Follow the Money Redux

A while back I posted several pieces here and here about how an observer could gauge the relative chances of significant healthcare being passed by Congress, simply by looking at the share prices of publicly traded health insurance companies like Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare and others. Well, if anyone doubted that Wall Street was […] Read More

House Passes HCR Bill – Women’s Reproductive Rights Take Hit

This past Saturday night, the  US House of Representatives worked all day and into the evening (it felt good to watch these people work on a weekend for once) and narrowly passed a bill aimed at reforming the broken healthcare system.  In the process though, they were forced to insert an amendment (the Stupak amendment) […] Read More

Forbes Publishes “Most Toxic Cities in US” List

Forbes Magazine published a list of the most and least toxic cities in the US to live in.  As a New Yorker and something of an environmentalist, I was surprised to learn we are not on the “Most” list.  Even more surprised to find us on the “Least” list.  Anyway, for those considering a move […] Read More

McCarthy & Maher – If it Quacks Like a Duck

There’s an old expression used to convey the idea that what appears obvious is frequently the truth.  The expression goes, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck”.  Well, this bit of folk wisdom is not to be trusted.  Especially when it […] Read More

Hospital Worker? Direct Media Inquiries to Public Affairs

Guest Blogger Zipporah Dvash – Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs and Development, Long Island College Hospital Do you work in a hospital?  It seems like they’re are always in the news.  Remember that reporters don’t just speak to doctors and nurses – sometimes they wait for staff as they’re coming and going and aggressively […] Read More