Microsoft’s Compulsory Holiday Gift for Online Medical Coding Students

Windows-10 for online medical coding Microsoft’s Windows is probably the operating system running on nearly every online medical coding student’s computer.  Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, Microsoft’s dominance in the market means your computer is likely running some version of Windows.  As we’ve written about here extensively – because it matters for online medical coding students to have computers […] Read More

Medical Assistant: 2016 Job of the Year?

Medical Assistant - Job of 2016 Every year around this time, I start scouting the predictions for where labor markets are heading in the new year.  For as long as I have been doing this little year-end ritual, healthcare industry jobs have always been high on the lists of fields where job supply and security is forecast to be highest.  This […] Read More

What Does the Allen School Have to be Thankful For?

Allen School Thanksgiving This Thanksgiving, the Allen School and its students taking medical billing classes online, those studying to earn nursing assistant certification and those taking  medical office assistant training have much to be thankful for.  We’d like to express our gratitude in this season of thankfulness for the following: Online medical coding class students are thankful for […] Read More

Allen School Stands With Paris

Eiffel Tower This week’s appalling events remind us all how lucky we are to live in a free society.  As New Yorkers, we too have been faced with the specter of violent extremism in the form of terrorist attacks.  In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the people of France stood by us and sent New York […] Read More

Medical Coding Online Classes Make Time for Relaxation

medical coding online classes enable downtime We see it everywhere in our busy modern lives.  People working two or three jobs; managing households, raising children, paying mortgages, taking care of elderly parents and the myriad other tasks that comprise the day-to-day for millions of Americans.  It has been getting worse.  Even holidays, traditionally time set aside for quiet reflection and relaxation, […] Read More

9 Reasons to Change Careers and Become a Certified Nurse Assistant

new career as a certified nurse assistant Entrepreneur magazine recently published an article listing 9 reasons to change your career.  We’ve put a little spin on it to help persuade those who may be considering changing their careers and pursuing a new life as a certified nurse assistant. You didn’t chose your current career.  Maybe your family had a job for you […] Read More

Alternative Study Tactics for Students at the Allen School

While you’ve studied your entire life to learn math, science and history, you may find that studying as an adult can be trickier. Whether you’re learning to live on your own or you’re juggling a career and family while you pursue your education, it’s important to study as efficiently and as creatively as possible. At […] Read More

Medical Assistant Training Stressful? Try meditation!

medical assistant training meditation Meditation can be a very positive activity for students – from middle school students to those taking medical assistant training and every kind of student in between.  According to Edutopia, one California middle school first introduced Quiet Time (QT), a stress-reduction program as an optional activity, in the spring of 2007.   Consisting of two periods, […] Read More

Medical Billing Online Classes and Telecommuting Careers

Medical billing online classes prepare for telecommute jobs Taking medical billing online classes is an excellent way to leverage technology in pursuit of a new career because the flexibility of online study allows one to fit retraining into an otherwise very busy life/schedule.  You can continue to work in your current field while you’re studying medical billing online classes.  You can also manage […] Read More

Saving Daylight for Busy Nursing Assistant Training Students

Daylight Saving Nursing Assistant Training Students Yes, we spun the clock back an hour over this past weekend.  That’s why you’re reading this blog post after arriving to class an hour late (oops)!  But in all seriousness, the semi-annual ritual of monkeying with the linear nature of time known as “Daylight Saving Time”  (not daylight savings) as some mistakenly refer to […] Read More