New Disease Alert for Nursing Assistant Trainees

As a nursing assistant trainee, it pays to stay informed about any advances in medical technology.  It also pays to stay informed about the advance of new and emerging illnesses so that you may be prepared to recognize them should a sick patient present the symptoms while in your care once you’ve completed studies and […] Read More

Medical Billing Courses Online at your Fingertips – Literally!

Thirty years ago, it would have been considered “futuristic” to consider what is today an accepted reality.  Taking medical billing classes online using the internet-enabled virtual classroom seems perfectly normal to us today.  Yet, it is easy to forget just how radical and innovative this capability is and how much technology has transformed the way […] Read More

How to Lose a Medical Billing Job Online

Today, thanks to the popularity of the internet, sprawling social media landscape and the ubiquity of the camera phone, pretty much everything about our lives are online somewhere.  Do you remember any of the pictures and comments you posted on  The Internet does!  This is why for young adults working on their medical billing […] Read More

Certified Nurse Assistants Widely Valued

Some careers more than others earn workers special recognition from society at large.  Of course all work is honorable and every person’s efforts and contributions add something to society.  But there aren’t many fields as universally valued as the healthcare field.  Ask anyone who has lost their health and they’ll tell you that health is […] Read More

Medical Billing and Coding Classes Tackle ICD-10 Upgrade

The Federal government has mandated an upgrade to the processes involved in medical billing and coding to improve such things as fraud detection/prevention, reimbursement accuracy and data collection needed to support the new ACA-driven healthcare system. A recent Congressional panel included Panelist Sue Bowman, MJ, RHIA, CCS, FAHIMA, AHIMA’s senior director of coding policy and […] Read More

3 Reasons for Older Workers to Embrace Medical Assistant Training

Taking medical assistant training with the Allen School is a good strategy for young people who wish to embark on a lifelong career in the healthcare industry.  However, for people 50+ years old, taking medical assistant training is also an attractive option.  A recent USA Today article reporting on an AARP survey illustrates why folks […] Read More

Tax Deductions for Nursing Assistant Training School Expenses

Yes indeed, that dreaded time is rapidly approaching us all again.  Tax time.  That time of year when – in a furious run up to April 15 – we all freak out trying to find receipts, make accurate calculations, gather our tax documents and get it all ready to report to the IRS. If you […] Read More

The Bug Infecting Medical Coding Online Students

Yes, cold and flu season is still lingering with the unseasonably cold weather here in the Northeast.  So it may be true that students studying medical coding online with Allen School could be fighting off aches, coughs, sneezes and all the misery that these wintertime ailments bring.  But that’s not the kind of bug we’re […] Read More

Repetitive Stress & Dragon Slaying Injuries Can Cost You a Nursing Assistant Job

Say what bloggerman?!?  Let me explain!  Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace, a human resources industry think tank recently published an interesting post on LinkedIn.  (Editor’s note: If you’re not using LinkedIn for your career development, you’re missing out!)  Liz explained the two most costly mistakes most people make when searching for a job.  As […] Read More