Kharissa Garcillano

What could have happened to me – a DREAMER or someone who belongs to what lawyers say as “DACA” (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) – if Allen School refused to admit me as a student, I would remain to what I would refer to as: NPA or Non-Performing Asset. And my dreams would remain just a pigment of my imagination. To the faculty members of Allen School: Dr. Hunt, Dr. Cao, Dr. Jackson, Mrs. Sesser and Ms. Vivian and the members of the school administration: to Ms. Jennifer thank you so much. You all did an excellent job in providing us students the training and education that we need as well as the values that we would bring as we perform our respective tasks in our chosen professions. To my parents, members of my family and my friends and classmates… who provided me the much-needed encouragement and inspiration: thank you very much. To my Uncle Leo and Aunty Melanie, thank you for being always there for me. Again, to all of those, who in one way or another have helped me and held my hand in my first step to my journey to the thousand miles… Thank you very much! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! WE DID IT!

Sheena Thorton

Sheena is our 2014 New York Campus Valedictorian. Here is her speech from graduation. Enjoy.

Good Evening Board of management, Tutors, Graduands, Specially invited guest, ladies and gentlemen It is an honor and a privilege for me to be standing here this evening, not only as a graduand of the Allen School Brooklyn Campus but as their valedictorian. I can’t speak for everyone here tonight, but I can say we all have our own stories of how we arrived at the Allen school and the struggles some of us might have faced to have made it here tonight, present self included. The Allen school was the best choice for me, not only will I be leaving with the knowledge needed to succeed in this world, but because of the wonderful teachers who pushed and believed in us every step of the way to whom I give thanks. I’d like to thank god through him all things are possible, my family for their never ending support, encouragement and confidence knowing I could succeed when I myself thought I couldn’t. I”d like to thank my fellow graduands for their comradeship and good naturedness as we practiced, poked and prodded each other as part of the learning process which has brought us to the culmination and the reason for this evenings proceedings, our graduation. Last but certainly not least my son Kymani the reason why I stand here tonight to show him anything is possible once you have dreams. As the great Harvey Firestone said” Ideas are any man’s greatest assets, no matter how carefully we plan, these ideas will never be more than dreams unless we have the courage to pursue them.” So to the Graduands of 2014 I say congrats to us on our future endeavors. Thank you! Sheena Thorton

Laura Lomino

Laura is our 2014 Online Campus Valedictorian. Here is her speech from graduation. Enjoy.

Good evening faculty, administration, family, friends, and fellow students. I cannot begin to express what an honor this is and how proud I am to be selected to speak on behalf of the many other Allen School graduates.  I know all too well how difficult it was to arrive at this day, and can only hope my personal struggle and goals resonate with many of you. I can assure you that I am not your stereotypical student.  As a single parent beyond typical college age, and a former nurse who decided to forego my career to raise my son, I decided about a year ago it was time to focus on my future for the benefit of both my son and me.  Little did I realize what I was getting into.  For the past year, my average day would include: – Getting up to prepare breakfast and see my son off to school – Starting my online classes at 10am which ran until 3pm – Getting my son off the school bus at 3:05pm only to find myself involved in school work once again to help him with his own assignments – Leaving  for work, 3 nights a week, at 6pm and returning back home around 2 in the morning – Getting a few hours of sleep only to begin the process all over again There were days when I was so exhausted I wanted to quit everything. But there was always something inside me that drove me on.  Everyone here today has a goal, a vision of what life will be like in our next chapter. For me, my vision of the future is rather simple. I hope to better myself through my education so I can be a role model for my son and so I can demonstrate to him what perseverance can accomplish. The Allen School online education that I received was much more than I had ever anticipated.  It was a rigorous one, with top notch professors and educators that prepared me for the competitive work world that exists. I also developed friendships and relationships with fellow students that I had never expected to since this was an online program. I would personally like to thank Beth Baker, Laura Glynn, and the many other wonderful professors for guiding me and assisting me through this journey.  I would also like to thank Professor Misti Sanders for nominating me for student of the module. In addition to that I would like to thank my fellow students Robyn Marrow and Marta Medina who could not make it here today, for helping me through some challenging times. Most of all, I would like to thank my 10 year old son, Michael, for being patient with me and for understanding my decision to go back to school. In closing, I would like to congratulate everyone here for the dedication and sacrifices they have made over this past year.  It is an accomplishment that we should all be proud of.  As the Late American poet, Maya Angelou stated “All great achievements require time.”

