Monserrat Alvarado

My name is Monserrat Alvarado. I’m 19 years old and I’m a Dream Act student. Being a Dream Act student has been difficult when wanting to attend college. Choosing the Allen School of Health Sciences has been the best decision I have ever made. They help people like me that don’t have a lot of opportunities when it comes to a better education. They also understand my work schedule and our problems. They support us and try their best to help. The teachers are great, especially Dr. Hunt and Dr. Jackson they are amazing and only want us to do our best. Thanks to the Allen School of Health Sciences for giving me a chance and helping me become an MA.

Bobbie Berube

I would like to take this time and to thank you all for a wonderful experience that I have had for the past 9 months. I have grown so much in these past months to be a better person. I am taking with me the skills and experience that will make my life a better one. When I started , I was at the end of my rope as far as a job and career was concerned, I really felt like a broken and lost woman. I have had a lot of trouble all my life with things that have happened to my as I grew up.  I turned to God and prayed for the doors to open for me to move forward in life. When the Allen School called me there on the end of the line was a wonderful lady named Michelle Marshal and I know God heard my prayers because it turned out that Michelle was a Christian lady and we had a great time talking. I told her what I had prayed and she confirmed for me that it was the answers to my prayers. Michelle helped me make the right choice for being a student to a wonderful school so, I said thanked my Lord for putting her in my life.

The journey has been a long one and yes there have been ups and downs but, more ups than anything. I have made so many great friends in my classmates even though we have never met, we all was there for each other. We helped one another when we could not figure out where that elusive code was hiding, or how to work in Med Track, if one of us was sick we would call or email each other. We have built a strong sisterhood and we will be meeting for the first time next year for graduation, which I have never walked across the stage to receive a diploma before as I quit high school in the 11th grade ,but I did get my GED. I am so excited to meet them ,but most of all to meet my Professors. Jena,  you all have to most warm and caring instructors and they really know their stuff. They did what was needed for us to learn our skills to be a  Medical biller and coder. I liked all of them but, a few of them I will really miss  for example , Professor Gulliford who was the best, he would make sure that if we did not understand something he would stop everything till we got it and his cyber pizza parties were great, along with his music at break time, he also has an amazing wife Terrie who we have also grown to  love. Then there’s  Vince Ochotorena, Mr O as we called him was very by the book but , he had a great sense of humor. Professor Sharon Anton, with her practice, practice, practice , which  finally sunk in. Janet Sesser , she never seemed to have a bad day and was always patient with us when we did have a bad day. Louise Hill, was also awesome and stuck it out with us till we got it right. Cassandra Wood , Nurse Cass as we all called her was the greatest, when I had to go into the hospital and came back home, she was always understanding if I needed to leave because of pain.

And now that just leaves one more person who was great and that is Ashpreet Singh with her potato chips was awesome in teaching us to how to build a great resume and cover story. These are the ones that left a lasting memory that, I will always cherish and the ones that I will always remember as being a part of my new career.  There are those that are behind the scene that I have not mentioned that make this well oiled machine called The Allen School , work productively and that is you Jena and the rest of the wonderful staff and I would like to thank you all.

Sincerely Yours Bobbie Berube Graduate of The Allen School of Science

BJ Louis

Hi – My name is BJ Louis. I am 58 years of age, and I am a student at the Allen School of Health Sciences. I have previously been a director of a pre-school, and for 15 years have worked among children. Then, my life sent me into a new career direction, senior care giving. Beginning this new career the goal of owner-operator of a senior foster care home, it was very apparent the need for medical education. After making many contacts to different medical schools, the Allen School of Health Sciences offered the courses that prepared me to give the proper care to seniors. I cannot thank all of my instructors nearly enough, or express my gratitude strongly enough for the education they have given me. Teaching me, and instilling in me the medical signs that we as medical assistants need to observe, and how to properly respond when these medical issues arise. Because of the professionalism in my instructors teaching “I learned”. I learned to be observant, I learned protocol. As a result in this, a very dear senior in my care received life saving proper care needed in the proper time allotted without having to experience any repercussion. We thank you Allen School. At our school, we all consider ourselves a team. We all work together (Learning for a Cause, raising donations). We study together (no one is left behind). As a team we all succeed, from our enrollment advisor, our instructors, we the students, our career services staff, we are the Allen School of Health Sciences. As I am now entering the fifth module, time has gone by so very quickly, and I am looking forward to the experience and education within externship. The Allen School Staff worked very hard to place me in the externship that will be associated with my career choice. On completion of my training at Allen School , I will complete the certification exam. Students of the Allen School and those perspective students of the Allen School – congratulations – you have made a great life career choice.

