Jesus Torres

Jesus Torres Offers His Testimonial

From the start, I was motivated to complete the program. In the army, you are taught the seven army values and you utilize those values in service and in civilian life. I kept the upkeep and used all seven army values to keep me focused and straight. During my time in the program, I’ve met some unique people and have been exposed to working with humans. My background is more or less not dealing with people so working in this field is something totally new to me. This is the second time I have graduated from a medical program and this program made me grow. The staff at the Allen School are the best at what they do. The staff pushed me until I fully completed my goal of becoming a Medical Assistant. Martha oh Martha – from the beginning I liked her, she is a no-nonsense person and doesn’t take no for an answer. She kept up with me and kept me in check especially when I was about to quit. Thank you to the staff for keeping me on point until the end.  

Susan Leonard

I am delighted to share my wonderful experiences I had while going to school at Allen School of Health Sciences. Allen School has impacted me personally because now I have a pleasant life ahead of me to look forward to living. I am divorced and the only one taking care of me. I need gainful employment and solid income to live a happy life. My previous employment was with Dunkin’ Donuts for four years. I worked full time and so hard during my time there that I lost a great deal of use of my legs by stressing them out. The damage is probably permanent and only knee replacement will remedy the situation. If I didn’t have my education at Allen School, I don’t know where I would work. Office clerical work is so hard to find and doesn’t pay that well.  Professionally, I feel much better about myself since I will be working in a professional office with a professional atmosphere. When I talk to some other people, professionally behaving people are much more pleasant to work with because there is a code of ethics that is required to work by. I have a strong and long future to last me into the final stages of my work life which should be a couple of decades. I see possible advancement and even remote work which I am eventually planning to do. I am very confident about my career that I have studied so hard for because of the upbeat attitude of the instructors and my classmates. I needed the course in career development and everyone’s involvement in that class to provide a confident attitude in interviews and the necessary follow-up that will most likely get a position that I really want. I really feel like a different person than I was a couple of years ago.    My experience in the classroom was something I looked forward to each night when I went to class online. I was always in the comfort of my home and didn’t have the struggle of commuting and going up stairs to the classrooms and holding so many books.  I was always so amazed that I was in my home in Gorham, Maine and everyone else was in all parts of the country in their homes. Yet, we communicated so well and easily to each other as if we were in the same space. I loved it. I loved the constant communication with my instructors and my classmates regarding the subject of the class we were in that evening. Another important feature of the school was to be positive in responding to each other. I noticed it was strictly observed. We were encouraged to join facebook study groups. I found my classmates very responsive to one another and very encouraging to each other.   There is a whole new life on the other side of the Certificate Program and the Associate’s Program. I feel the incoming students should get as much help as possible to set up an effective study program and persevere throughout the whole program with that study program. It is so important to get the most out of what is being offered. Maybe other activities will have to be put off in order to put enough time into studying. The classes are very invigorating; therefore, I wouldn’t fear boredom at all. But clarity of mind is necessary during the classes because there is a lot of information being discussed and it is presented steadily. I mean, if you are not alert, you will miss a lot. Questions are encouraged and answered in full and there is plenty of time to make sure you understand what is being taught. To be successful at Allen School, I would stress give yourself enough time to study, read the course material, and get your homework in on time. Make a valiant effort to attend all classes; it is another portal of study material.  It is all important!  I feel like a have a decent life ahead of me. I am not worried about bills being paid. I didn’t know how important it was to be gainfully employed before I got divorced. I had everything given to me. I am excited to be around great, caring people. I love the fact that I can be in a position to help people myself. I feel I have more to offer in conversations than the types of coffee and what donut is on special this month. I feel proud of myself that I can contain a lot of information in my mind, be responsible to all the ethical rules and HIPAA regulations with the people I will be working with, and that I can work in an intricate field of coding. I feel responsible and educated. It really is a good feeling. I loved all my time spent at Allen School of Health Sciences.   

