Robin Kessinger

Robin was selected as one of our first module l ambassadors and had wonderful words of encouragement for our students: “Show those who have doubted you that you can do this, do not quit, and keep going!” Those words definitely resonate with the great news of her new job!Hi Ms. Lane!!!! The day after I spoke with you I decided to do what I preached! Let God handle it!! So I let go and let God! Monday I received a call from ADVENTMED wondering if I would be interested in taking their pre-employment test for a position with them! I thought well why not give it a whirl! I was as calm as could be because I knew it was up to God at this point! I about fell off my chair when I passed! The next morning the company called me again and said I did great and then what they asked brought me to my knees.While I was in class, the first coding instructor was explaining all the possible jobs coders could have and explained a few she had. When she mentioned HEDIS and explained what it was, I wrote it down and thought that is what I really would like to do!” Well, guess what I am going to be doing starting Feb 22 (if all my other paper work is ok!) HEDIS and making more an hour than I did as a nurse!!!!! I signed a lot of papers so I guess that means hopefully I got the job! They said they will supply me with a laptop, I would need to work 40 hours a week and would get paid an hourly rate or a per unit rate, whichever is more. The project will be until June but if I do well I could have a full time job with benefits!!!! They will pay to train me! I am sooooooo happy and scared at the same time! I will definitely let you know if it is a for sure deal!! Thanks for all you do!!! 

Gail White

Going to Allen School has given me confidence in myself and my ability to learn and do a great job in the Medical Field. The classroom environment was good. Sometimes it was hard to get into the room, but I have built strong and good relationships with the other students. All the Instructors were excellent at their job and very pa­tient. If I could give advice to incoming students, I would tell them to study hard, make a schedule on when to study and do homework. Also, I would tell them to start on Sunday to get a good start on the homework. I am very happy to graduate, it is exciting and sad at the same time. I am looking forward to starting a new career. Thank you all of 􀀏Allen School for the all the great instructors and staff.

Ana D’Urso

One of the things that struck me about Allen School of Health Sciences was how resourceful, caring, and well-respected staff members and professors were.  Now, a little over 5 weeks later, I am a module 2 student and I can say with certainty to Module 1 students: You have an amazing arsenal of professors at your disposal who really want you to succeed. They will work with you every step of the way to prevent you from slipping- HOWEVER, you also have to put in your weight; that means coming to class on time every day, doing all of your assignments on time, and studying for all of your tests and quizzes. It may sound daunting, but it’s absolutely doable. No matter your walk of life, whether you are fresh out of high school, a returning student, have kids, or work- you have the tools here at Allen and the support system to do well. Remember  you are not alone, but remember also to surround yourself with the right groups of fellow students who are going to motivate you and keep you on your toes- this made a tremendous difference in my performance last module and it’s something I will keep in mind for the rest of my time here at Allen School.

Mary Paiva

I chose the Allen School because I was looking to start a new career in my busy life and had two friends that are now graduates of the program. I did my research on schools and the field to discover the vast growth and demands of this industry and decided to begin my educational journey with the Allen School Mary Paiva

Carmen Nazario

My experience as a student at the Allen School was great. I enjoyed my time in the Allen School and how my teachers took time to make sure I understood each class and school work. The Allen School staff helped me every step I took and explained everything from the date I started to the day I finished. Career Services helped me with my resume and made sure it was updated. They show you how to do a good job in an interview and how to dress profes­sional too. They made sure everything was going good in my internship site. I am excited to start my new job. I know it will be a great experience and will help me gain the experience that I need to grow as a medical assistant.Thanks Allen School! I appreciate the opportunity you gave me for a brighter future.Carmen NazarioMedical Assistant-Tooraj Zahedi, MD Endocrinologist Office

Lori Holmes

Going to school while taking care of my home, 3 children, and spending time with my husband is sometimes complicated, but well worth the effort. I want my family to have a wonderful future and for my children to see that hard work pays off, so making school a top priority is very important. I sometimes spend late nights doing homework after everyone is asleep and early mornings reading my chapters before anyone wakes. Having a special needs child who has numerous doctor’s appointments makes having perfect attendance difficult, however, I take advantage of the General Make Up classes offered. I also have downloaded the Black Board opp on my phone so I can take class with me, if possible.Thank you so much for asking me to help encourage other students. I know there are days that I feel swamped, but I know I have to keep on going. Hopefully, this will help others!

