Traffic Law Myths Debunked – Reason #298 to Study Medical Billing Online

We’ve probably all heard the following pieces of conventional wisdom regarding traffic laws and their enforcement: “If the officer who writes your speeding ticket doesn’t show up to court, your ticket gets dismissed.” “Cops write more speeding tickets toward the end of each month to make the quotas for ticket-writing they face on the job.” […] Read More

News for Medical Assistants: Lyme Disease Cases Spiking

In an important piece of healthcare news in the Northeast (which is where many of our medical assistant trainees study, live and ultimately enter the workforce) was released this spring.  Centers for Disease Control and other agencies warn that as the warm weather arrives, the Northeast could see a record spike in Lyme Disease cases. […] Read More

Nursing Assistant Job Seekers, Don’t Answer That Question!

Have you ever run into a perfect stranger on the train or in the market who engaged you in conversation and then began to ask you uncomfortably personal questions?  Remember that uncomfortable feeling of having your personal life intruded upon?  Now imagine that in order to land that job as a nursing assistant, that you […] Read More

Adblock Browser a Good Option for Medical Coding Online Students

If you spend a good deal of time on the internet for work or as a student taking medical coding online classes, then you’re certainly no stranger to those annoying and sometimes idiotic pop up ads and videos that seem to launch at exactly the wrong moment.  You’re just about to articulate a critical thought […] Read More

Better Off Being a Certified Nurse Assistant

So what do soliders, firefighters, head cooks, mail carriers, corrections officers, newspaper reporters, lumberjacks, broadcasters, photojournalists and taxi drivers have in common?  They are all on the Forbes list of worst jobs for 2015.  Unfortunately, this blogger has held several of these positions and can verify the validity of them being on a list of […] Read More

Medical Assistants! See Where the Jobs Are (or Aren’t)

Finishing your medical assistant training courses at Allen School is exciting for many reasons.  But more than any other reason, it is exciting because it allows you to write your own ticket with respect to where you’d like to pursue your career.  As part of a field in great demand (medical), medical assistants are needed […] Read More

Online Medical Coding Classes, Use MORE Google

We already know that those who take online medical coding classes are typically more computer savvy than their classical, on-campus student counterparts.  After all, these folks spend a lot of time online engaged in study of medical billing and coding.  They also tend to favor other online activities such as online banking, social media and […] Read More

Good Nursing Assistants Deserve Raises

One of the arguments we make in favor of nursing assistant training is based on the fact that the healthcare field in general is projected to remain one of the best fields for employment opportunity.  The ongoing retirement of the Boomer generation alone will continue to ensure demand remains high for professionals in all facets […] Read More

Solidarity With Our Fellow Americans in Baltimore

Baltimore is a great city for medicine.  The famed John Hopkins and the National Institute of Health both call Baltimore home.  Yet, right now, the people of the City of Baltimore are hurting as evidenced by the civil unrest witnessed there in recent days after the death of Freddie Gray.  Unfortunately, the pain they are […] Read More

Transferring Files to New Computer for Medical Coding Online Classes

One critical piece of hardware relied upon by those taking medical coding online classes (as well as those in medical coding jobs) is the trusty computer.  Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, medical billing and coding as a study topic and a career relies heavily on computers.  They’re a fact of life in […] Read More