Silvia Loja

Where I am now is all thanks to my parents. They made the effort to leave our native country and travel all the way to the U.S. Living without my parents for 15 years was the worst situation I went through. They were finally able to bring me to this amazing country and I knew I had to learn English and start a completely new life. I finally completed this program – this is what I wanted to do! Now is the time I can give my parents all of what they have given to me.

Sintelia Monchery

Completing the Medical Assistant program at the Allen School for me is so rewarding. I never got a chance to attend college and at 36, I had no skills or a career path. Lucky for me, I chose the Allen School where I can work in a field where I know I can make a difference. I met some amazing teachers who actually cared and go above and beyond to see us succeed. The Allen School is a great choice to pursue furthering your education or to start fresh in a different field.

Stephanie Lucero

Becoming a part of the medical field has always been a major dream of mine, which I thought I would never be able to accomplish since I couldn’t put myself through college. I followed my mother’s words and advice to never give up and to follow my dreams because everything requires hard work. It may make you mad, cry, or upset, but at the end of the day, you will accomplish your dream and be happy.

Mayra Valenzuela

I made the decision of moving out from Douglas, AZ where I lived all my life to pursue my career. My greatest weakness was leaving my mom, but she’s my motor she motivates me just like my daddy does on a regular basis their support is the key to my success. There was one special person that pushed me to get where I’m at right now my big sister Priscilla, without her I would still be thinking about what I want to do I can’t ever thank her enough for getting me here. As she started looking online for schools she came across “The Allen School of Health Sciences” there was something about this school that caught our eye. The day had come, I began to feel so nervous because I have a 2yr old daughter which is so time consuming. I couldn’t give up I know I’ll be her role model one day. The first person that greeted my family and I was Alicia. Where do I start Alicia the best advisor you will ever meet, she has such a great sense of humor, she made me feel so comfortable about my choice coming here. The teachers and staff here at the Allen School are truly amazing each and every one of them. I appreciate everything they do here, their time, their teaching, their advice. Dr. Hunt, Ms. Sesser, Ms. Vivian and Dr. Dan thank you for guiding me to developing my potentials, and embracing my strengths. I’m beyond thankful to be here and have had the best teachers. I’m currently in my 4th module and I’ve been a 4.0 student all along. It’s a dream come true I’m only one step away from receiving my Medical Assistant Diploma which goes out to my family.   Thank You, “The Allen School of Health Sciences” for being part of my life.

Kristen Luisi

In my time here at the Allen School, I have received nothing but support and guidance in my studies and career path that has only made me a stronger and more confident individual. This place and its staff made me enjoy every moment of learning, and fully prepared me to excel in the real world. I am forever grateful for all the Allen School has done for me.

Rhodel Lewis

It is not every day I get the opportunity to express the way I feel, so here goes. As a child growing up, there was something deep down inside of me telling me that caring for people would make me happy and right there and then, it dawned on me that being a doctor would be my closest point of making that happiness come true. I know I’m not there yet, but the sky is the limit for me. It is not easy for a working mom and wife to go back to school and pass all of her classes with honors, but I did it. I did it with the strength of my Heavenly Father and family as my support and of course the teachers, doctors, and staff that taught me everything I know here at the Allen School of Health Sciences – hats off to you guys. And this is for anyone reading this and is thinking about joining the Allen Family – go right ahead, make that step, and you will be glad you did so that you too can have your success story and shine for all to see.

K’rizma Brown

At the Allen School of Health Sciences, I wanted a brand new start for a career. This experience has been an amazing journey and I am happy I had supportive staff and classmates to help me through this wonderful and also stressful and liberating time. The Allen School worked with me and helped me become a better person. “Always aim for the stars” – always put yourself in a better position than where you were before.

Noemi Bautista Ibanez

Just about one year ago, Alicia Campbell, Phoenix Campus Sr. Enrollment Advisor was driving back from lunch here in the local Phoenix area. She saw a young lady walking in a McDonald’s uniform on the sidewalk. She immediately pulled a U-turn and went back and asked her from her car window if she wanted to change her life and stop working fast food. After a brief conversation she exchanged information with the now interested young lady, and set up a time to come in for an interview at the campus. Not soon after that, the student enrolled into the Allen School medical assistant program as a brand new student. Today, that same student walked back into our campus to pick up her MA certificate after a/ready being hired by her internship site at a pediatric endocrinology clinic nearby. Whether you work in online admissions or campus admissions, having the internal desire to truly help people is what really makes all the difference in the world. This is what referrals and personally developed leads are all about. When was the last time we pulled a you turn in our car to talk to a perfect stranger, or talked to the stranger next to us on the bus or subway on your long commute to work? Opportunities to change a life are often all around us, we just need to make the effort to come out of our comfort zone and help. Thank you to Alicia Campbell for all that you do. Let’s all take a page out of Alicia’s playbook to try to have a story like this we can share too! Keep your eyes open when you are out and about and always have your business cards on you! You never know who’s life you may have the chance to change forever.

Latoya Maitland

My training at the Allen School was a great experience, being that I had previous training at another school. I really loved my instructors, and I learned a lot. Going on internship, I was prepared to put all my training and skills to the test. I can say that my 11 week experience on-site taught me all about staying professional and staying focused. I am happy with the experience I’ve had at the Allen School. I know that I am well prepared to go out and put all my skills into helping people every day.

Shaquana Perry

Honestly, I can say that my time at the Allen School has been an amazing experience. The professors, staff, and faculty members support you in every way possible. I’ve had some pretty tough times, obstacles, and struggles, but I rose above everything and finished. I feel very accomplished. I’m not going to stop! I’m going to keep moving forward. I would like to especially thank Ms. Townsend and Martha for everything.