Jennifer Houck

In today’s grim economy I am one of the unfortunate people that lost their job after 14+ years of employment at the same eye doctor. I have been in numerous interviews but can not obtain the same salary for the job I was doing. At this point in my journey I have been blessed with having the opportunity to make the Allen School my job.All I can tell my fellow classmates, if you are working full time, raising a family, and attending school. .. accept that there is no other time for other activities 🙂 . Good thing it’s only 9 months to the start of something great!!! Definitely do your assignments in small intervals spending 30 mins on it each time, so your brain doesn’t hit overload. I tend to do homework, stop, do a load of laundry, maybe start dinner, and then go back. I wish everyone good luck, and the ability to dance in the rain!!!!!!

Eleonor Crosby

Before I enrolled at Allen School of Health Sciences. I was working as a HHA and then I realized that I have more talent to offer for people. I always had a passion towards elderly or sick people. Financially it was hard at the time but it didn’t stop me from calling the school. I spoke with an enrollment advisor and he gave me more hope to pursue my career. He saw passion in me. I always wanted to become an RN one day, hopefully. Since the day 1 of my studies here at Allen School I grew a bond towards my instructors and staff-they are really good people. My teachers from module one all the way to module five have been awesome. I learned a lot from them and they open their hearts in any questions you may ask. Other thing I love about Allen School is we always participate or support health groups such as: Breast Cancer Awareness which I was part of. It, Diabetes, LLS and many more. I also love Angel. I look up to her like my mentor! She always gives me a good advice. I am also thankful to my teachers for recognizing me as a best student for so many times. and that keeps me going. Lastly, I am glad I enrolled at Allen school! I love all my teachers, they’re all my favorites and I really had an awesome time and experience here. I met new people here and some of them became my close friends. I am grateful I chose Allen School of Health Sciences to further my education.

Esther Lewter

My heart is full as I send this e-mail to you with so much emotion. I started a journey in May of 2014 that I had no idea would be this long or this exciting. I can honestly say that thanks to you and all the wonderful instructors I have had along the way that the race was worth it. I am about to cross the finish line and as I write this I can see the green and white checkered flag waving me home on the last lap. But I am not the only winner each one of my class-mates who crosses it with me is also a winner. I have a job thanks to the Allen School that I love and although it is not in the medical field the tools and training that I was given. gave me the skills I needed to be successful at this job, that is not to say that later in life I won’t do medical billing and coding because I will always have the knowledge if I choose to do so, no one knows what the future holds. but for now I am the happiest and healthiest that I have been since 2005. I also want to make sure that Professor Anton knows how grateful I am to her because when I was doubting myself and think­ing there was no way I could do both my new job and finish my schooling Professor Anton was there to talk me down off the ledge of self doubt that I was on, assure me I could do both with out compromising my principals, and still maintaining the workmanship and grades I expected of my-self. and I am happy to say she was right.  My Quote is: Run the race believing you will over come the obstacles in your way to win the race. Today again we are all Winners!!! And each person who comes after us and crosses this same finish line will also be a Winner!!! I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in the winner circle.

Spencer Julius

Coming to this school is of the best things that has happened to me, right up there with getting married and reading Harry Potter for the first time. I’ve loved working with my classmates and being able to work with incredible instructors and staff here.I learned so much the first week with Dr. Hunt that I’m still using now, I’m even remembering things Dr. Dan taught in first module in English as I write this. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this school and  all the amazing things we have done.Is it easy? No. Is it worth every little thing? A Thousand Times, Yes.