Tenezia Blockwood

Allen School helped me start making my dream come true. The mod I started with is my family. We all pushed each other and helped each other when it came to school. Even now after graduation, we still help each other with personal problems and moving forward in the medical field. I’m so happy we all were able to get along and graduate as being one of the most memorable modules. Allen School’s staff was very supportive and encouraging and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to attend such a great school. I was able to get hired after my internship and I’m so grateful and thankful to Career Services and my professors for seeing my potential. Thank you Allen School for everything I’ve learned and everything I have yet to use.      

Testimonial: Rochel Perlman

Allen School has helped me in so many ways. Personally, it has given me a support system and sounding board in my classmates. I also feel comfortable enough with my Professors to ask any questions I have on any of the lessons we learned and even personal things, such as their opinions and input into my career choices. Professionally, Allen School has given me the beginning of a network. Having contacts in the Medical Billing and Coding field is very important. Allen gave me the start of a network and the skills to continue building and evolving in my career. My experience in the classroom was different depending on the instructor. The tone and seriousness of each class is dependent on the professor. This lends some ease in the classes. As opposed to the same kind of class every day for 9 months, there is a turnover every 6 weeks. This means you get to meet a new Professor, some new classmates, reunite with old ones, and learn different tricks and ways of doing things. With each new Professor, new tricks of the trade are taught and shared. My classmates and I are still in touch and we share our successes and failures in our professional lives, as well as our personal ones. A few things to keep in mind when you begin as a student: Firstly, do your homework as early in the week as possible. Homework can be resubmitted, discussion threads can be corrected, and quizzes have as many tries as necessary. As soon as I finished the required reading Sunday mornings, I would begin a quiz. Quizzes help familiarize you with the material you will be focusing on for the coming week, as well as help boost your grade. Additionally, Professors are happy and willing to answer any questions. Ask, don’t wait for someone else to ask or hope you’ll be okay. Every detail counts and it’s a shame to lose points because you are shy. Instructors welcome questions and are very clear with their answers. Also, communicate with your classmates. Our module has a Facebook group that is still in use and that was very helpful during classes. When a student had trouble getting into class, this was an easy way of passing the message along to the Professor. Or if a question about a class or assignment came up, classmates often helped each other research. Even just for moral support and commiseration during tough assignments, every little bit helps. Lastly, be patient with yourself. It’s amazing how many things frustrated me in the first few weeks of class that I can now do in my sleep. For those with computer difficulties, repetition, repetition, repetition. No matter how frustrating the small parts of the process are, the result is 1,000% worth it. This is something you want to succeed in and you can. There is nothing more satisfying than getting that diploma and knowing you did the best you could do and that you aced it! I am so excited to have graduated! Not to mention proud and satisfied with my work! I am also thrilled that doing the work is as interesting in the real world as it was in class. Although it is in a very different environment and the challenges aren’t necessarily the same. The feeling of accomplishment at a balanced bill or finding the right code is incomparable! It is the best feeling in the world! Thank you, Allen School for giving me the skills and tools to take my interests and build them into a successful career!

Kevin Torres

I’d like to take the time, and bring to light the wonderful work that the Career Services department does for the Allen School Brooklyn campus. Martha Hantzandreou and Jarold Turner are kind, understanding, diligent, and capable individuals, who’ve worked very hard to accomplish their function in assisting with job placement. My name is Kevin Torres, and I am a recent graduate of the Allen School Brooklyn campus. I was involved with the medical assistant program. Through out the nine months of my experience, I’ve found that the Career Services faculty had always been pleasant, and willing to assist above and beyond their function. Martha and her no nonsense take on working hard, and being marketable, and Jarold’s ( affectionately, Jay) compassionate, and grounded attention both made a powerful resource that students are privileged to have. Because of the hard work, and excellent rapport that Career Services and The Allen School have, I was recommended as a potential hire for Mount Sinai Hospital. When opportunity and preparation meet, success is usually the outcome. I was made a generous offer, and start March 20th, 2017. I am humbly grateful for the hardwork that Career Services has provided. Thank you very much Career Services for everything you’ve done for me, and always being there when I stepped inside your office. Most Sincerely, Kevin Torres          

