Can I Learn How to Do an EKG at the Allen School of Health Sciences?

The Allen School of Health Sciences teaches EKG in a 50-hour theory and clinical based lab class as part of our Medical Assistant program curriculum. Electrocardiograms are diagnostic tests used to examine heart function. Once done only in hospitals, most EKGs can now be performed in doctor’s offices by a trained Medical Assistant. It’s a […] Read More

Different types of Medical Assistants in the Phoenix, Arizona Area

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and in-demand industries in Arizona, which makes now the perfect time to begin a career as a Medical Assistant! There are several types of MAs, all of which are vitally important to the healthcare teams they are a part of. An MA works alongside physicians and other healthcare providers to assist with patient […] Read More

Industries Cutting Most Jobs List DOESN’T Include Medical Fields

Here’s some data that reveals just how stable the medical career field is compared to the rest in an already volatile economic environment. When one thinks of fields where growth is likely to remain strong, the technology field immediately comes to mind.  After all, computers and technology – hardware and software – are utilized by […] Read More

Medical Assistant Careers in Phoenix Arizona

How can I advance my Medical Assistant career in Phoenix? Gaining experience, becoming proficient in skills, and widening your medical knowledge base are all tools you’ll need to advance in your career as a Medical Assistant in Arizona. You may decide to aim for a management job, work in a competitive area of medicine, or […] Read More

Tips for Working Through the End of the Year as a Medical Assistant. 

1. Plan Ahead If you’re working during the winter season, then you know your schedule is bound to get hectic. Try to complete your plans early so whatever is on your list, you can get it done in a timely fashion to avoid any unnecessary stress. 2. Set Expectations If your work schedule is concrete […] Read More

Holiday Gift Ideas for The Medical Assistant Student in Your Life

1. Personalized Stethoscope When you think of a Medical Assistant, what are the first things that comes to mind? Scrubs, a clinic and … a stethoscope! The stethoscope is an iconic gift, and there’s no doubt your MA student will be using one; so why not get it personalized? Personalization ensures no one else will […] Read More

Personality Traits a Medical Assistant Will Need in the Workplace.

As a Medical Assistant, you are an important and versatile member of the healthcare team. While performing a variety of clinical and administrative duties, Medical Assistants are in constant communication with patients, doctors, and nurses. This is a career where you can bring your personality to work! Put Your People Skills to Work: Medical Assistants […] Read More

What Are Some of the Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant?

Working in the healthcare field can be emotionally and physically challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and satisfying! While you decide on a new career, why not learn more about the role of a Medical Assistant? Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant: A Medical Assistant is a healthcare team member that can work […] Read More

Can I Learn Phlebotomy at the Allen School of Health Sciences?

Medical testing is often required to diagnose a patient. One of the most common tests performed by a Medical Assistant is a blood test. Blood tests can check for a wide range of conditions such as thyroid disorders, complete blood count totals, liver function, and kidney function. In some cases, a condition isn’t necessarily seen […] Read More