Should you Earn a Certificate or a Degree?

Degree or Certificate It can be challenging to decide what path to take when planning your educational future. It is important to consider the time you will be investing in your education, what type of credentials you would like to earn, how soon you would like to begin working and many other factors. Your professional goals can help […] Read More

Some Suggestions for YOUR Holiday WishList

Wishlist for School What’s On YOUR Wish List?   The holidays are here and it’s time to think about your holiday Wish List. Here are our top 5 gifts you need to give to yourself this holiday season! # 5 – Time: Earn your certificate now and have the potential to graduate prior to many other students, so […] Read More

How to Balance School During the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner and it can be easy to let school slip to the back burner if you are not careful. Between family get-togethers, shopping for that perfect gift, and putting up decorations, you may find your homework and study time slipping away. Let’s take a look at some tips […] Read More

Why is Volunteering Important to YOUR New Career?

Volunteer allen school logo Volunteering may be the key to your successful job search. Resume Building – Volunteer positions can play a vital role in building your resume as you begin your new career. Not only will it help build your experience in the field, it will also show potential employers that you are dedicated to being truly successful […] Read More

Medical Billing and Coding Tips

medical billing and coding tips Working as a medical insurance biller and coder can be a rewarding career path, though some may find it challenging. Success requires meticulous attention to important details and keeping up with industry-standard acronyms and policies. Even seasoned professionals can make mistakes from time to time. But, despite the occasional difficulties, billing and coding can be […] Read More

How To Stand Out as a Medical Assistant

Stand out as a medical assistant 5 Ways You Can Stand Apart From the Medical Assistant Crowd Everyone knows that an employer is looking for the very best candidates for their open positions. You have already taken the first step to becoming that candidate by choosing to take classes with the Allen School of Health Sciences, but what else can you […] Read More

What Does A Medical Insurance Biller and Coder Do?

What does a Medical Biller and Coder Do? A Day In The Life of a Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist If you have decided to pursue a career as a Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist you will have many opportunities available to you. You may decide to work in a small practice with a small group of providers. You could also […] Read More

November is American Diabetes Month

Diabetes month blog post Did you know that 1 in 11 Americans today has diabetes? Despite its prevalence, diabetes is an invisible disease. It affects men and women, people young and old, and people of all races, shapes and sizes. Often there are no outward signs from the 29 million Americans who fight this chronic illness every day. That’s […] Read More

Social Media and Your Career

Social Media and your career It is  rare to find anyone out there today who is not active on some sort of social media. We post, share, tweet, and comment on everything from what was for dinner last night to major events going on in the world. It can be easy to forget sometimes that what gets posted on the […] Read More

Balancing School and Family

Balancing School and Family Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of going to school if you have small children. The thought of adding school to your already busy life schedule can be overwhelming, but with a bit of organization and planning you can go back to school and still enjoy time with your children.   Make a Schedule – […] Read More