without her – seriously. So, I graduated June 3rd, 2016, and started my career at Housing Works Clinic (my internship site). I am now clean of drugs and work between 3 different clinic sites. I am also enrolling in a CUNY nursing program that my job will pay for. I know if I can do it, so can all of you. God changed my life with the Allen School being the vessel to do so.

Premkumar Tarachan

Being or deciding to be a student at Allen School of health science is one of the best  decision I have ever make, but I must say that for the first I wasn’t sure if I did the right thing getting into the Medical Assistant program. After listening to professors like Dr Cheslik, Dr Choudhury, Dr Huda, Dr Shayma, Dr Kaniz, Dr.  Mannan, Dr. Sultanna and the most special Mrs. Mary Sivak whose words and inspiration give me the courage and strength to continue. Coming from a very different profession, background knowing nothing about the medical field, and learning from or being in association with these professors at Allen School transform my life both mentally and professionally preparing me for today real life challenges in the medical field. It was not easy to stay or be an ‘A’ student, so many challenges including homework, quizzes, attendance, punctuality, professionalism in class room, etc. but with determination and stead fast effort I made it with the help also from these wonderful professors. These professors are willing to help anytime of the day to give assistance selflessly without complaint which I admire most, special thanks to them. Allen School staffs especially, Careers Services are simply the best to deal with; they will work with you to solve any difficulty face while attending the college and after. The hard working and delightful staff of career services department will help a student to be prepared for challenges when time for job interview, job search and their wonderful advice is very helpful in real life. So my advice for upcoming student : be positive, focus on your study, stay away from the outside world for six months, have strong determination to excel, cooperate with your professors  and follow their advice be in contact with careers services  and you will be successful. Student was hired on his Internship Site – Labcorp

Mirella Vega

Allen School was a blessing in my life. I got into this field not knowing what to expect. Thanks to Allen School, their great teachers, and other staff, they made it a wonderful learning experience. I learned to get rid of fear when going into a new atmosphere. The close few friends that I gained were amazing. We learned from each other, taught each other, encouraged one another, and pushed through and made it. I’m truly sad that this came to an end, because not only did I gain knowledge, I gained a wonderful experience and a family. Thank you Allen for helping me put my career on track. Mirella was hired at her internship site 2 weeks before completing internship with Dr. Nadelson

Leah De Silva

Since I was a kid I’ve been dreaming to be part of the medical field, Allen school fulfilled my dreams. They have the best of the best, from the management, professors and staff. I’ve learn a lot from them from enhancing my typing skills to drawing blood. I know I made the right choice and I will be forever thankful to my professors in sharing their knowledge selflessly. I am proud of my school because they taught me everything that I need to learn and they prepared me to be an efficient and effective Medical Assistant in the professional world. By experiencing how to draw blood with real people and not just by mannequins is just one reason out of many that make us more confident and ready. All my professors motivate me to do my best and they give me reasons to wake up everyday and go to school enthusiastically. They also make it sure that your hard work will never be taken for granted, they always give credits for your good deeds but of course if they feel like you need some help they will not hesitate to teach you again and again until you get it. In summary choosing to be part of the Allen School is the best choice I’ve ever made in my life. So Allen School, my professors, my classmates and staff Thank you and Congratulations!!! LEAH GOT HIRED OFF OF HER INTERNSHIP!

Jenelle Perez

I found Allen School by the grace of God. I searched high and low and every school I encountered didn’t fit my schedule. I worked 8 hours as a pharmacy technician in the Bronx. I decided to change my career and signed up and took the night shift. The school was very hands-on and the teachers were great. I thank Linda for having the confidence in me to take this big career change and dedication to complete this task. With 3 hours of sleep and not being 20 years old anymore, and with children, I did it and so can you! Thank you Allen School!   Jenelle is a graduate of the Medical Assistant program and is currently attending our Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Program.

Geraldine Freel

Walking Into Allen School to sign up for the medical assistant program after not being in a class­room in over 25 years. I had all sorts of feelings. I was excited because I was following my dreams. Scared, anxious. and complete horror for the fear of failing. When I walked through Denises’ door at Allen she welcomed me like she was part of my family. she encouraged me like one of my sisters. Denise was Just the first of many administrators and faculty at Allen that help me along my way to following my dream. When I was asked why I wanted to get into this program. my response was,” it’s been a life-long dream and I wanted to follow in my grandmothers footsteps to help heal people.” My sisters and mom encouraged me to follow my hearts desire and they’ve been my cheering section, with my daughter leading the pack. They were always there for me (near and far), supporting me with words of encouragement when I wanted to give up. Many times throughout my time at Allen I wanted to give up and walk away from the program because of many personal issues; losing my job. my car breaking down and family dilemmas. The staff at Allen become more like on extended family the more I got to know them. They try their hardest to help you succeed. Angel Gardener is my guardian angel at Allen. she wouldn’t let me give up. Mrs. Luke who always had good, sound advice when I needed it. To all my teachers. I can never thank you enough for sharing the knowledge that you have with me and putting up with my laughter. jokes and smiles. The experience I had at Allen might be way different then anyone one else. but I can say this, If someone at my age and all the curve balls that were thrown at me can complete the Medical Assistant program than Just about anyone can. I give thanks to all that didn’t let me quit and saw the potential In me. As Ghandi said “You must be the change you want to see in this world” Carpe diem GERALDINE GOT HIRED AT HER INTERNSHIP SITE!

Deokumari Edwards

My experience at the Allen school was a great one. Becoming a Medical Assistant was my number one goal and the Allen school helped me making it a successful one. I feel as though the teachers and staff push you to reach your potential. Nussy in the Career Services Department has helped me in finding my internship site- Garden OB/GYN. I feel because of her guidance I was able to complete my program and also got hired at my internship site! The hands on skills I learned while at the Allen School and on internship will help me to continue being successful here in my new position. I must say thank you to the all the teacher and staff at the Allen school for helping me reach my goal today.

Ana Suarez

I enjoyed being at the Allen School. The teachers were very helpful and eager to teach every student. They became like family. This school has taught me so much and opened me up to new experiences that I will apply in life. I grew to love all my classmates and teachers. I would recommend anyone to the Allen School. You have to be focused, determined, and ready to be in a different environment. Martha in Career Services is great – she is very helpful and you always feel welcomed. Thank you Allen School. I’m glad I got the opportunity to be here. Update: Ana completed her internship yesterday and she just got hired as a Medical Assistant at another office!

Yesenia Hidalgo

The Allen school impacted me personally and professionally. It made me realize that is never late to do what is in my mind and give me more confidence in myself. The classroom environment was great – it was like being in a classroom in person. I created a very good relationship with classmates, a group of them started the same day as me and we were in the class until the last day. One classmate even visited me from Ohio and it was very nice to see him in person. New students can expect a lot. They are going to learn so much about new stuff that they didn’t have any idea on like the hospital rules and regulations. Career development is so great because you learn how to believe in yourself at the time of an interview and how to be confident. Students just need to follow the teachers and listen. If they don’t understand something they can go back to the recording, that right there is amazing that you can go back and review the material. I wish I knew that the recording were so important early on. I’m very exited to be graduate and start a new career in a field that I love. I really appreciate Allen School for giving me a comfortable environment since day one.