Jim McCain

Jim McCain was our Online Student of the Module and this is what he had to say: Hello Ms. Anton. I received your voice mail late yesterday and I must say I am both shocked and very, very happy to have been selected as the Student of the Module. I don’t know exactly how one earns such an honor but I am very pleased that my efforts have amounted to something so worthwhile. Your call came as a nice surprise to me after spending the past couple of days in bed with the flu. Now I feel invigorated after receiving the great news and will continue to apply myself accordingly. Thank you for the kind words you bestowed upon me in your voice mail message. I hope to continue to live up to the standard that allowed me to be recognized by those who selected me for the award. Also, I want to mention to you that I am very pleased with the four instructors from whom I have already learned so much thus far. Mrs. Keeney, Ms. Bertrand, Mrs. Sesser, and Mr. Dunn have been excellent instructors that seem to be able to teach, explain, and to elicit participation from students very easily. I consider them all four to be assets to the Allen School teaching staff. I believe they deserve much of the credit for my own success because of their encouragement and by making classes both interesting and fun. Sincerely, Jim McCain

Daisey Rodriguez Delgado

Do you ever feel that the whole world was against you, that there are no bright lights or doors opening? You don’t ever want to give up! If you keep looking you’ll find your true passion and happiness. Giving up should NEVER be a choice! Always look where you think you’ll never find something; look as deep as the sea goes, under rocks, from where you’ll never think you’ll succeed. Most importantly, have confidence within yourself. Believe in you otherwise no one else will find your creditability. I have a big, great dream. Everyone has their own. Mine is to become a successful PEDIATRICIAN. As a pediatrician you have many responsibilities and duties. This will help me give back to my community even though they have not asked for it. I love to help and absolutely LOVE children! I want to end my day being satisfied that I have helped a patient to feel and get better. Allen school has been my door opening, my bright light, which shines to begin my dream. It is a great school. With a wonderful staff, a place full of new adventures and experiences. It also has a magnificent set of instructors. This is a place where you create a new loving family. Everyone is great in my perspective. Instructors will always assist you; of course, as long as you do your part. They’ll always take away from their time for your needs. One of the instructors that I admire most is; Dr. Hunt. Some may say she’s hard, yet I think she’s hard yet fair. She’ll push you until you wake-up “defending” (Insider, if you know her you’ll get it). She is the type of person that has time for everything and everyone. With all she has within her hands she is still able to run a student, class, and a whole school. She has patience with everything, and many people don’t have that. She has life-time knowledge; I would say her brain is like a jungle, full of awesome creations and knowledge. It is absolutely astonishing and admiring what she is capable of doing. The sweetest and most helpful is Ms. Vivian. She is such a cutie, and always willing to give you a helping hand. Ms. Vivian is very kind and has the patience to explain all your questions clearly. She is that type of person that you would like to put into your pocket and take home. Allen School is great in every aspect. It is a great way to start your career, or your little jump to accomplish your dream goal, as I am. It might be hard through out the whole course, but at the end I promise you it’ll be worth it. Nothing in life is easy; you’re always going to work hard to get what you want and need. Never be afraid to try new things! Take a risk and try out a new adventure here at ALLEN SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES.  

AnaMaria and Denisa

AnaMaria and Denisa are sisters in the Medical Assistant Program in Phoenix, AZ.

What is the best part of your education so far?

How open and willing the instructors are with helping us understand and learn, we didn’t see that at other schools. Also the class itself, we’re like a family. We help and support each other and make sure everyone succeeds.

Why did you choose to become a Medical Assistant?

AnaMaria – I was already established in the medical field at a laser treatment center and wanted to continue in the field. I like the flexibility that being a Medical Assistant will give me as I choose where I want to work in my new career. Denisa – I was in massage school but have always been fascinated by human anatomy and medicine. Transitioning into being a Medical Assistant offers my greater opportunity and I get to study the things that interest me.

Why did you choose the Allen School of Health Sciences?

The admissions representatives where extremely helpful and friendly. They gave us lots of great information and ex-plained how the school will give us more preparation and education than other schools. We like that it’s a friendly and welcoming school, not at all corporate. The classes are small and the instructors are professionals.

What would you tell others who are considering a career as a Medical Assistant?

It’s great because you can choose your field of work, there’s no limits to the type of patients and people you can end up working with. The field offers great benefits and its growing all the time. You’re never going to be a field that’s disappearing.

