The March of Progress in Medicine

Students of Allen School Online ought to be very proud of themselves for being at the forefront of change in the medical industry.  The next decade will usher in radical changes in the way medical billing and coding are performed.  The inevitable transition from paper-based procedures to electronic medical filing will allow you to be one […] Read More

Favorite Summer Recipes

Juggling online classes, family and career can be a daunting task.  It can feel like there is little room left for taking the time to cook and enjoy slow foods.  Yet we know just how badly the modern diet of convenient, pre-manufactured and/or fast foods can be for your physical well-being.  But slow foods don’t […] Read More

Sound Off on the Healthcare Reform Debate

The debate is in full swing in our nation’s capitol over how to fix the skyrocketing cost of healthcare that is bankrupting many families and pushing 14,000 people every day into the ranks of the uninsured.  There are, broadly speaking, three main schools of thought regarding the challenges we face.  Where does your thinking fall […] Read More

The MRSA/Industrial Farming Connection

I recently had a beloved aunt pass unexpectedly and well ahead of her time, after contracting MRSA while in the hospital for a routine outpatient surgical procedure.   So I did a little research and found out an uncomfortable truth.  Follow me over the fold.  Read More