Suzanne Billgert

My name is Suzanne Billgert and I am a 48 year old, single/divorced mother of 3 daughters. Being a single mom, I have been looking for work that I can fit around my 3 daughter’s and their schedules, but unfortunately, I have had no luck. Through employment I wanted to not only better the lives of my daughter’s but I also wanted my own sense of self and accomplishment back also. I then decided to send away for information regarding Medical Coding. I received many calls back from different schools, but it was not until I received the one that changed my life from Rose Land, Director of Admissions, from the Allen School, did things turn around for me. Rose and I were excited for the journey I was about to embark on with The Allen School but then as fate would have it, I ran into difficulty with child care that would ultimately throw me off course. I called Rose hysterical, so disappointed I would have to end my journey really before I started. To my amazement, Rose took a dead end situation and a very distraught woman and completely turned the bad situation around and saved my educational career with the Allen School. Rose went the extra mile and in not only a very professional manner, but in a compassionate and non-judgemental way, got my life back on course. which has now allowed me to pursue my dream of financial stability and independence. THANK YOU ROSE from the bottom of not only my heart, but also Sami, Ali and Gabi’s hearts too!!!! Sincerely- Suzanne Billgert, a very lucky Allen School student and lifelong fan of Rose Land.

Tameka Bembridge

I started at the Allen School of Health Sciences in September 2012 because I knew it was time to create a better life for myself and my children. When I went in for the orientation, our module had to pick a cause that we wanted to bring awareness to and homelessness was chosen by the majority. I must admit that I wasn’t too thrilled about it because I am more passionate about sexual abuse, being a victim myself. I was still willing to help so I did some research on homelessness. It touched my heart to find out how many women and young girls became homeless due to sexual abuse, and domestic violence — that’s when the cause became personal. A group of us went to work to raise funds for our cause. We raised $600 and the Allen School thankfully matched that amount and we were able to donate $1,200 to the Providence House. Mr. Armand found the Providence House and I believe it was fate that led them to us. They work with women to get them on the right track to becoming productive members of society. I decided that I did not want to end there and I chose to continue working with the Providence House to collect toiletries and make care packages for the women for Mother’s Day. This was just to let them know that someone cares about them and that they are not for- gotten. I am not doing this for any other reason than to try and give back! As a mother of 3, I am humbled to do whatever I can to help. In return, it feels great to know that I am doing my part to help these women that have already been through so much!

Marilyn Upson

I attended the Allen School and graduated in 1984 with a certificate in Medical Office Assistant. I worked as a Dental Receptionist from 1984 to 1994. I then took my career in a new direction and changed career paths as a Research Assistant in the Financial Field. It was a great job but my heart was not in it. When my job in the financial field was eliminated, after 18 years, I felt that it was truly a blessing. Now I can restart my career and do what I love and have a passion for — helping people in the healthcare field. I know the reputation of the Allen School because I attended years ago, so I applied and was accepted! I am now in classes for Medical Insurance Billing and Coding! I know the teachers and faculty are compassionate and outstanding. They ensure you achieve your goals. I love working with people and have the motivation, dedication and desire to be a great student.I look forward to this career change and cannot wait to become a 2 time Allen School Alumni.

Jennifer Edwards

I’m finding 102 easier, than 101- it just makes more sense to me. I always was more science/heath geeky than history geeky! So far, I’ve had nothing but the best experiences with the staff. From my Enrollment Advisor to Financial Aid to Student Services to Instructors and anyone else I may have missed, you have all been wonderful and my Enrollment Advisor has been especially patient with my nervous and seemingly constant e-mails 😀 I’m finding myself actually anxious to come home from work at night not to just be done for the day there, but so I can study. I NEVER thought I’d actually look forward to doing my studies. I can’t say enough about my classmates either. We come from so many different backgrounds, different ages, different struggles and experiences, and I haven’t found one of them yet that wouldn’t do anything they possibly could to help anyone else out any way they could at anytime. Allen School is the best school out there as far as I’m concerned.

Lisa Papenfuhs

Prior to attending the Allen School, I worked as a supervisor in the manufacturing industry for 7 years. While initially I was concerned about going back to school after being out for 8 years, I took the challenge and went to the books. At one point, I even called my advisor crying concerned I wouldn’t be able to succeed as I had never worked in the medical field previously. After 9 months, I graduated with a 3.67 GPA and immediately began my job search. A friend of mine called me when she heard of my graduation as a Medical Billing and Coding student and referred me to Achieve Beyond USA, a Pediatric Therapy & Autism office. I attended the interview in the beginning of June, and received assistance from my Career Services advisor. Career Services helped calm my fears and reassured me on the question and answers that would be asked during the interview process. In August, I officially started my career as Billing Coordinator. The first week on the job was extremely detailed and a bit overwhelming, but the therapists and directors are so nice made me feel very at ease. The manager has been more than helpful and provided all the training I need to be successful in my position. I want to thank everyone involved for their dedication and their advice that kept me in school and on the right track. It has been a little over a year since I was let go from my previous company and I have already started my career as Billing Coordinator. I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you Allen School!