Jennifer Josellin Salazar Avila

Hi! My name is Jennifer Salazar and I am 18 years old. I am very happy I came to the Allen School. The Allen school has helped me get my career started. I hesitated so much to come to school because I had a 2 week old baby girl, when I first started. I had just finished high school in December and I just wanted to stay at home with my baby. Naylea Acosta told me about Allen school and told me to come and I did. I just came to see how it was like and well at the end of the day, Annalisa said “Come on sign up you won’t regret it”, and to this day I do not regret it I have never looked back and said I shouldn’t have come. This was a literally short 6 months course. I met so many beautiful girls here, all so happy and full of joy. If I could I would go back and change NOTHING, oh wait expect making perfect attendance.

Rhonda Nelson

After working for a company for 13 years I suddenly found myself out of work. Feeling depress and not sure where I was going to find a job and pay my bills. I was not having any luck at the unemployment office, or the job boards online. I live in a small town east of Atlanta and jobs are really hard to come by unless you want to drive for hour(s) in traffic. I was barley 52 and the idea of starting over was very scary. I knew I had to do something but was not sure what it would be. I was getting frustrated on receiving phone calls from people asking me if I thought about going back to school. I had always said that I was never going back after I received my undergrad. (Never say never right.)  I finally gave in and visited a school about 30 minutes from my home. The classes were both online and on campus. I was not sure what to do if I got a job and was going to school at the same time and try to make it to the campus locations on time. I knew I had to do something and this school had lots of opportunities. Something inside me just did not want to commit. You know how they say good things come to those who wait? Well that is how I feel about Allen School. In November of 2013 I received another one of those annoying calls and they connected me to Allen School of Health and Science. I spoke with Loriann Tatum. Let me tell you she put a zinger in me! I spent over 2 hours on the phone with her and I knew this would be the school for me. I applied that day and have not looked back. Loriann showed me around how things would work online. She even warned me that things would be hard the first few weeks but I would be ok. Loriann called me the first day of classed to make sure I was settled in. I am about to start my fourth module and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. The classes are exciting and fun. I have made new friends and our friendship will last forever. I will finish in October 2014. I am planning on taking my CPC exam in December. I am so excited that I have taken this path with Allen School.

Cheryl Hernandez

Wow! During my high school years, I never thought I would be good enough to attend college. I struggled and studied hard every day but for some reason, I was not able to comprehend what I was learning. I actually did not graduate with my class. Years had gone by and I was not going anywhere in life. I went back to school to get my diploma and I graduated in 2007. I then decided to go onto college for Business Management. I had a hard time and none of the students wanted to even talk to one another. I had received a phone call from Allen School of Health Sciences (Frank Grigsby) and I held on to their information because I had fear of the unknown and I doubted myself and my abilities. All through high school and my previous college experience, no matter how hard I tried I just could not do get it. I started at the Allen School of Health Sciences in January of 2014 and I have learned so much about what billing and coding is all about. Being in class every day has allowed me to gain some of the best friendships. We learned to be-come a bigger TEAM. I never made honor roll of any kind in my life, but here at Allen School I have made honor roll 3 times already. The one thing I am glad about is that I am able to apply myself to my studies and I would rather do that then to struggle more. I am very happy that I stuck it out and I know that things are on the rise for my future, my career. I am enjoying all of my instructors, learning how to stand up proudly with my accomplishments, and most importantly becoming a student at Allen School of Health Sciences. I look forward to meeting my fellow classmates and some of the staff members at the graduation ceremony in 2015. So whatever you do, “DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELVES, STEP BACK AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND YOU WILL PULL THROUGH JUST FINE.”

Bryan Therlin

Greetings to all new students arriving at Allen School of Health Sciences. Get ready to work hard, gain more knowledge, meet new people and take a path to success. I started the certificate program in July of 2013 and fell into a nice pace and schedule and felt wonderful about all of the different  emotions I was experiencing. The instructors are amazing. They are there to guide you and assist you in getting on the path of a brighter future. Maintain a strong work ethic, stay positive always and know that YOU CAN do any-thing you want to do. A week after finishing the certificate program, I  landed a great job within a major hospital in my area due to my hard work, 4.0 GPA and all of the knowledge I gleaned at Allen School. Being chosen for the inaugural class for the Associate’s Degree Program was an honor and I cherish the recognition. This Degree Program is awesome and will  benefit my career in the future, and I’m certain it will benefit you as well. Go forth and achieve!!

