Heather Batchelor

Heather wrote this poem to her Enrollment Advisor, Shelly Campbell. Great job Shelly!

A Poem by Heather

Thank you for all of your dedication Thank you for helping me get an educationThank you for being there Thank you for your support and careThank you for making me laugh and smile Thank you for convincing me that an education is worthwhile Thank you for trying to understand Thank you offering me a helping hand Thank you for cheering me on Thank you for not letting me feel I’m all aloneThank you for all that you have done Thank you for making school enjoyable and funThank you for giving me your all Thank you for not letting me fall Thank you for being true Thank you for all that you do.

Penny Jones

This letter is intended for those students who can’t decide between furthering their education with Allen School or forgoing this opportunity in hopes of achieving a great job. My name is Penny Jones and I am a November 2011 graduate of The Allen School’s MIBC program. I was one of those people aforementioned that could not decide what to do. Research became an everyday occurrence as I wandered aimlessly through the internet into various programs and schools until I found the Allen School. Once I established contact via phone, the decision got much easier and was actually a “no brainer.” From the first hello to my final day as a student, I felt accomplished and appreciated by this establishment. They reared a career woman out of an unsure and scared girl. Each instructor taught me valuable lessons not only in the classroom, but through their behavior in conversation with each student. I was not just a student number….I was Penny, and I mattered to them. The coursework was challenging and is not for everyone; however, you only get out of this experience what you are willing to put in. I am a single mother who works full-time to provide for my child and myself. If I can do it…..anyone can do it. No more excuses, no more maybes, just do it!! I am grateful to The Allen School for the education that I received and the lessons I learned while there. I will forever be indebted to them for giving me a boost into my new career. Not only were they there for me as a student, they are still there as advisors to guide me into my paths as a medical biller and coder. Words cannot express fully the extent of my gratitude to The Allen School and the wonderful instructors who made my new career possible. Happiness is a gift that I received by furthering my education and being what I wanted to be. Just remember to “shoot for the moon…..even if you miss, you’ll be among the stars”.  

Crerlia Chow

Thank you to the Allen School of Health Sciences. I graduated April 2012 after I had the amazing opportunity to complete my internship with an amazing Vascular surgeon, Dr. Nelson Menenzes. I searched for a couple months, but finally I found the career of my dreams, and I got a full time position as a Medical assistant. From 8am I start in the Operating Room and my job is to assist the Dr. in passing needles, wire, sutures, contrasts and a lot more. After 2 pm I go to the Front Desk, where I prepare the schedule for the next day, do clearances for surgeries, and schedule transportation for the patients that are coming from the dialysis center. I call to confirm appointments and I ensure that all consent forms are signed before the procedures. I love my job! It is a lot of responsibility, but I feel that I was well prepared by Allen school. Dr. Salifu is a top surgeon and he is impressed with my abilities and I feel rewarded every day. I have full benefits including, sick days and vacation days, medical and dental insurance and the best part is that I started making $15 per hour. This is only for the first 3 months and then I will be bumped to $16.00 per hour. I am so glad and happy!!!!!!! I changed my life and I am finally a health professional. I also received my CMA certification on 10/13/12. All I have to say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything !!! You all have changed my life for the better. Thank you Ms. James Cruz for never giving up on me and finding this job for me. I will never forget that you give me this great opportunity.

Brandi Baines

During my time at the Allen School, I have learned a lot. My experiences helped me grow both personally and professionally. At first, I was not 100% sure this was what I wanted to do but as time went on, I made friends and we helped pull each other through. During each module, I pushed myself harder and harder. Third module was the toughest for me because we had 5 different classes. Any obstacle that got in my way, there were teachers I could go to to help me through and get focused on my studies. My classmates never let me give up. It is so important to have a good support system. You never know what a person may be going through. I learned a lot in my classes. My favorites were EKG and Phlebotomy. I am so happy that I get the opportunity to put those skills to use now, on my internship. One of the best parts of my experience at the Allen School was participating in Students Learning For a Cause. My class chose Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to raise awareness. We did a bake sale, pot luck, fish fry and wing fest. As a result, we raised over $1,200 to donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation. It was a great experience that pulled my classmates together, and allowed us to gain a great sense of self worth knowing that we helped people out. These 6 months went by so fast. It was, by no means, an easy trip, but when you give 100%, you will get 100% back. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I had some good times and I made it!

