Salary Negotiation Tips for Post-Healthcare Training School Job Hunt

So you’ve completed healthcare training school at Allen School and you’re ready to look for your first job.  Or perhaps you finished healthcare training school some years ago and you’re looking for a position with a leg up now that you have some practical work experience to put on your resume.  Either way, negotiating your […] Read More

Medical Assistant Training is Key to Avoid Vanishing Jobs Syndrome

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently reported that all the jobs lost during the Great Recession have been recuperated as of this year.  However, not all the new, “replacement” jobs are returning in the career areas from which they were originally lost.  In fact, there are 10 middle class careers that are on the […] Read More

More Evidence of Job Security for Nursing Assistants

The original “Evidence of Job Security” post was so well received, we decided to make a regular feature of it.  Here are some more people proving that nursing assistants will continue to be in very high demand for the foreseeable future.  So if you’ve been considering taking nursing assistant training but wondered about the prospects […] Read More

Yahoo’s Milestone is one for Online Medical Billing Classes Too

Those readers who are taking online medical billing classes as they begin their adult career lives grew up in the internet age and have little to no memory of the dark ages before the information superhighway.  For those readers who are taking online medical billing classes as part of a mid-life career change, prepare to […] Read More

The Medical Assistant Job You Lose May Be Your Own

Nowhere is it more important to manage one’s temper and overall demeanor than in the role of medical assistant.  Medical assistants as well as most other healthcare career positions require a well-cultivated bedside manner.  After all, medical assistants and their colleagues routinely deal with people at their most vulnerable.  This would be difficult enough if […] Read More

Keeping Certified Nursing Assistants Busy – One Coronary at a Time

Next in our long list of “Frankenfoods” that contribute to the ongoing epidemic of obesity and related co-morbidities such as hypertension, high blood pressure, heart disease and others is brought to you by KFC.  Yes, KFC is doing its part better than most grease merchants this year.  Their Double Down sandwich (which we’ve reported on […] Read More

Best Time for Medical Assistants to File Tax Returns?

So, you’ve leveraged your medical assistant school experience and landed a good-paying job.  Now that the first year of your employment in the medical assistant role is over, you’re facing tax season and you  may be hearing some conflicting advice with respect to when best to file your return. On one hand, as this article […] Read More

Industries Cutting Most Jobs List DOESN’T Include Medical Fields

Here’s some data that reveals just how stable the medical career field is compared to the rest in an already volatile economic environment. When one thinks of fields where growth is likely to remain strong, the technology field immediately comes to mind.  After all, computers and technology – hardware and software – are utilized by […] Read More

Medical Billing Classes Online Better with Latest OS

Regular readers of this blog know we have been covering the happenings at Microsoft with respect to their popular Windows operating system (or OS) because this is a critical tool for those who study medical billing classes online with Allen School. Today, we’re sharing some good news if you’ve been unhappy with the latest Windows […] Read More

Double Down Dog – Doubling the Reasons to take a Nursing Assistant Course

The Allen School Blog loves to poke fun at the abysmal eating habits of the American public.  We’ve covered such culinary travesties leading to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc such as the Heart Attack Grill’s Triple Bypass Burger, Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco and KFC’s redonculous Double Down.  You remember the Double Down no?  A bacon […] Read More