Where do you see yourself working after school is finished?

AnaMaria – In a dermatology office or plastic surgeons practice, I want to use the background I gained working at the Laser treatment center and build my career. Denisa– In a cardiology or pulmonary office. The human heart fascinates me, that’s where I can see myself working.

Alicia Christiani

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE! My experience throughout my education at the Allen School has been nothing but a great path to success! The professors and the entire staff always motivated us as students and as future medical assistants. I personally THANK the Allen School for my success in both my education and in the career path that I choose. To Jackie and Armando from the Career Services department —THANK YOU for always believing in me and telling me that nothing is too hard to accomplish. ** Thank you to everyone at the Allen School! It is the school to attend…you just have to believe in yourself!

Radika Grandison

When I first started Allen school I had a whole bunch of mixed emotions. I was excited, scared, discouraged, lonely, and much more. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I didn’t know how to feel. I really felt discouraged because I didn’t know if i would have the strength to complete the program. There was times when I didn’t come to school because I wanted to give up. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the wonderful supporting, encouraging staff at Allen school, I would never had completed. Every time I missed a day I received a phone call from Angel Gardner, student service coordinator. She always was on top of me and making sure I was doing the right thing and coming to school. That showed me that she really cared and that pushed and motivated me to come to school. I was also discouraged because i was scared about the drawing blood part. I kept saying i can’t do it. I can’t do it. It’s was shocking when it came time to draw blood and I was so good at it. I learned from that never say you can’t do something! You never know until you try!! My advice to upcoming Allen graduates is to never give up. Nothing good comes easy. It was a hard journey for me but if I can overcome it you definitely can!! Don’t let anyone or any-thing stand in the way of your success!!

Shantel Lagman

Good afternoon! I am writing to express my gratitude to the Allen School. I have greatly enjoyed the last nine months of schooling and am looking forward to beginning my new career in the Medical industry. I have been enrolled in the online program for Medical Coding and Billing since April. In this time, I have had the pleasure in meeting many outstanding professors who have shown much dedication in their teachings. I have found the Career development course very helpful and am grateful that it is included in the program. As a mother, finding time to further my education is very challenging. Had it not been for the Allen School offering an online educational opportunity, it would not have been possible. The Allen School and it’s advisors have been especially helpful and have shown much interest in helping students in seeking employment. In my opinion, not many schools are as dedicated to the student’s success as you all have been. Prior to enrolling, I had done extensive research and took a lot of time to seek the best education available to me. Now, as I approach graduation, I see that I have made the right decision because The Allen School has certainly held their end of the deal in providing a higher education to it’s students. The classroom atmosphere provided, is one that I will always hold dear to my heart. I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful students, teachers, and staff in which have been greatly helpful throughout my schooling. The diverse team and students offered a wonderful learning experience which allowed me to feel not only welcomed, but part of something special. Once again, thank you so much for an experience that I could look back on for many years and be proud to say I was part of the Allen School Family.

Stephanie Isidore

From a B.S. in Biology to becoming a Medical Assistant, every decision in life can be a stepping-stone to higher grounds, as long as you view it as such. The Allen school became my stepping-stone to higher grounds, a bridge to aid in drawing nearer to my ultimate career choice. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Biology, I was left wondering what was my next step? How would I be able to make my dream of be-coming a medical professional a realization? I came across the Allen School while doing an online research and decided to visit the Brooklyn campus. The first time I visited the campus I didn’t apply right away. It was about two years later that I was able to register and upon my return it felt as if I never left the campus. The counselors remembered who I was and warmly welcomed me aboard the program. My experience at the Allen School was challenging because I was faced with a decision to either continue my education and quit my part-time job or remain in a position that was a dead end, in terms of my career path, and give up on the dream I wanted to build. I decided to continue with my education and I gladly gave up my employment for a seat at the Allen School. I do not regret making the decisions I made to remain at the Allen School. The education I received was not only beneficial to my future position as a Medical Assistant, but it was also beneficial to my growth as an individual. I came to the Allen School with a dream, yet standing at a huge gap not knowing what to do next. The Allen School became the tenacious bridge I needed to crossover into the field where now my dreams are being cultivated and steered in the proper direction. Without the education received at the Allen School, support and encouragement of the staff, family and friends and my faith I may have still been standing at that road wondering how in the world I will make it over. Thanks to the Allen School, I can proudly say I am Medical Assistant working side by side with a doctor knowing my future will only get brighter and brighter.