How to Promote Yourself

With so much competition for jobs these days, a good resume and cover letter alone aren’t enough to seal the deal with a hiring authority.  You may have studied to become a medical billing and coding professional, but what you really need to be a salesperson.  Your product?  Yourself!   Here’s a link to some excellent advice on how to sell yourself to employers.

Motivation and Success

Tal Golesworthy's Invention - A New Artificial Heart Valve

A favorite song of mine has a lyric that says, “You ain’t gonna learn what you don’t wanna know”.  Isn’t that the truth?  Nothing is as essential to success as motivation.  Case in point, check out this engineer who suffered from a congenital heart defect.  He knew his heart would one day fail.  So he struck out to find a better alternative to the existing, mechanical heart implants on the market.  With his very life as the motivating factor, he engineered a solution that saved his own life and the lives of others who suffer from the same defect.  What do you think you could achieve if failure was not an option?

All Nighters Make Your Pants Tighter

As an online student, chances are you have lots going on besides studying.  This is why you likely chose online education in the first place.  But between work, family, friends and studies, it can be hard to get everything done.  As a result, we often find ourselves having to pull an all-nighter to get caught up.  Now, this is ok once in a great while, but if it becomes your regular habit, you may be in for a rude awakening (well, if you’re up all night, you’re already awake, but I digress).  University of Colorado researchers have completed a study that shows burning the midnight oil actually prompts your body to STOP burning calories.   Chronic all-nighters can have an explosive effect on your waist size.  Click here to read the details on why it probably makes more sense to go to sleep tonight and pick up the work where you left off the next morning.

Tips For Making a Good Impression at Your New Job

Staffing company, Robert Half International published this excellent article on how to start a new job off on the right foot.   The five suggestions are:
  • Get a read on the company.
  • Pay attention to the unwritten rules, too.
  • Practice proper diplomacy.
  • Pace yourself.
  • Finally, cut yourself some slack.
Click the link above to read the detailed recommendations for each of these tips and be prepared for your first day on the job as a medical billing and coding worker.

Tone It Down! Folks Are Getting Killed Out There!

As a blogger and a regular contributor to the online dialogue in this country, I would call on our leaders to tone down the violent, angry, hateful rhetoric they have engaged in over the last few years.  As the famous saying goes, “Politics ain’t beanbag” and as President Harry Truman once quipped, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”  So we know its bare knuckle brawling.  But, when rhetoric overheats and calls for violence (even if meant metaphorically) those with a loose grip on reality – like this Jared Loughner maniac – are encouraged to take it seriously.  Today, this blogger’s thoughts are with those gravely injured or killed and their families in the Arizona shootings.  Remember, in life, in the job hunt and in workplace interactions, in family matters and in friendships, at work, play and school, words have meaning and often, consequences.  Let’s all dial it back a notch and deal with our undeniably difficult national differences without calling for violence.  Its not the American way.

2010 Tax Deductions for Students

Its officially the beginning of tax season and with that in mind the Allen School Blog will be including some posts on ways that students can maximize their returns.  In the post, we link to a a short piece explaining how students between the ages of 19 and 24 can take advantage of the Hope Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.  Click here for more detailed information on how to claim these deductions and hopefully recuperate a portion of your tuition expenses courtesy of

Growth in Jobs & Economy: Illusion or Reality?

By academic measures, the US economy has been technically out of recession (defined as two or more quarters of consecutive GDP decline) since the end of 2009.  Tell that to all the folks who remain unemployed through 2010 and now into 2011.  However, there are several recent signs pointing to the more tangible kind of recovery that can be seen and felt by the average worker.  Follow me past the jump for the promising details. Continue reading…

“Liquid Biopsy” One Step Closer to Reality

Graphic Courtesy of Massachusetts General via AP

File under, “awesome emerging medical technologies”: Johnson & Johnson’s prototype blood test for cancer is being fast tracked to the market.  This ingenious new technology is a blood test so sensitive that it can detect even a single cancer cell from a sample taken from a patient.  Performed simply in a doctor’s office, this blood test promises to be a boon in the early detection of breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer. Dr. Daniel Haber, one of the test’s inventors and chief of Massachusetts General’s cancer center says, “This is like a liquid biopsy” that avoids painful tissue sampling and may give a better way to monitor patients than periodic imaging scans.

Predicted Winners & Losers in 2011

Along with just about every other outlet, US News & World Report recently published some end of the year prognostications about the rapidly approaching New Year.   In a set of twin pieces, US News made some pretty salient predictions on where things are headed for different groups of readers.  I have included a link to each article here and here.  True to conventional wisdom, those in healthcare and related fields made the list of those who would do well in 2011.  The articles are an interesting read, but if you’re strapped for time, the relevant quote is below.
“Workers in growing industries. Healthy companies in stable industries are starting to get back to normal, with profits up and hiring beginning to resume. Healthcare is probably the most well-known recession-resistant industry, with hiring up in virtually every field even during the recession. But other industries like energy, mining, Web publishing, high-end IT work, public transportation, and even waste management have been growing as well. And other industries that cut back during the recession–such as retail, hospitality, and warehousing–are starting to replace some of the jobs lost.”

5 New Years Job Hunt Resolutions

Lydia Dishman of wrote this interesting piece of 5 New Years resolutions that job hunters owe it to themselves to make.  They are:
  • Hone your elevator pitch
  • Brush up on your hard skills
  • Solidfy your soft skills
  • Work better with others
  • Treat each failure as an opportunity
Click here to read the full article and learn why each of these resolutions can help you to be more effective in your job search for 2011!