Shantel Cook

I, Shantel Cook, student of The Allen School and mother of Samia Bowman – who I did this for. Being a mom struggling, living from check to check trying to provide and help my household as much I could was a big reason for joining The Allen School. I came to this school not knowing what to expect. I’ve made some good friends and had some wonderful teachers, whom I adore. The teachers here helped me accomplish my goals of becoming a Medical Assistant. This experience has impacted my life and future in so many ways. I wouldn’t have gotten through this without the help of my mother who helped me tremendously with my studies and my child. There have been many crying days and fear of giving up, which wasn’t an option for me. I didn’t know how I would have made it through this experience, but I did. I am so proud of myself for completing and leaving The Allen School with the grades of all A’s and B’s and the GPA of 3.67. I gave my family something be proud of. I’m very honored to have met many women who had the same drive and goals as I did. Us ladies helped one another push through the hardships we endured, whether it was personal or school related – we were all there for one another. Without the help of my family, friends, teachers, and advisors, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to have made it to the point where I can now say I am a Certified Medical Assistant.   P.S I would again like to thank all my teachers, friends, and advisors who helped me pull through this without quitting. Love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Quasheen Bent

The Allen School – where the instructors will pull the potential out of you and the staff pushes you to success. My experience here was a great one and really made up my mind to continue in the medical field. From the first class to the last class, each module brought something different and special. The teachers get to know you on a personal level as a human and not just someone they get paid for instructing. It’s stern love from every teacher. They give you the tools you need to be successful; it’s on you to put them to use. Thank you Allen School staff for helping me achieve a goal of mine I had almost given up on.     Quasheen completed his internship at Housing Works Clinic and has just accepted a position with them. Congratulations!

Gaynor Bartley

The Allen School of Health Sciences helped me to pioneer a career into a field that I had no idea what to expect – The Medical Assistant Program.  Being a full time student in the program and working was not an easy task as I had to study for various weekly tests and had to complete weekly assignments in order for me to move on to the next stage of the program – INTERNSHIP. I did persevere amidst the obstacles and used this quote as a means of encouragement to get me to the end “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but they while their companions slept were toiling upwards through the night”.  It did pay off when I proudly graduated from the Allen School of Health Sciences in June 2016 and was employed at MVP Multimedical and Pediatrics as a Medical Assistant. The experience with the staff at the Allen School was great as the instructors were informative and knowledgeable; they would go above and beyond to ensure that what was taught was being understood.  The knowledge I gained, enabled me to face the outside world and to perform my duties as a medical assistant with great pride. I would also like to thank the Career Services Department who worked tirelessly to ensure that my internship site matched up to my expectations.  They also aided me in my job search which led me to MVP Multimedical and Pediatrics – a facility that has so much to offer.  Based on my experience at MVP, I now envision myself furthering my career goal as a pediatric nurse.  It feels great when you recognized that you can give love to a diversity of kids and that they trust you not to hurt them but to be truthful. I would not exchange my experience at the Allen School of Health Sciences for any other.  A big thank you to the staff at the Allen School of Health Sciences as the wheels of my career are spinning in full speed … It will keep going and not hit the brakes.

Carla Joseph

Before I started the Medical Assistant program here at the Allen School, I was working a dead-end job as a Home Health Aide. It was not a fulfilling job and it was very stressful trying to make 30 hrs/week. Taking up Medical Assistant is giving me the push to do better in life. I will not stop here; I will continue to pursue a career in nursing. I have learned so much in both the academic part of the program and in the internship. This was the best choice I have made thus far, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Jeannine Lennard

Being a mother of three young boys, I made up my mind to do something more in life. I decided to go back to school, so I called the Allen School. There I got all the support that I needed. Everything was explained clearly: what was expected, and what would be required. It was very difficult to incorporate school with my already busy schedule, but I prayed about it and asked God to help me do my BEST. I promised myself to do my very best. The support from all the teachers at the Allen School made it easier. When I look back sometimes, I cannot believe that I did it. I did not just do it, but I did it well. I achieved A’s in all my classes in every module. All things are possible – Just Believe!