Nakira Golds

On June 19, 2014, while on a field trip to the Brooklyn Criminal Court with Mr. Armand’s Medical Law and Ethics class, Nakira Golds was called to duty when a person at the courthouse passed out and was going to fall to the ground which increased their risk of sustaining a head injury. While waiting to go through the metal detectors, Nakira noticed a 65-year-old gentleman in front of her looking off balance and stumbling. She asked him if he was all right and he responded, “No.” She offered him help to sit down, and he shook his head no as he was falling.  Nakira acted quickly using what she had learned in her First Aid and Emergencies class and extended her arms out in front of her under his arms and used her leg to support his weight. The gentleman was much heavier and taller than Nakira but she employed the correct emergency techniques.  She gently lowered him to the ground. She spoke to him and asked him questions, “Are you OK? Did you eat?” The gentlemen did not have time to answer before he passed out. A police officer came over to assess the situation but relied on her to take charge of the situation.  He noticed that she was in her scrubs and was a healthcare provider and deferred to her medical judgment in this situation.  Nakira proceeded to dial 911 from her cell phone. The gentlemen had a wet washcloth and a water bottle with him, so Nakira took the washcloth and placed it on his forehead. He gained consciousness, and Nakira began to ask him questions directed by 911. Apparently, the gentlemen did not have anything to eat or drink that day. He was dehydrated and probably hypoglycemic. He had just started drinking from the water bottle he had with him, but it was too late. Nakira wanted to wait with him until the ambulance came, but the police officer assured her that he would stay with the gentlemen. After seeing for herself that the gentlemen appeared fine, she went to join her class. Outstanding Job Nakira, keep up the good work!

Ursula Smith

After raising my children I decided it was time for a change and time for me to do something for me! When I first started thinking about returning to school I was very nervous. I heard about online education and wasn’t sure if I could do it. However, after talking with Michelle Marshall in enrollment she made me believe in myself and for the first time in years I felt that I might be okay. So, I took a chance! And after the first week I knew I could do this! It was a little challenging at first but, once I got the hang of it and on a daily routine, I even impressed myself. Fortunately, the Allen School Professors are wonderful and my classmates are the best! We have been a “family” since day one and we support each other every day. I have had perfect attendance and I have made Silver and Bronze Honor Roll since the second module! I am now 4 weeks away from graduation and I already have a job as a Member Service Representative with Molina Healthcare! Taking a chance and returning to school was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! Allen School has been a blessing to me!

Camille Regisford

How was your experience at the Allen School of Health Sciences?

Absolutely amazing! I like how they work with you and stick with you to ensure you have the support not to fall behind. It’s great hands on training; my favorite classes were phlebotomy and EKG.

What about any barriers/challenges you faced in your program? How did you overcome them?

The challenges were with my responsibilities at home. My advice to someone in the same situation is that you have to make sure you are situated before taking that step because no matter what is going on at home you made a promise to be here. When you come here you have to understand it is a commitment like a job; if a job schedules you for 8-2 you have to be there at that time.

Why would a program like this be helpful to someone who wants to become a Medical Assistant?

It can show you how to you can be more – not only how to me a Medical Assistant but how to interview, do a resume, and talk to people, not just take vitals. I can have a conversation with people that I would not have been able to before.

What advice would you give new students?

1.       Always Be open-minded. You can run into anything everyday – it’s the medical field. 2.       Always be prepared. 3.       Don’t take anything personal – let things go. 4.       Listen more than you speak. Your instructors are here to guide you. 5.       “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind always.”

What has been the best part of your education so far?

Coming out with an amazing skill that I can use in life and in the professional field. I know I have become a more well-rounded learner.

Why did you choose the ASHS?

I heard a lot of good things from a friend of mine who was a student here before. I felt that it was a great program because it offered a lot of guidance and structure. I was doing nothing at home. This is something I had to do to prove to everyone that I am doing something positive with my life.

What influenced you to go into a career as a Medical Assistant?

My grandfather was sick in the hospital and was a great influence. I saw a lot of things I didn’t like when he was in the hospital and I wanted to make a difference.

What would you tell others who are considering a career as a MA?

Go for it! This is a great stepping stone into the medical field even if you don’t pursue the clinical part you have the skills to the administrative work too.

Where do you see yourself working after internship?

Hospital – I really want to do phlebotomy or EKG