Hacks for Studying Medical Billing Online Classes (From the Beach!)

OK, so if you’re like me, you like to play hooky every once in a while.  And although technology has made many elements of modern life easier, it is something of a double-edged sword.  Take, for instance, the extent to which wireless devices and ubiquitous WiFi has made it less possible to truly disconnect.  Hooky […] Read More

No Surprise – Healthcare Industry Among Top Recession-Proof Fields

We continue to be un-surprised by report after report confirming what Allen School Online students already know – that jobs serving the healthcare fields are never in short supply.  This is probably one of the main determinants that factored into your decision to pursue an Allen School Online diploma.  True to form, the latest report, […] Read More

Different types of Medical Assistants

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. It will continue to experience rapid growth as America’s aging population increases in size, creating an even greater demand for healthcare services. This means that now is the perfect time to begin a career as a Medical Assistant. There are several types of […] Read More

Daylight Saving Time Ends – Tips for Online Medical Coding Students

Perhaps more so than their counterparts taking nursing assistant classes or medical office assistant training at Allen School ground campuses, the online medical coding student is more susceptible to minor disorders/discomfort stemming from the end of daylight saving time.  Oh, and if you haven’t already set your clocks back one hour, then you’re very late.  […] Read More

Windows Updates for Medical Coding Online Students

Using your computer to study medical coding online with Allen School is most definitely an exceptional convenience.  However, if your machine is running Window 8, you may be among the many users who harbor a particularly strong distaste for the operating system.  And you’re not alone.  Windows 8 is nearly universally disliked by users due […] Read More

Traits of a Successful Medical Assistant

It is no secret that the healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in America with ample job openings. What might not be as obvious is the fact that you can have a prosperous career in the field without becoming a doctor or nurse. One occupation student might want to consider is that of […] Read More

Can You Describe an Instance Where You Screwed Up at School or Work?

This is the very type of loaded question interviewers are increasingly asking of candidates for job positions.  Ah, how quaint seem the days when they used to ask you about your 3 top strengths and weaknesses.  Listen, the job market is more competitive now than it has ever been.  Hiring managers are forced to sort […] Read More

Qualities of a Medical Assistant

Most of us have had the help and support of a Medical Assistant while visiting a hospital, or a physician’s office. However, to become a successful MA, there are some basic qualities that a candidate should possess. Communication Skills Among most important Medical Assistant qualities are communication skills, as these are the basic characteristics for […] Read More

Privacy Concerns When Submitting Online Applications For Employment

Sooner or later, most people will have to apply for a job online. The number of employers who utilize the online application method to find the best people continues to grow. Some people feel that the online application process limits their ability to showcase particular skills and stand apart from the competition. It really does […] Read More