Rukhsana Hussain

Rukhsana Hussain came to the Allen School to achieve her dream of becoming a Medical Assistant. She overcame adversity and jumpstarted her medical career thanks to the support of her newfound family at the Allen School. Here is her story: After enrolling at the Allen School, due to unforeseen circumstances, Rukhsana was unable to attend her introductory courses. Once her situation improved, she contacted the Admissions Office where she spoke with both her enrollment advisor, Eddy Whitten, and James Cruz, Director of Admissions. She was told to follow the re-entry guidelines, which required her to write an essay detailing why the Allen School should make an exception in allowing her to immediately return to her Medical Assisting program. Her essay was submitted and approved, allowing her to return to her classes. She was officially back on track to becoming a medical professional. Once she returned, Rukhsana excelled as a medical student. On top of fulfilling her academic obligations, she also participated in two all-star events where she volunteered at a Cobble Hill High School and attended the Women to Women Health Fair in Brooklyn, New York. At both locations she assisted with triage, blood pressure screening and obtaining patient medical history. She did such a great job at these events that the Director of Community Affairs & Volunteer Services personally gave Rukhsana her business card, requesting that she be assigned an Internship at SUNY Downstate Medical Center University Hospital of Brooklyn at the Long Island College Hospital. She is set to begin that internship in the spring of 2012 in the Pediatrics division of SUNY. Thanks to her hard work, dedication and support of the team at the Allen School, Rukhsana is well on her way to becoming that Medical Assisting professional that she has always dreamed of.

Terri Ann Sammy

Attending the Allen School has been the most exciting, informative and hands-on educational experience I have ever had. I can confidently say that there is no better place to pursue a career as a Medical Assistant than by enrolling at the Allen School. From day one, their courteous and friendly staff has always been there to help me succeed. Shortly after I completed my Medical Assisting program courses, the staff and faculty helped me find the ideal internship at a professional medical facility. I want to personally thank the Career Services department for going above and beyond to place me at the medical office that was exactly where I wanted to be. Thanks to them and the Allen School, my future as a medical professional is bright and full of opportunity. Take it from me, the Allen School’s faculty and employees will do everything they can to help you jumpstart your medical office assistant career in the healthcare profession.

Nikki Cole

We are recognizing Nikki for her positive attitude and passionate commitment toward becoming a Medical Assistant professional. Here is what she has to say about her personal experience at the Allen School: Before attending The Allen School healthcare training school, I worked job after job, which is easy for an individual without a career goal. When I was finally ready to really do something with my life, the Allen School greeted me with open arms. By obtaining knowledge about the healthcare field from great instructors, constant hands-on work, along with the assistance of the Career Services department, I believe that coming to the Allen School was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now that I will soon be on my way to internship, I am determined to keep pushing, even after I’ve completed all of my courses. That’s because I am so grateful for the opportunity the Allen School has given me, so that I can provide my daughter with the life that she respectfully deserves. Thank you Allen School. “There is the saying, “If you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.” Believe me, if you really want to become a medical professional, you can do it at the Allen School!

Michele Swift

When I first enrolled at the Allen School, I was nervous because it had been so long before I had attended school or taken a class. My mind was quickly put at ease as I discovered that their online medical billing classes are very well structured, and I was given a clear schedule of what to expect and what would be covered in each course. The faculty and curriculum truly prepared me for what it takes to be a professional in the healthcare field. To this day, I still reference my Allen School textbooks when a medical code at my current job challenges me. I also truly enjoyed interacting with other students. Plus, my experience has created friendships that have lasted past graduation. When it came to finding my first job, the Career Services department set me up with a personal counselor who helped me with online searches and kept me informed about open positions in my area. Today I work as a Medical Biller & Coder for a large non-profit health center that manages 10 healthcare clinics over two counties. I was told during my interview that they would hire me because of the quality of my coding education. I’ve learned so much during my Allen School experience and now in my first job as a medical billing specialist. I can’t wait to see where my career in the healthcare field will take me next!  

Maureen Dabreo

Becoming an Allen School student gave me the hope and encouragement I needed to reach my dream of working in the medical field. The entire staff including the Financial Aid office, Career Services and instructors were essential in molding me into a professional Medical Assistant. The Allen School instructors are caring and willing to go that extra mile for each student. At times it was difficult to complete assignments while maintaining family needs and working a part-time job. Thanks to the entire staff’s support, I was able to pull through and succeed! The Career Services department played an important role in what they call the “key steps for job preparation.” When it came time for my first interview, they really reached out and helped me practice, because I had never had a professional interview before. They also did a truly excellent job in finding me the best internship opportunity, which is where I’m still working today. I am glad I chose the Allen School and would be honored to refer anyone looking for fresh start to enroll in their medical assistant school. I truly am proud to say that I am an Allen School graduate.

Kim Ebanks

First of all, I’d like to thank Mr. James Delaney of the Career Services department at the Allen School for helping me land my first job as a healthcare professional. Two months before my graduation, I started working as a full-time Medical Office Assistant . Since then, I have increased my salary and after three more months I became Assisting Manager! Overall, my experience at the Allen School has changed my life tremendously. It has allowed me to become independent as I now provide for myself and my family. I am not only a Medical Assistant, I am also a mother of four loving children who give me all the reason to make a name for myself. Since graduation, I have gained a renewed sense of self-respect and confidence. Today my life is full of great opportunities and I’m passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of our patients. I want to express my sincere appreciation to all those at the Allen School who had faith in me. You have all done so much to change my life for the better. If I knew what I know now, I would have made the decision much sooner to begin my journey at the Allen School. To anyone considering the Medical Assistant Education program, my question for you would be, what are you waiting for?