Linda Price

I am amazed at how quickly things are moving. I am in heaven with the decision I made to attend The Allen School. Before classes started I set my mind to make this my top priority, and everything and everyone else would have to sit out this dance. I have had two children and I feel the same as I did when I was pregnant with them, excited and filled with expectation. This is a short journey and things change quickly, but if you blink you might miss it. I am not taking that chance! Before you know it, you have the manifestation of all your labor. It’s kind of ironic that this course is also 9 months long. See you at delivery…or graduation!

Jamie Jude

When I first started the Allen School I was nervous at what to expect, but I do not regret enrolling, as it is a wonderful school. I have met so many good people here and now I know what to look forward to as a professional. My classmates are my family. I have the most wonderful professors and classmates a girl could ever ask for. The compassion and knowledge we have helps one another and builds our confidence up when we our down. We have had our sad paths along the way like losing family members, and our happy moments, like getting an A on a quiz or just getting a phone call from our classmates and talking until 1 in the morning. I share this with anyone who is starting the Allen School: You will not regret your decision and will be excited about what knowledge you come out with and the friendships you obtain during your time in school. I am blessed to know I made an impact on someone’s life. Now I have great memories and experiences to help remind me of how I got to where I am going. Thank you Allen School

Judy Carter

I had thought about going to school for years – with the encouragement of my husband – but it never seemed like “the right time” with kids, work, church, etc. Then 3 months ago I lost my job. I started filling out apps but everyone in the medical field wanted a certificate. So like I have done in the past – I looked online and filled out applications for some colleges. I spoke to a few and nothing really clicked. Then one morning an Enrollment Advisor with Allen School called me. She was so nice and we went over EVERYTHING. Within 2 days I had spoke with so many nice, friendly, helpful people that I knew this was the place for me. Then – school started and I got the nicest teachers and wonderful classmates. And I have a SSC that calls and checks on me frequently. All of these people are such a blessing. When I first found out I was talking Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology I could not imagine what I needed that for – I was wanting to do Medical Coding and Billing and I have done it for years without it. Well I learned quickly and it has really helped and I can see where I will need it in the future – especially if I have my own business. I have already recommended Allen School to several of my friends.

Tamberlyn Green

I was a medical coder for 32 years. In July 2011, I lost my job and decided to go back to school. I researched several programs and due to the information I received from Allen School, and the wonderful people I came in contact with, I made the decision to enroll with them. I was very nervous. I was 49 and it had been years since I had been in school. The staff at Allen School was wonderful and encouraging to me. I had wonderful professors throughout the entire year, and met wonderful new friends. Every professor I had was than willing to explain anything that was not understood and to make sure that I was able to grasp all the material. The classes were geared to flow together each term, providing me with building blocks to learn. At the end of the year, my career services advisor, Joanie Bartman, was more than I could have ever asked for in aiding me with my final resume and partnering with me to find a career. After I landed a great job, she was there to congratulate me. I also took the test and got CPC Certified! The pointers I can give for anyone who is an Allen School student is to dedicate yourselves to this time in your life. Study hard, complete all assignments and give it 100%. You will learn so much and when you finally get a job in the healthcare field, you will understand how much Allen School helped you get where you are. I studied every day, turned all my work in on time, and took any help that was offered. Study, study, study. It will be well worth the effort you put into it. Again, I will that this was the best experience of my life. I loved every minute of it and I could not have asked for more from Allen School than they offered me. I want to wish each one of you the best and hope that your experience was as good as mine. Good luc

Sonja Rowan

Hi, my name is Sonja Rowan. I am fifty-one and have spent the past thirty years in retail. Although I loved my career, it was time to make a change. At my age I never dreamed I would be back in school, but in order to advance to a better career I needed to. After looking into several schools, Allen School was the best choice for me. From my first call to Allen School I have had nothing but helpful and friendly people helping me. My main concern was if I would be able to accomplish my goal. Well, here I am, more then half way through the course! I would like to thank every professor for all the patience they show and all their endless help. Also, a special thank you to my class mates with whom I have become very close friends with. In closing, I would highly recommend Allen School to everyone. No matter what your age— a career change is never to late.